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By from Leeds

Brilliant (14 April 2012)

These stretching crescents are brilliant value for money, and they go on so easy.
Not only that, but when my order came slightly mixed up (first time I've had that prob), and I didn't realise til I went to the next stretch, the lovely people at bodyjewellery shop were kind enough to replace the missing crescents AND sort them all out into labeled bags so I wouldn't have any confusion. THE Best customer service ever.

By from london

Great! (13 March 2012)

I love it! They are really easy to put in,comfortable and look nice. The item is perfect for beginners as its relly easy in using. I would really recoment buying it.
Right now im at 2.4 mm and i love this size.

By from England

Love them! (12 November 2011)

I got these REALLY quickly after ordering, and the they are just perfect. They go in so easily and there was no pain or blood. I cant wait till i am at the 5mm! There much better then tapers because you get a much more even hole. Also, they are quite small so they wont irritate you when your wearing it, and its not as easily seen (my mum doesn't like my ear stretching, and as far as shes concerned im not even doing it anymore because there so subtle)

I recommend these to anyone wanting to stetch their ears painfree and easily!

By from Ireland

Amazing! (14 October 2011)

I decided on these to start stretching my ears as it means I didn't have to buy jewellery as well! Awesome little package, very easy to use and are so much quicker/easier than tapers (from past experience!)
I highly recommend these for anyone wanting to stretch their ears!

By from London

Worth it. (10 July 2011)

The delivery time on this product was amazing, but this isn't anything new with bodyjewelleryshop. The stretchers themselves are brilliant to work with. I just put in the 3.2mm in and I can't wait to get it up to 5mm. I did think it was a bit pricey when I bought them, but having started the process, I definitely think the price is worth it and it's a bargain compared to buying them separately. I really like this, and will probably buy some more once I've got my 5mm in.

By from Wales

Great an any stretch! (12 February 2011)

After looking at others, I have found these to be the best. They are easy to fit, and the O rings have stayed put (but would advise getting spares just in case). They are comfortable to sleep in, and look really Hubby is wearing the sizes I have used (after sterilising) in his piercings as they look so good!
Only pain is having to but 2 packets when doing both ears...gets a bit expensive :O(

By from Ireland

Perfect (24 January 2011)

Great product, especially for beginners who are stretching for the first time. Really nice material and a great weight to them. Perfect!

By from Middlesbrough

WOO! :D (13 October 2010)

Got these about 4 weeks ago and my left ear is now 5mm so i'll have to buy the 2nd kit! Great delivery time also! :D

By from Paignton, Torbay

Love them (11 October 2010)

Received these today and really happy. Arrived so quick despite ordering late on a Friday. Got the first one in my right ear straight away because I've wanted to start stretching for ages. Didn't even hurt, comfortable to keep in and look really cool too. I no it's a slow process but it's good to know that I've got everything I need to go up to 5mm =)

By from UK

YEY! (30 September 2010)

I've been wanting to stretch my ears for 3 years now and my mother finnaly allowed me to get these on tuesday! they came in only 2 days so i was very happy with the post. As soon as I got them I quickly put 1.6mm in my left ear and 2mm in my right ear! these are amazing and are really light weight and their really easy to stretch with! IT DIDNT HURT AT ALL! but i am only a small size :) BUY BUY BUY !!!!

By Anonymous

Excellent Stuff! (02 May 2010)

Used these to stretch up to 5mm, had no troubles at all, nice and hygenic. These are fantastic value as i didnt need to buy any jewellery to wear inbetween stretching as they look so nice in their own right! I would highly recommend these to anyone contemplating stretching! :)

By Anonymous

stretching crescents (13 March 2010)

An awesome set. These are so easy to use, and I love the fact that they can be used to stretch and stay in as jewelry.

