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By from Wales

Lightweight (30 July 2011)

Lightweight comfy and very very nice looking!!

Iv got a set in 14mm and they look bigger than what they are... Deffo recommend them 10/10


Must have! (21 July 2011)

I bought 2 of these, 18mm. They are light weight, shiny and just awesome over all! Will buy them in bigger sizes also!


very nice (03 June 2011)

just ordered one of these for a 25mm and it looks well nice, 10 outa 10


Sexy (20 April 2011)

I love these eyelets! Really light, comfy and look amazing. Aslong as your stretch is healed like mine, as I've had my 10mm lobes for 4 years, they fit in easy! May point out as well that they fit in so easily, that one of my actually came flying out in the shower this morning! Haha. Brilliant purchase!

By Anonymous

essential (20 March 2011)

The best everyday jewelery for stretched ears. In my opinion, a must in every collection, whatever sex, age or size. ^^

By from merthyr tydfil

tasty (03 September 2010)

got them within 2 days of order, 16mm went in my ears no problem and can't even feel them in there like other steel ones. very good work BJS

By Anonymous

Sweet! (17 July 2010)

Got these in 4mm and stretched to 5 to account for the flares.they went in easily and look very nice.going to get more when I go to 6mm.

By Anonymous

great (15 April 2010)

these are very good they are light and make the whole look so much bigger

By Anonymous

Deadly (17 September 2009)

Got 4 of these (2 of the 4mm ones and 2 of the 2.4mm ones) as i have a larger and smaller stretch in each ear, these double flared eyelets even make the 2.4mm look bigger than it is, theyre great and so easy to manage, i prestreched my lobes 1 size too big too account for the flare (after reading previous reviews on this webpage!) and used the eyelets to push the taper out to help it slide in easier....worked a charm.....they look kick ass!!!!! i will definitley be only wearing these from now on.....and i plan to stretch further soon so i`ll be getting more in larger diameters

By Anonymous

very good (22 June 2009)

these things are amazing i hardly notice it and they are very light and thin. not had much trouble getting them in and out but it can be a bit tight.overall very good.

By Anonymous

Awesome! (28 February 2009)

These things are great, light weight and really thin to make ur stretch look even bigger, but they can be tricky to get in, and even trickier to get out, so make sure you stretch a bit more to compensate the flare. Been wearing these since i was at 8mm and will be buying some more once I'm at 26mm

By Anonymous

Double Flared! (06 February 2009)

Oh my god! I actually love these! they enhance your piercing to the max! When I was at 10mm i brought one of these and all my mate thought it has bigger than what it was! I brought loads of 10mm jewellery and this is by far the best! Comfortable, Easy to put in (for piercings that are healed from stretching) and Easy to clean! A****

By Anonymous

i love double flared eyelets (16 September 2008)

like the title says, i love double flared eyelets.
they make your gauge a lot look bigger, and you can wear other jewelry with them.

they're a bit hard to get in, and once they're in, they're a bit hard to get out, and they also tend to be long.

but meh, i love them anyways

By Anonymous

Alright (06 August 2008)

I have this in a 6mm and the flare is about 7 and a bit mm, its hard to get in the first time and i couldnt get it out for about 4 days after that lol.

I find that the length is too long and i push it back and forth in my ear, overall it's great because it won't fall out and its quite hard to notice its in your ear!

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