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By Anonymous

10/10 (01 August 2013)

I've bought multiple BCRs, these are the best, easy to get open and closed, although I do have pliers but you can get them adjusted at any piercing shop. I'd highly recommend this jewellery!


Great rings (22 March 2012)

I bought these for my snakebites, with how cheap they are I didn't think they would be very good but I was suprised at the quality when they came. They took me less than 5 minutes to put in the first time around and now they go in within 10 seconds :) Great BCRs, if you are thinking about getting them go for it!

By from London

Great BCR (17 February 2012)

This ring is great. Good quality, fits well and great price. Would definitely recommend. I use it in my ear and its so comfortable

By Anonymous

Happy face :) (22 May 2010)

Excellent value for money. Would recommend not only the product, but also the site to a friend :)

By Anonymous

I would Definitely Recommend! (29 April 2010)

I brought this product because my original ball got lost, when I received this item only 2days after ordering it! I found that is was exactly the same as my original, no more to say perfect product!

By Anonymous

Noticable =D (04 March 2010)

I use these lip rings for my snake bites as they do actually stand out against my pale skin...Gets everyone asking about them and there a cumfortable fit =D
Cant go wrong with these as they are such a cheap price to! ^_^

By Anonymous

very comfortable. (21 November 2009)

i've got 3 lip piercings and i've got these BCRs in two of them, they're really comfortable, and when you've loosened the ring slightly it's easy to pop the ball in and out.

By Anonymous

Ball Closure Ring (30 October 2009)

High quality, good for the money, fits well. Recommened to all!

By Anonymous

super (14 September 2009)

the kond of jewellery that just cant go wrong.

By Anonymous

Very cheap (22 July 2009)

Very good product for a very low price.

By Anonymous

1.6 X 8mm (03 June 2009)

Always good for lip piercings!

Good hint if you have tiny lips like me, get 8mm! they fit perfectly on my lips :)

Great buy for £1.50!

By Anonymous

brilliant product (09 May 2009)

this is a great ring althouh it took me a while to get the ball off when i got it i reccomend it for lip piercings

By Anonymous

varity (24 April 2009)

these rings were perfect for all my needs they looked great and i didnt realise how well they could go in many piercings

By Anonymous

lovely (30 March 2009)

i had these in my ears for 6 weeks then i moved to a thicker gauge. these are nice quality

They are a timeless classic piece of body jewellery , very simple but still very effective

at 12mm diameter these rings were easy enough to open by hand and were relatively easy to get the ball back into

for anything larger than 1.6mm gauge i would recommend buy ring opening and ring closing pliers. Body jewellery shop sells these under the title piercing tools :)

By Anonymous

. (23 March 2009)

Great price for this classic. It may seem boring with everything else offered but this is one of those which never grows old. I currently have it in my ear, but it can be worn almost everywhere!

By Anonymous

cheap and cheerful (18 February 2009)

Excellent value for money. Ive worn this constantly in my navel for 6months now (well apart from cleaning) and its still shiny, hasn't got loose or tarnished at all. the ends arent sharp they are perfectly smooth, unlike other similarly priced bcrs

By Anonymous

orbital (04 February 2009)

I have this in my orbital and it looks amazing. I would have to say BCRs look great in orbitals. My only problem is i can't put the ball back in if it falls out.

By Anonymous

Great purchase (06 November 2008)

Great value and easy to use BCR :)

By Anonymous

BCR (23 July 2008)

Ideal for those who need a steel BCR with a small price.
great value and very strong.
perfect for the lip!

By Anonymous

Lip Ring (10 June 2008)

It is a good product. It is dead cheap compared to high street piercers but llike all new ball closure rings i find them very difficult to open them.

By Anonymous

Lip (13 May 2008)

These Look Great and are amazing value! These are so expensive in shops a must buy.

By Anonymous

Ball Closure Ring (13 May 2008)

Surgical Steel, Gooood
Ball Closed Rings, Gooood
Great Price, Gooood!

Not much else can be said about these, they fit in nicely into any piercing, ofcourse (more often than not) the ball to put in can be a bit of annoyance, but that basically goes without saying!

By Anonymous

Solid product (15 January 2008)

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to titanium without loss of quality, this is it. I've previously experienced reactions to other metals, but these have been just fine. Nice and understated, and the ball can be changed for other clip in accessories if understated isn't your thing.

By Anonymous

simple (14 November 2007)

classic and simple design, easy to put in and take out when you want. just what i needed. very good product. cheers! :)

By Anonymous

classic (09 November 2007)

classic style, great price and feels great. the balls are a nice size and the ring is comfortable to wear.

By Anonymous

I LOVE THESE! (22 October 2007)

I adore these little things, I have them in four of my piercings and they look fantastic.

They're really rather easy to open once you know how and then you're away! They're really versatile and offer a good look at a really cheap price!
(Perfect for a student like me! =D)

All in all, a good product. A personal favourite of mine.

(Good for putting through tunnels too =P)

By Anonymous

BCRs (19 October 2007)

I got quite a few of these and all my piercings have healed well. The ball was a little tricky to get in first but its become easier as I used them.

By Anonymous

Brilliant. (06 October 2007)

BCR's are the perfect piece of body jewellery. Comfortable, cheap and good looking. I've also used these to find out what size I require for other jewellery as they're so cheap!

By Anonymous

Piercings wouldn't be the same without them (10 June 2006)

Ahh... What can beat the trusty BCR? They're cheap, they look great, and they stay in place. There are so many sizes and materials to choose from as well!

By Anonymous

Aces (28 February 2006)

these things are aces, they go in anything, i'm wearing one in 5 of my 6 piercings, and i ordered a load more for when i get more piercings! these things are aces! i thin k i already said that.........

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