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My go-to jewellery! (08 February 2019)

I've used these since I started stretching. I remember them looking quite nice at smaller sizes but they look even better at larger sizes. I've reverted to these (at 24mm+) to stretch with, wrapping tape around and through the tube, and haven't encountered any problems. I don't mind spending more on jewellery when I know I'll stay at a size for a while but these make cycling through sizes much more affordable. Also, I've been a BJS customer since 2012 and can't say enough good things!

By from New Zealand

Tidy Buy (30 August 2012)

Love this site, delivers fast despite the distance. These bad boys slip through easily every time i up-size. So comfy i forget its even in. Great value for money. A necessity for keeping your lobes clean and healthy. :)


Better than I expected! (18 August 2012)

I brought these Flesh tubes in 4mm and 5mm after reading so many good reviews.
The service was good and they came quickly which meant it could enjoy wearing then sooner than I thought.
The only thing I worried about was if they made my 4mm stretch look small but surprisingly they make it look bigger. The o rings are fine and not loose at all as other reviews said that they were and the quality was amazing, over all great deal for just under £3.
Will Deffinately be buying off here again!

By from Crewe

A must (08 August 2012)

Daftly I'd been wearing acrylic tunnels when I was in the stretching process and finally found this very affordable steel tubes. They're so comfy, Easy to put in and remove and look really nice for very simple jewellery. Definitely going to keep buying these as I stretch up.

By from UK

Stretching (07 August 2012)

I always use these when stretching. I have used them every single time, and pretty much have no trouble with them.
I find the O rings are maybe a tad on the large size sometimes, so I tend to use the ones off of the previous size.
I would defo recommend these for stretching, I will continue using them.

By from Belfast

Very comfy (18 July 2012)

Great item at a really affordable price - fitted well (size 14mm) and O rings slotted in perfectly and are easy to remove for cleaning - sent to me in super-fast time as always - am stretching other ear to match so actually had the foresight to buy 2 of them - highly recommended

By from Kent

Outstanding (01 May 2012)

I got this at 2.4mm. it went through my lobe like butter, it feels really nice and the O rings keep it in place surprisingly well. The delivery was super fast.

By from DXB

Awesome (21 March 2012)

Simply awesome! Love them and will be getting more once I start stretching further.

By from South Wales, Swansea

1st Choice! :) (02 March 2012)

I've bought these for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10mm- they're perfect! Though for some reason the 7mm was very long on the sides and 10mm- which I just used- is very sharp on the egde. But the lightweight feel makes healing perfect and nice! I started buying these in 6mm for the problems with healing, buy if you're stretching :)

By from Essex

Great :) (06 December 2011)

These are great tunnels, they are nice and light and look amazing and for the price you cant go wrong :)

By from Portugal

My first aid tunnels. (18 November 2011)

Whenever my lobes swell up or something, these are my go-to's. they have a very long wearable area that's perfect for dealing with the swelling. The fact they have no flares along with the light weight makes them perfect for healing!

By from Nottingham

awesome :D (15 November 2011)

Bought 2 of these in 7mm for my conches and its great that they do the 'awkward sizes such as 7mm. Comfy and light and the o-rings don't come off, 10/10

By from Hastings

Awsome (03 November 2011)

good product, used it going from 20 to 22mm, the only thing im worried about is where the metal is so thin its going to cut into my head while sleeping, other than that no complaints, cheap and easy to stretch with.

By from Devon

AWESOME! (24 July 2011)

I bought this in size 6mm, and i had only just stretched my ear to 6mm. Put it in and it went it straight away no pain! I will deffo be buying these again! I LOVE BODY JEWELLERY SHOP!!!

By from Wales

Epic (26 March 2011)

I bought one of these in 4mm after I stretched and I loved it but after I went bigger I couldn't wear it so I bought another when I was at 10mm now I'm ready to go to 12mm and iv got another waiting for 14mm...

there one of the best tunnels you can buy nice fit, comfy and thin
Makes the stretch look the right size


By Anonymous

Great for the price (10 March 2011)

I've those in 24mm. They're very very light because they're quite thin. It makes them very comfortable to wear. I've no problem with the length.


AWESOME (20 February 2011)

Look great at any size, i have a 6 and an 18!!! great to stretch and easy to put in, stay in even while i sleep and a really great price!!

By from Kent

I LOVE (23 January 2011)

really comfortable to wear, they look good and they're easy to stretch with! Definitely a must have :) i'm wearing mine now! :D


Perfect for stretching (05 January 2011)

ive been using these for wrapping bondage tape ever since i started stretching pretty much. i have pairs from 5mm - 16mm. only problem i found is that the wearable length below 8mm can be a bit short.


Great flesh tube (21 July 2010)

Order these on monday got them wednesday what a great tube good quality and great value, very easy to get in and out only at 4mm at the moment but will be ordering in bigger sizers they look really good would recommend to anyone.

By Anonymous

love (15 July 2010)

i really like this, ive got it in now and it looks great. makes the hole look bigger aswell.

By Anonymous

ace product (14 July 2010)

this tunnel is really cheap and is a nice finish. really lightweight and so easy worn. also incredible easy to clean. all in all a great product.

By Anonymous

Recomendable! (30 June 2010)

I have just stretched to 3mm and these look good for being that small! The thin steel really makes the hole look bigger and because it’s so lightweight I can’t even feel that they’re in there. I am so pleased with them that I have just ordered three more pairs in larger gauges, so that I have them ready when it’s time to stretch again. I would recommend these to everyone!

By Anonymous

Great tunnel (29 June 2010)

There isn't much that can go wrong with a basic tunnel like this, but BJS manage to excede expectations anyway! Quick delivery, and a great quality product. The tunnel is long enough to fit comfortably at larger sizes, without being so long as too hurt when lying on them. The o-rings are tight and grip will and the whole thing is professionally finished. Really cheap too!

By Anonymous

brilliant (23 June 2010)

I ordered one of these in 2.4mm.The delivers of this item was so bloody quick.Also the price is brilliant, in the uk, the likes of Blue bannana and over places , these things are usually sold at £7-£8.
It was my first time stretching my ear, and the flesh tunnel fits in like a dream.Unfortuantly due to major infection( which was my fault anyway) i had to take the tunnel out.I would recommend this to any body keen on stretching there ears.The material is perfect for initial stretched piercings

By Anonymous

Subtle tunnels (29 May 2010)

When i first stretched my ear i bought these in a 4mm and i loved it nice comfy and lightweight im now at a 10mm im gonna have to order again which i will be soon absultely love these highly recommend them.

By Anonymous

Perfect (24 May 2010)

These look awesome! They show your stretches off to their best, making them look nice n big. Lightweight as well, so you don't even feel them in!

By Anonymous

Love it! (21 May 2010)

Using this to stretch my other lobe & I can't even feel it's there! Really comfortable & a great price!

By Anonymous

Awesome (14 March 2010)

Had these for a few months now, and can't fault them at all. Long enough so the rubber rings don't clamp your ear, but then not so long they get caught on stuff. Very light aswell, so you can leave them in day and night.

By Anonymous

Best tunnels ever! (02 March 2010)

Got these in 30mm, they are the best tunnels I ever had!! Now I'm stretching to 40mm so I cant use them anymore, it really sucks. But they are worth the money!!

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