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By from London

Lovely! (01 January 2015)

I received this the other day and put it in my helix (pinna) piercing. It's so delicate and pretty, really like it and it's so comfortable. Absolutely no problems putting it in and fastening it. Makes a great alternative to the ring I usually wear in my ear. It's bigger than I thought it would be which is great -- it means that although it's delicate, it definitely gets noticed!

By from Wales

Feather Tragus (27 February 2014)

Looks fab and feather is a lovely fit on the tragus but...
With the ball being on the back of the bar, took two of us to screw on and 30+ attempts in an hour. Also couldn't use original ball and used my own and bar just about fits but very with how it looks, very pretty.

By from swindon

So pretty! and solution! (14 September 2013)

Although it's quite a short bar which just gets through my tragus which is permanently swollen, I love this earring! I have a thing for feathers and this earring is perfect for me.
I had a problem screwing on the ball and in all the struggle I lost the ball, but I have a few spare ones. I decided to use a pointed screw which was much easier to screw on (I managed to do it on my second try!)
Overall, lovely nice looking earring but patience is needed to get it on.

By from doncaster

feather (22 August 2013)

Love it love it love it.
its jusy what i qas looking for. Its not too big or too small its just the right size. It sits perfectly. The only thong is it was abit twicky to fasten. It took both my husband and daughter to do it for me.

By from UK

Looooove!!! (11 October 2012)

Got this for my third lobe piercing (see pic) when I had it pierced it nicked the cartiledge, so I only wear a titanium barbell in it. I really fancied something more unusual so gave this a go as stainless steel should be ok.

Had help screwing the ball on but no harder than any other ball. The size is great, not too big and it feels more like a 6mm than an 8mm but I prefer 6 anyway.

I'm really chuffed with it and think it will be in my ear for a long time. I'd recommend it as I was a bit unsure but love it!!

By from connecticut

Cute! (14 June 2012)

I had been searching for a feather for my tragus for a long time and I love it!! I had major difficulty getting the ball screwed on and went to a piercing boutique to have them put it in for me. She said I'd have to check to make sure it doesn't come unscrewed, but it is so small it is very hard to even get my fingers onto it when in my ear. Love the look but like others said the stud length is quite short, may need help to put it in.

By from Gloucestershire

feather tragus piercing <3 (07 April 2012)

first of all, this looks LOVELY on the ear. I've worn it on my tragus and also in my lobe piercings, and it looks reaaly nice.
I think it's just the right size for a tragus piercing, maybe a tad small on the lobe (my lobes are kinda big, not massive so I usually put it on my highest lobe percing where there's less skin:)
HOWEVER, due to the piercing stud length being quite short for a tragus piercing, in comparison to my first tragus stud (labret) that I got when it was pierced, this makes it extremely difficult to screw on the ball twist, as it was surprisingly small (again, smaller than my previous labret backing). I had to get my sister to help and she twisted it on with some small tweezers.
The silver is really bright, not a dull cheap looking silvery colour. It looks great in my tragus and is a unique one to have!
If it's for your tragus, I would recommend buying it (especially for the great price!) but have someone at hand with some tweezers to help you get the piercing secured, unless you're already a pro when it comes to putting in your tragus piercings :)

By Anonymous

Amazing lobe studs (11 November 2011)

Bought one of these to wear in my right ear lobe piercing, it's beautiful and fits really well. If you're unsure about buying, do! Because you wont be disappointed :)

By Anonymous

I Love It! (20 October 2011)

This Is My Favourite Piece From This Site By Far<3

By from Lincs

Excellent! (06 September 2011)

I love this bar! Very very easy to guide in if you're new to swapping body jewellery, and looks great. It also doesn't irritate my ear. Cute. Would recommend.
Shame it doesn't come in more sizes for people with bigger/ smaller ears or gauges to share the love.

By Anonymous

Beautiful (07 June 2011)

i wear this in my top ear :) it is very fiddly to put in though and a bit small but i managed to fit it in :) it is a bit small but still noticeable and is very pretty and it has a different unique look :D

By Anonymous

I love it! (09 February 2011)

This is such a gorgeous earring! I got so many comments on it. I wear it in my tragus, it's a bit short for it (maybe my cartilidge is thicker i don't know) so i had to get somebody to put it in for me. It's so flattering, and it's different!

By Anonymous

:D (05 January 2011)

I love this, it's a lot more different then anything I've had before. I wear it in my helix, so the feather curves round with my ear (: Very flattering.

By Anonymous

Very Cute (29 October 2010)

i wear it in my tragus, bit fiddly to get the back on but still looks real nice.

By Anonymous

A must if you want to Stand out (04 April 2010)

I bought this earring and I wear it in my lobe, it looks amazing in, and ive had no problems with it, its also really comfortable to sleep in which is a plus!

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