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By Anonymous

Perfect (31 March 2010)

...for revitalising my navel piercing. No more boring barbells. Its comfortable and Im really pleased with how it looks.

By Anonymous

Steel spiral (06 February 2010)

Fantastic! Looks amazing on my central lip, and the perfect size too in 10mm, i can eat and drink comfortably, usually rings in central lips are a nightmare, but this is brill!

By Anonymous

Awesome (17 February 2008)

Fits in most piercings...looks especially good in navel piercings and (with a bit of a struggle) adds variation to a lip piercing.
If you have two holes in your earlobe it's possible to put this through them both if they are the right distance apart. Excellent product.

By Anonymous

Funky (16 December 2007)

It draws a lot of positive attention where ever you put it.

By Anonymous

COOL (17 October 2007)

This was really cool to put in a lip piercing

By Anonymous

Funky (02 October 2007)

cool piece of jewellery, both cones screw off so its to put on and take off! Thumbs up!! Never had any problems!

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