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By from Sweden

Wow (22 November 2011)

Perfect for the PA, my woman loves it... going for 7mm next, then 8mm, and so cheap, worth every penny

By from germany

great (28 July 2010)

top quality, top price. thank you for so much fun and happyness

By Anonymous

Love them! (30 June 2008)

Love them!
This jewellery is so comfortable to wear! Also pretty cheap..
Worth the money!
10 for sure :)

By Anonymous

Steel Circular Barbell - 6mm (28 June 2008)

i used to have one of these in each ear and they were comfortable and looked great although it was slightly heavy it wasn't uncomfortable.

By Anonymous

very sexy (02 November 2007)

i love these, i wish i had more, but still its just looks and feels amazing

By Anonymous

Fantastic product (29 October 2007)

I got one of these for my lobe peircing and although it can be slightly heavy it actually helped me with my next stretch by strecthing the peircing slightly with its weight. This product looks and feels great!

By Anonymous

CBB (19 October 2007)

I really liked this product, I got it for a stretched conch, and althought it was rather heavy it was really comfortable and looked great.

By Anonymous

Awesome Product (21 December 2005)

I purchased this product for my PA andI I am so pleased I did. Its quite weighty but feels great once its in place and not at all uncomfotable. Most importantly my wife loves it!!!!

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