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By Anonymous

Decent (21 January 2012)

I was happy with this buy as it was pretty much what i was expecting. However, the size of the balls were a tad too large for my liking and i was disappointed in the fact only one of the balls screws off so i couldnt change it. Sleek and i would recommend it

By from Pennsylvania, USA

Amazing (05 May 2011)

I absolutely love this banana barbell! I got it for my low auricle piercing (on the side of my ear), and it looks fantastic. And so shiny when it's cleaned :) Thanks BJS!

By Anonymous

fits (02 July 2010)

Perfectly fitting for lip piercings, works great.

By Anonymous

Awsome (08 March 2010)

They look amazing in my eyebrow, and if your looking for something normal to clear up infection these do the job! i like them so much i left them in and they look great!

By Anonymous

Big :) (09 February 2010)

I found the balls quite big since I usually buy micro-bananabells. Anyhow its comfy to wear and looks good in my eyebrow piercing

By Anonymous

Big Balls (08 December 2009)

The balls on this were a lot bigger than I expected! I wear these in my earlobe piercings, and they're very comfortable, they never fall out and are easy to clean, which is what I generally look for in jewellry.

By Anonymous

Well good stuff (22 February 2009)

This was maybe the best thing i brought.
Its clean and stops infection
It lookied brilliant in my ear so i brought another for my navel.

By Anonymous

Lovely! (04 March 2008)

I wanted a simple navel bar cause I hate all the ones with jewels, pictures etc. This looks amazing in my lower navel :D well impressed

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (14 January 2008)

I use these all the time as they look great and are brilliant value.
I find them particularly useful in regards to my pinna and eyebrow piercings, I have them in addition to my other steel jewellery and they look fab!

A good value, awesome looking bananabell =D


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