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By from Germany

Stretching (23 January 2012)

I absolutely love these! I just got these not even 30 minutes ago. Washed them up and stuck 'Em right on in. The only downfall to these is that they won'T screw tight enough for me. I think over the course of the day, I have to keep tightening them or the balls will fall off.

By from London

Steel Labret Stud - 2mm. (08 June 2011)

Awesome little bar, 80% of the time i got away with keeping this in without wearing the screw on ball. Quality is as good as you can ever expect, i am definitely going to become a long term customer here =]

By Anonymous

Great quality (27 June 2009)

I'm usually VERY sensitive to metal in my ears and this is the only product except for titanium, which I can wear in my ears safely :)

By Anonymous

great for hidding (09 May 2009)

I used this when i stretched my lobe to 2mm, great as a hider plug and really compy to wear

By Anonymous

great for my conch (28 April 2008)

i wear one of these in my conch, that is stretched to 2mm. its so comfy and looks great :)
good quality and a really good price
wish they did them in 3mm though

By Anonymous

Perfect (28 February 2008)

I bought this product to disguise my stretched ear piercing and found that it did the job perfect. It is easy pushed through my ear and i dont have any problem with it rubbing at all. I would deffinetly recommend this product for anyone that wants to disguise a stretched earlobe.

By Anonymous

Labret Stud (16 February 2008)

I bought this for my mates lip piercing and she reports that it is really comfy and easy to put through.
Now she wants another one and for that price I can hardly complain!

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