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By from UK

55 x 10mm Cock Ring (06 November 2019)

Was curious about these so decided to give one a try. It arrived today and have just put it on. Feels great, looks good and the finish quality is excellent. My wife also approves!
Will probably purchase a 45mm or 40mm one in the future. Great service and very competitive prices.

By from UK

55 x 10mm Cock Ring (06 November 2019)

Was curious about these so decided to give one a try. It arrived today and have just put it on. Feels great, looks good and the finish quality is excellent. My wife also approves!
Will probably purchase a 45mm or 40mm one in the future. Great service and very competitive prices.

By from Swansea

Best ring ever (21 January 2019)

I've owned a variety of cockrings of different dimensions and materials and this is definitely the best. Looks great, makes you feel super horny, lovely finish and shine and perfect weight. Finally but not least it's great value for money and beats all the competition

By from Buxton

45mmx10mm cock ring (28 October 2017)

Excellent product looks great on and has the desired effect. ;) certainly keeps things going,mrs loves it. Really good to wear all day and gives a nice bulge in your pants. Excellent service and speedy delivery will use body jewellery shop again

By from USA

Love (08 December 2016)

I love this cockring, I haven't taken it off for about 2 months since i received it. it is part of my body now

By from Scotland

Wow!! (27 February 2016)

Absolutely LOVE it. If you have a penis and scrotum, you owe it to yourself to get one of these. Happily wearing the 10mm x 55mm ring, and have been since 1pm today. Excellent snug fit. I see no reason to ever take it off. Going to also invest in the doughnut version.

By from uk

cock ring (19 August 2015)

Amazing fast free delivery...measured as advised...fits a treat and feels really very horny. Excellent product and service...many thanks

By from Chippenham

Good Fun (05 May 2015)

Excellent product, every man should wear one! it is very comfortable and although at the start I only wore it for an hour or two I know wear it most of the day just to give an increased and pleasing prominent bulge particularly in a suit.

The item is very comfortable and almost becomes part of the body making it ideal for day-to-day wear. When erect it tightens everything up which feels amazing.

Strongly recommend, I wear the 10mm thick one of as I like the more chunky feel around my assets. Strongly recommend this item for every man wanting to increase his bulge.

By from Kent

Good For All Day Wear (10 December 2014)

I first bought a cock ring a few years back to firm up my erection and fell in love with them to the extent that I now wear one 24/7.
I bought a 10x45 ring as a replacement for one I have had for several years but had mislaid. The previous one had been bought from BJS and I bought a direct replacement as I had been happy with it. The quality remains as good, and I like the fact that the edges are properly rounded which makes it very comfortable for all day wear.
I have been wearing a donut since I lost my usual ring, but while it looks good strutting around a nude beach, it is not so good for everyday wear. It was too bulky for wearing to work, and wifey was complainingabout her nether regions being bruised when we had sex. This ring is not so bulky so is ideal for work, and I got a definite thumbs up from wifey. If you want to wear all day, go for the wider 10mm rather than the 5mm which is slightly less comfortable. I would recommend this cock ring and supplier to anyone, as it is a great price for a quality ring.

By from UK

Great Ring (10 November 2014)

Wow ordered the 10x50 after some measuring , fits great ! would recommend using lube for the initial fitting but once it's on it's staying on as is so comfortable and looks great combined with my PA , anyone thinking of buying one go for it , you won't be disappointed and a great price as well .

By from UK

More than happy (25 December 2013)

I bought this excellent cock ring after trying a really cheap set to get the right size. The 50x10 is perfect in size and weight. I wear it casually and enjoy the weight. When my wife and I get down to business she says that it is just like when I was younger, what better result could I have hoped for. I think I might try a few others quite fancy the doughnut ring.

By from UK

Cock Ring (04 October 2012)

Used rings for years, love them & what they do. These stainless steel ones are great, first steel ones ive had and the finish & quality is 100%, as is the service from this site. I have all the sizes and would recomend you buy them all, as you need to experiment which fit is best. I use the 55mm behind my balls (over cock) and I use the 40mm on my cock (at the base) and this works extremly well, giving the pumped up veiny purple e*****on the girls like ("Whats not to like" they say) Best thing you can spend your money on. It would be even better if the rings went up in 2.5mm increments rather than 5mm as this can make all the difference for a perfect fit.

