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By from England

ok (24 July 2013)

Very good studs, but the bar is just a little to long it hangs out my nose :s but that's the only down side.


Comfy but ball is tiny (21 April 2012)

This is a really nice nose stud. It's comfy to wear but the ball is so tiny, it's hardly noticeable.

By from UK

Best nose stud yet! (20 July 2011)

I bought this stud as a replacement for my straight nose bone which I recently lost.
It was posted the day after I paid, and it fits perfectly, and despite the face that it's curved, it's so easy to put in and take out!
Now I won't have to worry about dropping nose studs in the shower or knocking them out while I'm sleeping :)
A* product!


good buy (07 December 2010)

this is very comfortable to wear and also doesn't slip out at all

By Anonymous

Awesome. (06 June 2010)

Used this one for the initial piercing on my friend.
It was incredibly easy to insert through the cannula, better than others I tried because the curve is much smoother. Much cheaper than retail too.
It's healing really well with it too, no pulling out like with the nose bones some studios use.

By Anonymous

Really good! (27 May 2010)

Really easy to insert and very comfortable to wear. Also doesn't slip out at all. A good buy :)

By Anonymous

Good! (25 May 2010)

It's great! It's difficult to find such a tiny nose screw, this one fits perfectly. And the screw part is not too curved like most nose screws, which makes it easier to put in. Really smooth.

By Anonymous

Best nose EVER (05 May 2010)

So i just got this today, took me ten minutes to put it in. twas a little fidgety at first pushing the hooked bit in, but once i stopped fretting it went in easily and i love how the little ball screws off.
The price is great. Plan to order another one for the other side.

By Anonymous

great value! (25 March 2010)

simple and elegant. perfect for everyday

By Anonymous

It's a cheat and I love it! (27 February 2010)

Nose screws are great (once you get used to feeling like you've got a huge booger!) because they don't come out that easily. This can make changing them a pain too though. This one has a threaded end and the 16g threaded ball comes off! You can pop it in with the ball off if you are having trouble with the hook! Great cheat! :)

By Anonymous

Steel Nose Stud (08 April 2009)

Very easy to get in with no chance of losing them.

Excellent value for money.

By Anonymous

Nose studs (28 March 2009)

Of the nose studs I have had...and lost this is the best one out of all of them. Because it screws in it makes loosing it that little bit more difficult which is a bonus for me!

By Anonymous

Steel Nose Stud (27 November 2008)

I didn't like these. I found the wearable length too short, and felt like they were too tight, and dug into my nose a little. Maybe I just have fat nostrils though

By Anonymous

Nose Stud (02 July 2008)

These nose studs are fantastic; they are comfy and never fall out with a secure fit. Not a bad price for them either. Easy to put in and take out. I’d rather wear these than any other type of nose stud.

By Anonymous

AWESOME (28 May 2008)

this noses stud has served me well i have never been happier i all ways wear it even when sleeping it dosnt fall out it takes some getting used to when taken it out and poot back in but very easy i wold recommend it to neone good stuff this

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