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By Anonymous

Dont be put off! (18 October 2009)

Dont be fooled by the picture the colours are soo much brighter! I have all the colours they are amazing for clubbing and last forever!

By Anonymous

neonnnned! (20 November 2008)

absolutely amazingly bright! great for clubbing, lasts for ages but is easy to wash off. have tried the pink, yellow and orange and they are all better than expected! don't need much and for what it is the price is immense!

By Anonymous

Neon Paint yeoo (06 April 2008)

I ordered the orange in this paint.

Tried it out on saturday to see how bright it was, but rubbed it a good bit.
So i was chuffed when i went out to a techno night later in the evening, and raging i'd forgotten my glowsticks, the paint was still glowing on my arm.

Obviously lasts the distance, and for only 1.50.
Couldn't get any better than that.

By Anonymous

Great stuff. (15 December 2007)

This is amazing. Its really really brightly coloured, and they really glow alot when exposed to a UV light, the orange one being the brightest. Best applied with a small brush though.

You can use these as eyeshadows, they're really good for that, and get you noticed.

By Anonymous

BUY IT!!!! (18 November 2007)

this stuff is amazing. i went to the ikon once and i used it as eyeshadow and then i painted my name on my back and everyone was coming up to me asking were i got it from, so i will definantly buy this product again.

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