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By from Tiverton

Steel Barbell (19 January 2012)

This product is so lightweight but very fiddly to put through my piercing but when it is in it looks very trendy :D

By Anonymous

Plain and simple (10 February 2010)

Comfortable to wear and the best type of bar to wear in freshly pierced ears. I recently pierced my friend's ear (1st lobe) and used one of these bars. It fit well with little snagging and sat comfortably in his ear. It healed up well and the bar was big enough to allow for swelling. These are comfortable in most piercings, particularly ear cartilage. Nice and not too expensive :)

By Anonymous

Delivery (01 February 2010)

Ace Delivery, Ordered it on a Sunday, had it on the Tuesday!

By Anonymous

barbell (14 January 2009)

great can be used in most places.
I use these in lobe because at college were only allowed studs and you cant get a normall butterfly back stud in 1.6.

By Anonymous

Phat! (22 July 2008)

I'm a bit of a geek; I had just finished playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and was somewhat enamoured with Zack Fair. I particularly liked his stud. The studs I had were silly log, so I bought these for my ears. Now I look as cool as him! Maybe...

By Anonymous

Simple but hawt! (07 November 2007)

Am currently sporting a 1.6mm with 5mm balls in my conch and in my opinion, it looks muxh better with 5mm balls as opposed to 4mm balls.

Can buy in loads of lengths for barely anything!

Good for poor people like myself!

By Anonymous

pretty smart (05 October 2007)

this is one nice barbell. it might luck silver. but i think they luck crisp. and have a nice finish to them i have one in my nipple. and there nice.

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