By Anonymous

I lovee this product (11 March 2010)

I absolutely love this product it's perfect in every way possible i had no problem with putting them in and i even got some extra "O" rings :)

By Anonymous

Fantastic product (10 March 2010)

these were fantastic and looked great i have told my mates all about them thanks for the great offer i have ordered the net sizes up looking foward to useing them

By Anonymous

Awesome (13 February 2010)

I recieved these little beauties today, they look fantastic.

Nice one BJS

By Anonymous

Fantastic product! (16 November 2009)

This product is fantastic! They are easy to use, and makes your streching work like a charm. Iwe never done anything like this before i got these, and as soon as i got to 5mm, i couldnt stop there. It was as easy as a childs game. I love this product!

By Anonymous

Q? (01 November 2009)

would it be a better idea to buy 2 sets so i can stretch both holes at the same time?? please help me;)

By Anonymous

Awesome (12 October 2009)

They do the job required, they're cheap and they look good too. BUY BUY BUY!

By Anonymous

(Y) (20 September 2009)

Really good product, easy to use, and they look good aswell. I will definately reccommend this to anyone wanting to start stretching.

By Anonymous

Great kit!! (26 August 2009)

I have found this kit very easy to use, plus it looks great aswell! I've had the kit less than 4 weeks and I'm already upto 5mm.
Once again, GREAT KIT!!!!!!

p.s. the 'o' rings can slide off quite easily, but as long as you've got spares it shouldn't matter :)

By Anonymous

Genius (19 August 2009)

This pack is pure genius... stretch your ear to 5mm very easily, and with style. Plus they are cheap :) !
very nice product ;)

By Anonymous

Great for Starting to stretch (27 June 2009)

Great value for money and perfect for people wanting to start stretching from a standard stud. The crescents each went in easily and did not irritate the lobe.
Recommended for anyone starting to stretch and wanting to do it cleanly, and safely.

By Anonymous

Amazing Product (01 June 2009)

Really easy to use and good value for money. Helped me stretch up to 5mm really fast. Would recommend these for anyone starting to stretch out a piercing :D

By Anonymous

Great kit (26 April 2009)

I ordered this kit on a Sunday and received it by wed. in the States. The kit worked perfect, they look great. I'm already up to the 4g and will be ordering more jewelery from this site.

By Anonymous

:) (30 March 2009)

These are just fantastic. They look great, definately the easiest and cheapest way to stretch!
The only problem is because they're steel they can get a bit heavy as you go up (I've got three stretches on each side, all right next to each other - can be a bit weighty!) So taking them out every now and again for showers/ sleeping once you're healed up is a good idea :)

By Anonymous

awesome!! (10 December 2008)

i got ordered two sets of these by my friend for Xmas, one for each ear as im too impatient to do one at a time!

delivery was fast (as always) and the crescents look great! not as big as i had expected, which is good.
admittedly i also got a pack of o-rings that seemed thrown together but im sure it all fits :)

easy to use and great for stretching virgins (me!)

By Anonymous

a great buy (25 November 2008)

not to expensive :) though....the pictures abit deseaviing because you dont actually get that many o ring sin differant sizes. i got a bag with loads of differant sized in black and clear rubber. that seemed to be just randomly chucked in a bag without tkaing notice of the right sizes to stay on the crescent's.

but after checking then there was just enough to fit each one so long as i dont loose any or i will have to buy more o-rings to get them to stay in.


By Anonymous

Good To Start With (17 November 2008)

I found this was a very good way to start stretching, nice and easy to use and they go up slowly which is always best, cant go wrong.

By Anonymous

Steel Crescent kit (22 October 2008)

I found these really easy to use and i was really excited until i got to the 4mm. I just couldn't get it in, it seemed like a massive step up from the size before. I'm now trying different products to try to reach 4mm. I don't know if it was the crescent or just me. Hopefully i can reach 4mm by xmas.

By Anonymous

Easy Stretcher (08 September 2008)

So easy to use, the gradual gauges makes it so simple to stretch your ears slowly and virtually pain free :-)

Highly recommended

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