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By from London

Amazing Circular Barbell (17 February 2012)

This product is great and even more amazing is the price. I use it in my septum piercing. Was easier to get in than some other circular barbells I have used. Ordered it a little too big in diameter as I like to be able to flip them up in my nose when needed and 12mm is too big, however it is great for when not at work, I will definitely buy another.

By from Tiverton

Steel Circular Barbell (19 January 2012)

This product is SO shiny! i love the fit of this as well, fits nice and snug on the rim of my ear. and delivery was very quick and efficient :)


My favourite labret piece (18 April 2011)

I love this item! I have this in my labret piercing ^-^ looks awesome. I bought the 8mm, this was a little tight for my lip, but i'm getting used to it now. I bought 5 different products for my labret when I bought this on, and by far, this is the best, so glad I decided to get this!

By Anonymous

Yet another excellent piece of jewellery (08 May 2010)

Fits perfectly, balls were a little hard to get off at first but it's very nice in my septum and i'm really pleased with it.

By Anonymous

cheap and useful (24 January 2010)

These are great value, and they have a nice shimmer to them as well as aposed to some jewellery I've bought which has been quite dull. I bought this in 8mm diameter for my septum but it was a tad too big so I use it for an ear piercing, and it's lightweight, comfortable and cheap.

By Anonymous

Circular barbell (30 November 2009)

This is a straightforward circular barbell that is high quality, versatile and understated. I've used it in my ear piercings and my lip piercing (which is unfortunately no longer with me). The balls are relatively easy to grip and manipulate, and they bite the thread relatively easily.

By Anonymous

Great Value (19 June 2009)

These are great value for money even with shipping included.
At least £2 cheaper than my local piercing place !
Really comfortable and can be used in a variety of piercings.
simple and classic!

By Anonymous

Good (29 May 2009)

Very nice. I might buy this again with a smaller diameter for a tighter fit on the lip.

By Anonymous

Wowie. (17 February 2009)

Hi, i bought 2 of these for my girlfriends snakebite. She couldnt use her ball closure rings because it would irratate her lip. She said that these are really comftable and she hardly knows that their there. She loves them and i have to admit, they do look pretty hot ;)
Anyway, i recomend you buying this product, because your missing out if you don't ;)
peace x

By Anonymous

Steel Circular Barbells - 1.6mm (03 February 2009)

I bought this an alternative to a cbr for my lip piercing. It looks pretty cool. It makes it look like u have a vertical lip piercing rather than a standard one with u wear this jewellery

By Anonymous

barbell (14 January 2009)

love this i am a big fan of barbells.
Deffinately a good buy.

By Anonymous

teel Circular Barbells - 1.6mm (21 December 2008)

great product. works in basically any piercing :D

By Anonymous

lip rings (19 December 2008)

they look good and they are cheap.. nuf said

By Anonymous

Brilliant (03 October 2008)

Got these for the side lip piercings, and they're very nice indeed :)
They fit very nicely, very comfortable when in (and not too heavy either), and best of all they're SHINY :D
I compared the 'shinyness' of these to the labrets I got from the piercer, and surely enough, these stand out a bit more (somehow).

Keep note, they're not so much fiddly as they take a bit of time to get used to putting in. Make sure they're tight enough, and you shouldn't have to keep checking on them.

By Anonymous

Nice =] (12 August 2008)

I have one of these through my nose pircing looks amazing and stands out a mile away so i was really pleased with it =]

thanks BJS =]

By Anonymous

perfect for septum (03 August 2008)

bought this for my lip, ended up in my septum :):):) looks amazing iv kept it in for 6weeks and im bout to buy a blackline one (; MUST HAVE!

By Anonymous

Great (30 July 2008)

Cheap, great and I recommend it. :)

By Anonymous

Lip (10 June 2008)

I love this. It looks great, is easy to put in and is good value for money. The only problem i have with it is the screw in balls. If you dont keep checking them they can unscrew themselfs and fall off without you knowing. It can be quite irritating.

By Anonymous

Absolutely Fantabulous!!! (15 May 2008)

I love this Barbell, i bought it for my septum and it looks great, i also use it in my lip too when i fancy a change haha


By Anonymous

Steel Circular Barbells. (13 May 2008)

Well what can I say about these, they're basically perfect! They fit through any piercing well, looks good in nearly any piercing. I have it through my septum at the moment, looks and feels great (though when you're sleeping my god it tickles!)

The balls are a little fiddley, but that maybe because I have huge hands!

All in all, great product, can be used for anything, and for the price, it's worth it!

By Anonymous

Easy... (16 January 2008)

to use, balls large enough to get a good grip which is often a hassle, but not with these barbells.
A great product and very inexpensive for such great quality.

By Anonymous

Great all-rounder (23 December 2007)

Bought a couple of these for my lip piercing, and they look smart, and are easy to put in and take out. My only quibble is that if I don't screw the balls on as tightly as I can, and check them regularly, I tend to lose them. Take care!

By Anonymous

Great Value And Comfortable (20 October 2007)

I bought a couple of these so I had more things to swap and change in my peircings.
They are great for the money.
They look great and feel comfortable. They are alot more easily removed than a ball closure ring and I think they look better too =)

By Anonymous

cbb (19 October 2007)

Perfect for my septum and nice quality too :)

By Anonymous

all hail circular barbells! (05 September 2006)

i bought this item over a year and a half ago and still have it. i think it looks better than a simple labret and also is a lot more comfortable than a BCR or smooth segment ring. i'd recommend it to anyone.

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