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Nice product (22 March 2013)

I must agree with the other reviews here; great quality, smooth and shiny. I use the 8mm length in my frenum piercing. The large balls is no problem at all. Going for a 6mm(2G) next time. :D


Works well for me (17 September 2010)

I've recently stretched up both my nipple piercings to take this 4 gauge barbell and it went very well. I have the 8mm length installed and the large balls are not a problem as they fit snuggly on each side of the nipple enhancing the overall appearance.

I reckon I should be able to move steadily up to the 8mm version in due course and will certainly be coming back to acquire the larger products.

By Anonymous

Great quality! (27 November 2009)

This barbell is just a steal for the price -- the steel is smooth and shiny, and the internal threading is just about seamless. My only issue is the size of the balls. I wear this in my tongue, and I underestimated how huge the balls they would be, and I can't seem to get over a lisp whenever I leave the top ball on.

However, I've taken to wearing an o-ring on the top, and I'm still in love with this barbell. I think I'm gonna by another one in a larger gauge.

By Anonymous

nice product (20 July 2008)

love this product, only down side is that the balls are pretty hard to get used to when your used to small balls! (haha) but you can always just take the balls off your old bar and shove them on this one, worked fine for me. i'll give it 8/10 for the big balls reason

By Anonymous

Bought for my tongue (08 January 2008)

I purchased one of these for my tounge piercing.

I'ts good quality and the threads stay secure unlike more expensive barbells ive had, the 10mm balls take a bit of getting used to, would be better if it came with a 8mm ball option.

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