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By from manchester

316Lenlargingcrescent (28 January 2012)

thanks to the largest crescent i now have a 0gauge reverse prince albert . 8 x 25mm circular bar bell is fitted at present. it is a pity a 6 or 7 mm up to 12mm is not available, i would love to stretch to 12mm or even larger!!!! these crescents are so easy to use and if used SLOWLY not painful at all. a definite must have if you are serious about stretching. ian jones.

By Anonymous

GOOD! (04 January 2009)

This product work perfect for me! it was easy to put in and didn't hurt by the stretching size. Works even better with some water, so it comes in better.
What i didn't like about it was it's wieght and (a little) size. It can lose some wieght and size to look and feel better!

By Anonymous

Woo! (18 November 2008)

This is an excellent product. I used it to stretch from 2.4-6mm.
Fairly easy to put in but you will need o-rings to hold it in place and it can be uncomfortable to sleep in.

By Anonymous

(Y) (13 November 2008)

This is a great buy!
But don't be fooled - it really does weigh down your ear, which I found particularly uncomfortable.
HOWEVRRR! This did help me to put in another stretcher which was hard to put in before!
Oh and I do have little ears so that probabaly didnt help xD
Worth having though!

By Anonymous

not bad (17 August 2008)

this was my first stretch and the product was realy good i probably streched too quickly but it worked well it got me up to 5mm in 3weeks well worth the money only problem with it was i didnt realise i needed "o" rings to hold it in an it fell out a few times

By Anonymous

Really Good (01 August 2008)

I bought a crescent to go 1.8-5mm. It has been in for almost a week and my ear is at about 2.5mm. These are really good for gradual stretching, not at all painful and easy to clean.

By Anonymous

steel enlarging crescents (20 July 2008)

this is my favourite stretching tool, i rushed it which I know I shudnt have but I got from 1.6mm to 6mm in under two weeks! it was a little bit sore but only a little. I think this product is a bit expensive. You can't exactly let it hang from your ear when you have the 8mm because it is quite a heavy piece of jewellery. all in all i think this is a good product for beginners stretching there ear.

By Anonymous

Pretty Good (07 July 2008)

I Didnt Use These To Strech My Ears
I Streched My Lip With Them And Altogerther They Were Pretty Good It Didnt Help The Fact That I Ordered 5mm Ones Accidently But I Still Managed To Get It Half Of The Way Through.
Im Going To Order 3mm Ones For My Second Lip Strech Which Will Probaly Make Me Like These Cresents Even More

Great Buy 8/10

By Anonymous

very good (21 June 2008)

I had no problem with this; I have the 4mm-8mm one. I was at 6mm having trouble stretching anymore, this made it a lot easier and less painful. However, I found that after stretching to 8mm with this I still found my 8mm taper to be bigger, which was slightly annoying.

By Anonymous

pretty good (17 May 2008)

these are so great to stretch with hardly hurt atall, but their not so good to wear as jewelery after
i found it slipped out so i had to put a tunnel in, which hurt like hell.
i dunno whether i'd buy them again or just go for a plain taper

By Anonymous

Great buy (01 December 2007)

Looks great. And doesn't get in your way if you hook them over your ear.

By Anonymous

Awesome (13 October 2007)

I used these for my first stages of stretching and they were great, and I could just hook them over my ear if I didn't want them to hang down.
Great for first stages of stretching.

By Anonymous

+/- (25 August 2007)

cool for those tricky smaller sizes, but I defenatly prefer using dead stretching (larger plugs) from 5mm.

still... to 5mm, these come really in handy, since they are a lot more gradual than others, allowing you to stretch slowly and with no pain.

By Anonymous

Stretching indeed (17 February 2006)

Excellent. I was so pleased when it arrived and I put it in at once. I was stretching from 3mm to 5mm with this. Id tried plugs before and found them to be irritaiting.
I stretched my ear in 4 days with this, its exellent and i'd recommend anyone to use it. I think cresents are alot cleaner for strecthing your ear then plugs too, plus they look pretty damn cool.

By Anonymous

Enlarging Crescents (07 March 2005)

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to stretch each size up individually or to use an ongoing stretch with a crescent, but a friend had told me they had done it with crescents before, so I thought I'd do the same. I think these make stretching easy and there wasn't too much pain which was the part I was dreading! This way is definately worth the money and although I can't compare it to stretching with plugs because I didn't do it that way, I would really recommend these, but make sure you have rubber bands handy to keep them in place!

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