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By from Birmingham

Great Price and Quality (05 January 2017)

I have bought this product quite a few times as they are a great subtle bar to keep in my lobe piercings to stop them from healing over! Great service and they always arrive within a day of ordering. Very pleased.


Great! (27 May 2015)

Fantastic! I'm currently wearing a set in my pierced ears and honestly there are times that I forget I'm wearing them they're so comfortable!

By Anonymous

steel micro labret stud (03 July 2014)

This is a really nice piece of jewellery that arrived the day after paced my order :). I originally bought it to use as a nose stud HOWEVER the ball on the end of it is very chunky looking and doesn't suit small noses. The stud is high quality but very hard to fit to in your nose. Although I haven't been able to use it as originally intended it's a great stud that I will put in my ear as it's very discreet and high quality

By from Serbia

Amazing! (19 April 2012)

I got 1.2mmx6mm one, it is really small and classy, I love it :)

By Anonymous

medusa (07 March 2012)

got this for my medusa at 6mm, perfect for any facial piercin if you have smaller features like me, extremely well priced too

By from Glasgow

Perfect (21 January 2011)

Got these for downsizing my lips from 1.6 and they fit really well and very comfortable. Always handy to have a few spares around too!

By Anonymous

Oooh you stud (19 December 2010)

i got this in 8mm for my newly healed Monroe piercing. I tried many studs but i have a small face & every other stud i tried looked like a giant spot on my face, it was rather distracting.
Altough i wish i could have got one slightly smaller, stud wise this is about as small as you will find. Very attractive , well made & oh my what great value for money. very pleased.

By from Pennsylvania, USA

Love it! (09 October 2010)

I got one 1.2mm x 10mm and I love it... It fits quite nicely in my lobe piercing making it noticeable enough to see, but not especially eye-catching. Great if you just want something nice for everyday use or for a special occasion to look clean but not overly dressed up :) Very fast shipping too!!

By from London

Permanent (28 August 2010)

I wear these permanently in my lobes and they're great! :D

By Anonymous

excellent! (20 June 2010)

i've found it very difficult to find a labret stud to fit me, but this 9mm stud fits perfect and looks great.

By Anonymous

Steel Micro Labret Stud (26 April 2010)

This is perfect for my tragus. The ball is just the right size and this is the only website I found where you can chose different stem lengths, they are normally 8mm, which is too long for me. Really cheap too.

By Anonymous

Good Value! (04 March 2010)

Iv bought two of these for my snakes bites and there the cheapest ones i can find anywhere!
Cumfy fit and easy to use =D

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