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One of my favs! (08 October 2012)

I got bought this as a present after I pointed it out to my brother and it's so nice! Had many compliments from friends asking me where I got it from and I wear it in my upper piercing:) It's not too tight but secure and screws on easily without being too fiddily!


Awesome :3 (23 September 2011)

I got these for my second lobe piercing, and wow, they look amazing! :D They're the perfect size for my ear, too. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry :3


Love it! (13 April 2011)

At first this was a bit tight in my helix but after a day or two it was perfect. It's not too big, fits great and is so cute! I want to buy another to wear in my lobes too.

By from Kent

Perfect (02 January 2011)

I bought two of these. Another great quality product. Perfect size (I'm wearing them in my lobes) Ball screws on tight and hasn't come undone. Excellent value too.

By Anonymous

I <3 this piece! (26 June 2010)

I just love my little star, I wear it in my helix and it fit perfectly! I get quite a lot of compliments for it. The ball is loose and I never have any troubles with screwing it back on.

By Anonymous

Cool (25 May 2010)

Wow this is so teeny tiny and dinky it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! The ball is the bit that screws on and the star stays put, it's a wee buit fiddly as the ball is weeny small but it's fine once you get it on the thread, might need a hand to do it tho!

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