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By Anonymous

Great for eyebrows (13 April 2010)

These are great for eyebrow piercings, I find them much more comfortable then barbells. I have also found that they help to prolong surface piercings from 'growing out' as barbells tend to pull at surface piercings. :)

By Anonymous

bananabells (01 April 2008)

I love these, i use them in my tragus and in the daith piercing. They are amazing and don't get unscrewed easily. Easy to sleep in and doesn't get in the way of ear buds. =)

By Anonymous

beautiful (19 February 2008)

I play sooo many sports including basketball, and having a piercing such as a rook has really helped with me feeling happy about my ears as well as on the court. It is almost hidden, but its also easy to tape up if i need to hide it. I love this piercing sooo much!!! And my most recent piercing is my tragus. I love the jewelry that the rook piercing has available to it.

I highly recommend this piercing jewelry.

By Anonymous

Great (03 February 2008)

I bought this bar for snug piercing. I found that it was really easy to place in and that it was extremely comfortable in my ear. Even though of the small space i had to screw the ball on it was really easy to do.
Its a great barbell and you can get it, in many different colours, gauges and sizes. I also found that I could use it, for my other piercings too. =]

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (18 October 2007)

I bought this for my rook piercing and it was easy to put in and it was comfy. It was rather hard to screw the balls on but thats not because of the barbells (it's because of the tiny space I had to fit two fingers in lol). Anyway this a brilliant barbell and you can get them in lots of different sizes and use for them for lots of different piercings!

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