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5mm (14 November 2012)

I put these in after I taped up to 5mm from 4mm. They went in easily and I tightened them with some latex gloves. They were comfy for a week then not so comfy, so I switched them for some single flare eyelets in SS. I'm sure I'll wear these again once my stretches are healed.

Great quality and finish. Perfect wearable length.

By from Denmark

Best tunnels ever (10 October 2012)

Got one of these for my 5mm in the second hole in my earlobes. Looks great even in a small size and doesn't make the hole look tiny like some tunnels do as the steel in this one is really thin.
Great for small ears/lobes as it's really tiny, and it doesn't poke out at the back like most other tunnels do.
Love that it's internally threaded so it's easy to put in without irritating my ear. Definitely have to get some more of these when I'm done stretching my other holes! :)

By from Scotland

Good quality. (29 August 2011)

I have just oredered another pair of these in the next size up, and I must say these have been the best Tunnels to date.
They are easy to insert and the screw in backs stay put.....well worth the money.
I have small lobes so these look just right. I will be ordering these again :0)


Great (20 September 2010)

These have become my new favourites. I have them in 4 gauge for both of my lobes - they look great and are really easy to put in and take out. The internally threaded end stays in well - no chance of losing the end.

By Anonymous

Comfy (12 July 2010)

I slipped these in after stretching my ear to 4g. They fit comfortably and are great value for money.

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