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By from N.ireland

Wow (28 March 2019)

Now i really wanted this for my conch piercing (photo)... its soooo adorable, stands out alot im really happy with it :)


Cute (02 March 2016)

First off, let me just say, this is super freaking cute. But it is soooo hard to get the ball on if you use it as a tragus. I gave up in trying myself and had to get my sister to help. It took time, but tragus got a bit angry, but I finally got it in and it looks amazing.

By from Belgium

Perfect (29 May 2015)

It's beautiful, I use it as a helix piercing, it's exactly like the description says! The only thing is that it kinda hurt when you sleep on it but otherwise I just love it. It arrived just on time.

By from kent

cute (15 April 2015)

Looks nice, bought the right to make a pair. Would definitely recommend this.

By from Northamptonshire

Excellent (13 February 2015)

I'm so pleased with this piece of jewellery! Some people said that the bar was very small but it fits perfectly in my ear. It was easy to get in and it looks great! I recommended this to everyone! (I wear it I'm my tragus) also the shipping was super fast, I ordered Wednesday night and received it Friday morning.

By from London

Great product (21 January 2015)

Lovely ear ring and I found it easy to put it. Worth the price!

By from Maidenhead

Brilliant (15 January 2015)

I'm really pleased with this feather tragus bar, it's a perfect size and fit, and it looks great - I was also pleased to see it comes in left and right so the feather curves the right way! It arrived incredibly quickly so I was very happy with the service too. It was a little difficult to do up, which I anticipated as you have to screw on the ball inside your ear - I found it easiest to hold the ball in place and turn the feather as it's much easier to hold on to!

By from newcastle

tragus feather (24 May 2014)

absolutely love this, it looks so nice in! I couldnt get the silver ball on the back though, even with assistance! ive just used one of my own backs though and it still looks lovely :)

By from Brazil

my favorite (21 February 2014)

I bought 4 piercing and by far this one is my favorite! Really really gorgeous! Very delicate and it's beautiful in tragus, easy to use it.


Really comfortable! (06 August 2013)

Quite tricky to screw the ball on once it's in your tragus cause it's so small and the post isn't very long but if I can do it then anyone can! So comfortable :)

By from revere

Gorgeous but... (30 July 2012)

I love it, it's very beautiful! The feather doesn't actually screw off though... I wish it did.


soo cute :3 (22 June 2012)

I just got mine today and I love it!! I found it easier to screw off the feather instead of screwing off the ball to put it on..I also changed the backing to a labret stud so I can wear headphones x] Definitely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!

By from ipswich

silver & steel lobe/tragus bar left feather (16 February 2012)

absolutely loved this - looks perfect in my tragus well worth spending the time getting it in and done up (a little tricky)!! Got one for my right tragus as loved it soo much.

By from Carlisle

Tricky but pretty (25 December 2011)

This wee feather is beautiful, only problem was I couldn't get it in my tragus. Because the ball screws on, it's really hard to get your fingers in your ear to do it. But I might just have big fingers. It looks great on the outer edge of my ear instead though, very delicate looking and the bar length is fine for both tragus and rim.

By from Derbyshire

Fab feather (03 November 2011)

Fab feather earring, looks great in my helix piercing, and super speedy delivery too.

By from USA

Perfect (28 July 2011)

Anyone who orders for a tragus or cartilage piercing should know that the piercing would be tiny, it didn't surprise me at all. It's so adorable and tiny. I can't wait to put it in my tragus [:

By from Rockford

Almost Perfect! (22 July 2011)

Absolutely beautiful, but the bar is a little short for my piercing. Looks awesome!

By from Milton Keynes

Feather (12 July 2011)

Very speedy delivery and nice and cheap!
Difficult to get into tragus but looks really cool once in.
Doesn't matter which ear you wear it in - I'm wearing in my right tragus :)

By from Birmingham

Silver Feather (12 June 2011)

Really delicate and pretty, looks great in tragus, bit fiddly to put in though, fast delivery as well, very happy :)


Feather (08 April 2011)

Smaller than i expected but really cute and looks awesome!

By Anonymous

cute (14 January 2011)

(The feather's around 1cm long, just in case there's any confusion.)

I don't know what it is about this stud, but it works really well. Even when it's in the "wrong" tragus, it looks good. Very cool.

By Anonymous

Feather! (29 April 2010)

This is smaller than I expected for a 'Large' feather, but the finish/quality is excellent. Highly recommend.

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