By from Oxford

I keep buying them (30 September 2012)

I now have 7 or 8 of these beauties and wear them in various combos. I have a 10x50 for everyday c&b wear with a 5x45 for balls and a 10x40 as a straight cock ring for my 'personal' time. Adding more 45s make a great ball stretcher combo. Multiple 50s for c&b have a great effect on my lady but watch for stray hairs getting trapped - a little lube should do the trick. Have tried other suppliers but BJS have come up with the goods at a fair price. Just looking for a good reason to buy another one :)

By from USA

Great product (25 August 2012)

Got one of these recently, love it! After some measuring decided on the 50x10mm, an educated shot in the dark. Was perfect. A little tricky to get on, the boys just slip thru, but feels great once on, and so comfortable I sometimes forget it's there, but when things start to 'stand up' it's really great. Love it! Great heft and everything, well worth the low price.

By from UK

Good Good (21 June 2012)

What can i say i got the 55mm and its very well made top quality, im wanting to get the next size down to try it when they get it back in stock. all i can say is if your thinking of buying one you wont find a better one for this price any were

By from Channel Islands

Steel Cock Ring (09 March 2012)

Within five minutes of receiving this ring it was on. It has not come off, and is now part of my body, like a piece of jewelery in a piercing. I can shower, and bath with it on and no problems. It is extremely comfortable to wear, and when erec****s occur it shows off everything to its best!

By from UK

Excellent (03 August 2011)

I have two of these rings ... one 5mm x 50mm and the other 10mm x 50mm. Both are of excellent quality and very comfortable to wear over a lengthy period. In fact for the ultimate experience, try wearing both together! However, as others have said, check your size before ordering and if in doubt opt for the next size up.

I have a 10mm ring which cost twice as much from another supplier and which is impossible to wear owing to the sharpness of the metal. The products from BJS are of much better quality throughout not to mention a far greater weight which adds to the wearing experience.

All round, they are excellent products coupled with first class service!

By from Manchester

Great (08 May 2011)

worth every penny, excellent superior quality, far better than rings I've paid 5 times as much for! buy, you'll not be disappointed!

By from London

WOW ! (04 April 2011)

Well done BJS, Another great item from you guys.
As always it arrived next day and I was wearing it within 10 mins of it arriving.

Have been wearing it now for the past week, It stays on 24/7, No need to take it off, I find that I can wear it all the time, Am able to shower or bath with it on and it does look hot.
Got the 55 mm x 10 mm cook ring, I thought better get a bigger one as didnt want it get stuck on ! ! !

Found that the size is perfect, I am not a monster, But found that its safer to get a big ring and then move down in size if needed.
Put it this way the way guys are built means that the ring stays put, its easy to slip on and off when you want to, But does not come off at the wrong time !

As for comfort well I give a 10/10 for comfort and same for everything Well worth getting for a fiver

Oner very happy punter :)

By from Leicestershire

Perfect! (08 January 2011)

These Cock rings are magic, These really are perfect for fitting and cleanliness, I agree with all the other reviews, weldone BJS!

By from Kent

Every Male Should Have One (15 August 2010)

I have both the 5 and 10mm rings, and wear then semi permanently - they only come off to shower and shave, and to pass through airport security with no hassles!
The quality is excellent as is the price, you can pay a lot more for an inferior product. I have had mine for quite a while now, and the finish is still good despite regular wear.
The 10mm ring is nice and chunky and my ring of choice, but the 5 mm is ideal for wearing to work when I don't want my bulge to be so prominent. Both are comfortable to wear long term, and sit snugly for gentle grip and stimulation. I'm now going to invest in a donut ring, and if it is as good as these rings I'll be more than happy. The only thing with these and all metal rings is to make sure you get the sizing right.
Every male should get a cock ring at puberty!

By Anonymous

swell feeling!! (09 June 2010)

feels great on, nice and chunky, get the right size though i bought 3 in the end!! overall you got to try one !!!

By Anonymous

Sturdy (14 November 2009)

Looks great, has the right weight and fits snugly without chafing.
Can't ask for more in a cock ring.

By Anonymous

Perfect (24 April 2009)

This product is perfect in every way.

By Anonymous

Great Value Great Product (10 November 2008)

I would recommend this product to every guy who browses this site this enhances the feeling so much nice and easy to get on and off, and since it's stainless steel it's dead easy to keep clean.

Over all very enjoyable

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