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Cheap and cheerful (07 July 2011)

What more can I say that previous reviewers haven't already mentioned? At £1.95 you can't go wrong with this good piece of 'no frills' jewellery. I have had trouble in finding a labret stud of below 6mm elsewhere on the internet. I wanted the lowest length available to stop the rubbing, chaffing and risk of receding gums associated with the longer lengths in madonna piercings. It worked. Extremely comfortable to wear and when I get tired of my monroe for a day, I stick it in my helix and couple it with one of my jewelled balls.

By Anonymous

Excellent! (23 September 2010)

This product is excellent. The most comfortable labret i have ever worn, causes no irritation to gums or teeth.i'd definately recommend it!

By Anonymous

Perfect labret (05 July 2010)

I took it, because I needed a shorter labret, and I find it perfect. Classic model, good quality of the material, looks good whatever your are wearing and fits perfectly.

By Anonymous

great! (22 June 2010)

needed a bigger bar for my labret, was perfect fit, quick delivery, amazing! :D

By Anonymous

excellent (12 May 2010)

This is a great product, is exactly what it said, I needed it as my lip labret was too long, and this was the perfect size. Also very good and fast delivery!

By Anonymous

Cheap and wonderful (09 March 2010)

I adore this product i wanted a shorter bar because my newly pierced lip bar was rubbing against my gums and giving me all sorts of problems, but this product was perfect no pain nothing i advise everyone to buy this.

By Anonymous

Very Good (08 March 2010)

cheap, does just what you need it to, very fast delivery, nothing bad about it! =]

By Anonymous

nice item (06 March 2010)

bought for my daughter, she keeps losing her bars and cant remember the size. this was ideal as it was a low cost and perfect for the job

By Anonymous

Cumfy ^_^ (26 February 2010)

I bought 2 of these for my snake bites which ov not long got done...There really good to go down a gage =]
Really cheap to! xD

By Anonymous

labret stud (11 February 2010)

bought for my central lip which is quite fat so i got it in 12mm, it was a perfect fit! woohoo! the disc is slightly rounded too and its very comfy to wear, i bought it with a 25mm straight facial horn, and it looks fantastic, really gives the 'in your face; look, and for a price like that you cant go wrong, absolute bargain :P

By Anonymous

Good!! (23 August 2009)

I brought two of these to replace my oversized bars for my lips and the fit perfectly.

By Anonymous

good allround jewellery (25 July 2009)

I have a bazillion labret studs, I wear them in my anti lobes/slip piercing because they ease the discomfort I got from BCR's [hypertropic scarring and ALOT of crusties] I wear them in cartilidge piercings as well because I just hate wearing butterfly clips, and they generally don't come in big sizes.

By Anonymous

For my lip (22 July 2009)

Got this to replace an oversized lip ring. Perfect fitting.

By Anonymous

Just generally great =] (19 May 2009)

I got my lip pierced over a week ago, but unfortunately the 10mm titanium labret that was put it was not big enough to allow for swelling (I think it was a reaction to the titanium). So I had to get a biger labret (I got the 14mm) and quickly. The labret arrived the next day after ordering it and it solved all my problems =] I will be getting more to keep as spares because they are that cheap .... Well worth the money.

By Anonymous

perfect (16 May 2009)

i ordered this last night and it came this morning, its very comfortable, i got this because im not allowed to wear my ball closer ring for work and i carnt seem to keep retainers for very long i end up losing or chewing them. This is nice and small and i love it.

By Anonymous

plain simple and comfortable (31 March 2009)

this felt soo much better than my previous labret stud, the back of the stud was maybe the reason for this, as my previous stud was flat, but this has a slight curve in it.

wear every day, not had any problems at all, and its been about 7 months now


By Anonymous

labret for my center lab (16 February 2009)

very nice and stylish, easy to change and looks great

By Anonymous

Brill! (09 February 2009)

Had my lip pierced a while ago and always found bars agrivate my gums. This bar is gentle and basic... very good quality!!

By Anonymous

:) (10 January 2009)

just ordered a 8mm one of these, found it amazing & comfortable for my lip.
ordering another bigger one as i feel like it needs a bit more space
thought i'd write this so people know roughly what size to get :)

By Anonymous

teel Labret Stud - 1.6mm (21 December 2008)

great product can be used in a variety of piercings and are very light and comfortable.

By Anonymous

Steel Labret Stud - 1.6mm (13 December 2008)

I found the backs on these were quite thick and increased the chance of u banging it against your teeth. I didn't really like these

By Anonymous

great! (26 November 2008)

these little fellas are great for lobes, especially the 5mm stems.
for the price they're fab

By Anonymous

Nice (26 November 2008)

cheap easy too put in and doesnt have any flaws its pretty damn good. word of advice though.. never buy a 5mm one... it is too small even if you think it wont be. get an 7 or 8 if u have snakbites

By Anonymous

Lovely (03 October 2008)

Got this for my center lip piercing, and it's brilliant.
Quality as always, and the ball stays put without much effort at all (which is a plus).
Before this I had a fiddly labret in.. Had to make sure the ball isn't loose constantly (hasn't fallen out, thank goodness. Just gets loose on its own). Not a problem with this one.
Really cheap, too.

By Anonymous

:) (18 September 2008)

This is a must have for any labret peircings.. its comfey and u can get the perfect size.. brilliant x

By Anonymous

Easy!!!! (07 September 2008)

This item is a must have.

cheap, great, and down right brilliant.

buy lots for spares!!!!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (06 September 2008)

These studs are great. Easy to use, they look great in any piercing and go with everything. I can't fault these and have loads of them! Always buy extra balls/cones though as you can lose them!

By Anonymous

Great to keep as spare! (02 September 2008)

I found these a little big for my snakebites as I prefer the microlabret small balls, but have kept them spare and use them in my helix piercings now and they look really cute! Haven't lost any of the balls yet too which is a massive bonus!

By Anonymous

a simple must have! (03 August 2008)

i always buy two of everything as a spare just incase, these are ideal for spares i still have mine in my monroe now and looks fantastic

By Anonymous

labret stud (04 July 2008)

good price, comfy, easy to use. a must have piece of jewellery

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