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By from Nottingham

Just plain awesome (23 January 2014)

These are brilliant tunnels and they might seem a tad expensive compared to the crap you find on ebay for £1 or £2 but these are definitely worth the money. These are a little shorter than stated but they fit perfectly. I will be buying more of these when I stretch up from 14mm to whatever size I decide to stop at


comfy, not bad. (18 June 2013)

im at 3.2. comfy, go in easy, look good. O ring feels a bit loose to me, and dont buy the 3.2 mm o rings from here as spares, try a size below, as it was far bigger than even the rings on my 4mm tapers.

good product, only time will tell how secure that o ring is.


5mm Single flared eyelet (16 August 2012)

Wow! This is the fifth product ive bought from the Body Jewllery Shop and I never cease to be amazed! top quality product and looks awesome even at teh small size i'm at! amazing!! also, it comes next day!!!

By from Edinburgh

Almost perfect (26 July 2012)

Best tunnels on the market, just wish you done them in a shorter length. These are 11mm long and I need 6/7mm max.

Otherwise, brilliant.

By from Kent

Outstanding (11 July 2012)

I got this in a 4mm and I am so happy with it! It fits so comfortably in my ear, there's no weight in it and the material is really high grade so there's no irritation in my sensitive lobe. The O ring is a little too big but it's cheap enough to get a smaller one. You cannot go wrong with this!

By Anonymous

Can't complain at all (03 December 2011)

Popped this in today after stretching to 16mm a couple of days ago and it went in with ease. Looks great and is incredibly light and comfortable. I like that there is a little indent at the back to stop the O-ring falling off!

Will definitely be buying one of these for my other lobe when it gets there - or possibly a double flared instead, we shall see ;)

By from Scotland

Nice! (21 November 2011)

These tunnels arrived next day... Cleaned them up and popped them in. Easy to insert, lovely and light, also make the hole look bigger and great to sleep in.
The only reason why I have slightly marked them down, is because I've got thickish lobes and the wearing space is a little tight, so these won't be the pair i'll be wearing most of the time :0( but good all the same.

By Anonymous

Must have for everyone (26 October 2011)

I have these in 5mm, 6, 8, and 10mm and they are pretty darn perfect, o rings don't come off, looks cool. Just a good all rounder

By Anonymous

So Fabulous! (01 August 2011)

Comfy and stylish like everyone says, but the best part is the tunnels have a notch on the back to keep the o-rings in place... that alone makes these worthwhile :)

By from UK

Absolutely brilliant! (03 July 2011)

I used these between stretches at 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. I'm going to keep using them til I retire my stretches. They're comfortable, look great with anything, easy to put it and take out, great for sleeping.. Definitely the best pieces of jewelry I've ever brought!

By from England

Amazing. (20 April 2011)

I have these in a 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, I bought some for every size and I think they're amazing, light, easy to put in and take out, comfortable, easy for sleeping in. Perfect.

By from Michigan, USA

Great for stretching! (10 February 2011)

I used these to go from 8mm (0g) to 10mm (00g). The flat backs make them easy to get in and they are great for an early stretch of any size! They look awesome and will help you get a nice, healthy stretch. The steel is thin and the flare is big making your stretch appear at least a step larger!

By from Canada

Good and bad. (21 January 2011)

Alright, I used these to stretch my lobes from 2 to 0. I also purchased the Steel Tapered Insertion Pin to stretch then put these babies in. Either I miscalculated or maybe these aren't the best option when you're using these for stretching. The circumference of these were identical with the tapered pin. So After several tries of throbbing earlobe; I just decided to use a little bit of scotch tape to secure the Eyelets then it went smoothly. I would give these 10 stars only if it fit exactly or maybe the tapered pins were too small? I'm not sure but these look great and I can't wait till I can stretch again to my goal of 00!!! Cheers!

By from scunthorpe

just the job (06 January 2011)

iv been using these to stretch my septum up to 10mm still at 9mm at the moment there great and easy to put in and get out again i recomend them for anyone looking to stretch up any hole

By from England

Classic! (19 December 2010)

I bought these when I had my ear at 8mm. I have since let my ear go back down to 2mm but when it was stretched this was my favorite tunnel. Gives the double flared look (from the front) but without the trouble getting them in and out.

By from London

The perfect tunnel. (05 November 2010)

In my opinion, These are the perfect tunnels for any stretched ear, they maximize the size of the stretch due to the Flared edge, they are light, durable, easy to put in and take out, easy to clean, and great for sleeping in.

By from London

Brilliant (21 August 2010)

In my opinion the perfect jewellery for a stretched ear, simple and it just looks awesome. Still one of mine, if not my favourite plug for my ears.

By from Nottingham

Great for stretching (19 July 2010)

I brought one of these around a year ago when I was re stretching from 8mm to 10mm i did just push these in as they are flat at the back without a problem! However this is not recommended, I did tug on my ear for like a week before hand though and if you are going to dead it in the shower =P

By Anonymous

Tunnel vision (23 June 2010)

These are my everyday tunnels. They look so smart and make the holes look large for the size. Good value for money . I do find i lose the O rings quite easy but i have plenty of spares around. Very durable also

By Anonymous

Style (06 June 2010)

I'm so glad I got these, they're easy to get in and out, and they make your piercing look very sleek. Buying with the body jewellery shop is always so easy and reliable. :)

By Anonymous

Perfect (02 June 2010)

Real good tunnels, theyre easy to get in, light, thin and really show off your stretch. They also have a little ridge in the back for the oring to sit in. 100% reccomend these.

By Anonymous

Perfect (18 March 2010)

This tunnel is just as good as everyone says.

It is light, makes your stretch look way bigger than it is (i bought a 6mm and it looked 8mm).

Definately recommended to anyone thinking of buying.

By Anonymous

very good (10 March 2010)

i used to have one of these at 8mm, i have recently stretched up to 10mm but i will be getting these in my ears when i'm at 28mm, cos they're really good and they just look brilliant! if your as clumsy as me, i'd recomend getting spare o-rings just in case, but i lost mine after a week and i had it months after that without one. it fell out occasionally in the night though.

By Anonymous

Love it (08 March 2010)

These tunnels make your ear look bigger than what it is which is awesome. Really easy to put in and change. :)

By Anonymous

Nice (02 March 2010)

I had these tunnels in alot of sizes, they're so nice and makes your stretch look huge!

By Anonymous

Awsome (23 February 2010)

These are really light in your ear. Its almost as there not there. They also make your stretch look so much bigger than it is. Great buy!!!

By Anonymous

Awesome! (19 February 2010)

I bought one of these beasts at 20mm, made my ear look 25mm!

Also, my ear had a little blow out, so I put this in backwards and it seemed to fix my ear, so it's twice as good ( :

A definite purchase, very comfortable to wear, and just generally awesome!

By Anonymous

great (16 February 2010)

these are great, so light and comfortable to wear, i only have an 8mm stretch but they make the stretch look twice the size. i had very slight irritation with one ear on an unhealed stretch but this is personal to me and i would still reccommend to anyone....

By Anonymous

excellent (12 February 2010)

these single flared eyelets are excellent. I got them in 16,18 and 20 mm and they are very light weight and comfortable and look sick i would recommend them to anyone.

By Anonymous

awesome (05 February 2010)

awesome product, light, comfy and very easy to put in. as a bonus they also make the stretch look alot bigger

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