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By Anonymous

comfiest tunnel (22 February 2011)

iv had these in a few sizes and no matter how basic they look its one of the comfiest pieces i own.

By from Nottingham

Great (19 July 2010)

These are GREAT! I had one of these at 8,14 and now 19mm and these are perfect for everday wearing for a healed piercing, Do not try and insert these into a new piercing the screw thread will mess the inside of your ear up!

By Anonymous

A must have (22 April 2010)

Very confortable and easy to put in. I bought a 6mm one and it looks great. Excellent tunnel.

By Anonymous

Good buy. (07 March 2010)

These are a bit thin, but my lobes are thin so that's fine. They still leave marks on my ears tho.
Very comfortable for everyday wear, but I take them aout at night since I sleep on my side and they are a bit big for that.
These tunnels are quite heavy aswell, so I use them to loosen up a piercing for putting in double flares for example, wich works like a charm.

Nice buy overall.

By Anonymous

Steel Flesh Tunnels (27 November 2008)

Good quality, well made piece of jewellery. Can feel a bit tight if u have thicker earlobes. If u have thick earlobes I would recommend the internally threaded version as the wearable length is about 1mm longer than on this piece

By Anonymous

:] (06 July 2008)

great product but they are heavy and the back occasionally falls off or becomes loose but apart from that they are goood

By Anonymous

Great (10 May 2008)

I purchased a 10mm one from my local store and put it in as soon as I hit 10mm. One of the things I did to prevent it from tearing the inside of my ear was put a very fine layer of sellotape (sounds weird but it works) over the thread and it should slide in without tearing your ear.

I've had this in for... over 6 months, even after I take it out and leave it somewhere I've never managed to actually lose it. I can't understand what people must be doing to lose the backs off it. The only thing that annoys me is when you are trying to thread it and it just wont thread.

By Anonymous

great ^^ (25 March 2008)

got these on 30mm, looks good, feels good. only that its little too heavy, so these get too small quikly and may fall off.

By Anonymous

fresh hole+ this tunnel=bad (19 March 2008)

looks cool but not good for fresh holes as the thread will shred the inside of your holes

By Anonymous

Steel Flesh Tunnel. (29 February 2008)

I have bought a couple of these, and from what I can see, they're okay.

If you're putting these in in a newly stretched lobe, I suggest getting a stretching bar (see on this website) to help with the insision (if you are going to get a bar, personally I'd go for bar 1 size bigger as the thread on this Flesh Tunnel doesn't fit into the end of the bar properly).

Be careful or the thread will more than likely cut the inside of your lobe if your ear isn't fully healed.

They look and feel great - It does come loose once in a while which means just the quick tighten and you're good to go!

These are pretty narrow too, so if you have a thick/big lobe, the thread may not poke out of the other end (as mine did lol).

Other than that, give them a go!

By Anonymous

cool man (22 February 2008)

cool product but the back came off and got lost :(

By Anonymous

Steel Flesh Tunnel (02 February 2008)

If you find that you are always loosing the rubber holding bands on plugs then you should invest in one of these!!! My plug was always falling out so I bought this product. The screw on ends are secure and I haven't had a single problem with it!
Its a must!!

By Anonymous

Very good (17 January 2008)

I've used these tunnels for 8mm and 12mm, the only gripe I have is that the back has a tendancy to screw itself loose on occasion, though it's never actually come off.

By Anonymous

:) (13 January 2008)

I have these in both 6mm& 7mm and am soon to order some larger sizes.
I would reccomend these to anyone who likes a restbite inbetween sizing up or just like to make the most of their hole.
These are perfect, I use straight tapers to upsize and struggle to wear them as jewellery until the next size up so I brought these and I will do so for every size up now because they are so comfortable and keep me from not getting into trouble about tapering at school.
Thank you!

By Anonymous

great product (10 January 2008)

good product

looks good

feels good

price good

get one now!

By Anonymous

Sweet 10mm (20 December 2007)

Great products, i got 10mm ones

went in with ease as id downsized from 12mm,

the quality of this tunnel is great, i have more expensive ones at home but the body jewelry shop ones put them to shame

By Anonymous

amazing. (20 December 2007)

i brought this in 7mm...i started stretching using cresants and leaving the cresants in as jewlry...but after 6mm you cant buy cresants like i wanted, so i started tapering and i was looking for something cheap, good looking and comftable to wear as jewly...these cover all that!

By Anonymous

screw on 30mm (12 December 2007)

these are brilliant. I have them in 30mm.

The back was a little pinchy to get on and took me a while. but once they were on they felt so comfortable. have helped so much with losening my ears a little more.

I dont need to worry about them popping out in my sleep like most other stretchers and i always get comments.

look amazing in bigger sizes and in smaller sizes!

and such a fair price for what they are

By Anonymous

tunnel (06 December 2007)

i have these in a 7mm and 8mm.
and they have a good weight and very comfortable.
really recomend them.

By Anonymous

Tunnel (17 November 2007)

I have one of these In 6mm are great for everyday use. The only gripes I have is there a bit boring to look at and very fiddley to screw on when small, my friend tells me the larger they are the easier it is to put them in. If your going for a simplistic look on your stretch there a good buy.

By Anonymous

Great product (14 November 2007)

The tunnel itself is solid, with a nice and easy screwing mechanism.

Its a nice weighty tunnel, so it helps for when and if you want to stretch up.

Also extremely easy to keep clean.

Highly recommended

By Anonymous

good (07 November 2007)

i liked this tunnel. it wasnt too hard to get in, the back was a bit difficult to screw on though. they are really nice to wear though. look good in your ear and you dont notice they are there.

By Anonymous

:D:D (07 November 2007)

I have had two of these, one in 6mm and the other in 8mm.

They look really good and are easy to put in, but the only gripe i have are that the backs are harder to screw on in the small sizes.

Sometimes my lobe gets a bit squished but i do have meaty lobes!

By Anonymous

Nice! (03 November 2007)

I've always liked these, makes your lobes look bigger and very comfy to use :)

By Anonymous

Smooth (19 October 2007)

I'd been wearing 10mm single flared eyelets for a while and fancied a change, so I bought these. The steel flesh tunnel is a nice look. The front is flat and smooth and they feel nice and chunky when they're in. A classic design.

By Anonymous

Sickkk !! (01 October 2007)

I have these in 7 and 8 mm and they're amazing I prefer them to single flared eyelets as you feel like you're getting more for your money DEFINATE BUY !!

By Anonymous

Flesh Tunnels (12 October 2006)

I bought these in 18mm and they look amazing!, But they are to short so where hard to get in... i still love them though.

By Anonymous

Surgical Steel flesh Tunnels (16 March 2005)

Anyone thinking of buying flesh tunnels? Words of advice--don't be fooled by "cheap tunnels" from places advertising "excellent quality" and "top class jewellery". The cheaper alternatives have an inferior finish and will almost certainly have sharp thread edges which will catch and cut your fistula on the way through-not these babies!! In my opinion, these are THE best quality flesh tunnels available on the market. I am a professional body piercer and have bought tunnels from many other places but none, and I mean NONE are up to BJS's quality. They are comfortable, relatively painless insertion (along with tapered insertion pins) and unrivalled in their build quality and finish. You only get what you pay for in this life and these are worth every penny!!

By Anonymous

Steel Flesh Tunnels (17 January 2005)

These are one of the best pieces of jewellery to buy for your stretched ears - the best thing about these is the fixed end, and the other that screws on which won't ever get lost like those rubber band things do! They look totally awesome as well because you can see through them which in my opinion is far better than plugs. I also wear a BCR through them which makes them look more interesting!

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