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By from Tennessee

AMAZING (06 October 2018)

This is such a good product especially for the price. I love my piercings so much. And I just want to buy more

By Anonymous

Very pretty and detailed. (14 March 2016)

This is a very pretty product - as many of the other reviews have said its very detailed for the size of it, and is definitely something to catch your eye!

By from Canberra, Australia

Amazing (08 March 2014)

So I got this last year and wore it in my lip once but it kinda annoyed me so I took it out and never thought about it until my forward helix swallowed my labret top and got mega annoyed I decided to put this in and looks amazing and it is so comfortable.


Very Cool! (31 March 2012)

This barbell looks very cool in my lip peircing or in my ear, I get compliments on it all the time! the detail on the dragon head is amazing for the size of it! Highly recomend purchasing this if you want to look badass :)

By from Canada

A Must Have (10 December 2011)

So i ordered this a little less than 2 weeks ago. The shipping time was actually very good considering it has to come from the UK and, canada post has been having issues. To say the least, ive been extremely pumped to get this in my skin! I also bought another item, making it free shipping, and in my currency this earring was less than 5 bucks! Being surgical steel.. THATS A GREAT PRICE. Not to mention the extremely fine, and well done detail that it has! This is a must have, whether you wear it or not. Keep it in your collection of earrings even just to show off to people because this is badass. Again, the detail, is brilliant. And for the price, how can you say no! Out of 10.. hmm 20!

By from New Zealand

Awesome (27 November 2011)

The detail on this was much better than I expected, it looks really amazing! For where I live this is so cheap for what it is and I couldn't find a circular barbell around here with anything other than balls or spikes so as soon as I saw this dragon head I had to have it!

Excellent buy!

By from Sweden

Amazing (24 November 2011)

Got one earleir this year for my lip and it looks amazing. Made an order last week for a another one since I decided to get snakebites :)
Can't wait for it to heal so I can use it!

What's better than one dragon? TWO!

By from Rock

Amazing (22 July 2011)

Really low price, fits perfectly, and looks fantastic :)


Unique (07 July 2011)

Not your generic, run-off-the-mill body jewellery. This is a little piece of luxury. A little bit of art to wear on your tragus, helix, lobe, conch or rook. I personally like it in my forward helix when I get tired of wearing a full bar in my scaffold. I do on one hand, wish that the dragon head was a little bigger, would be more noticable (please BJS, bring more larger motifs). The size however makes that detail all the more impressive and I've had a few comments on how cool it is when friends have looked close.

By from Liverpool

Perfect. (20 March 2011)

These are perfect, bought 2 for Snakebites, and because I tend to play with lip rings a lot, they break, these are sturdy, fit perfectly while having a pretty awesome look, definitely recommend these for people who're looking for something a bit 'Different' :D

By from Canada

Fantastic buy. (23 February 2011)

This ring is absolutely fantastic. I'd always been skeptical about piercing my labret but just seeing this ring, I went out and got it done ASAP. It shipped in great time (I live in Canada) and looks EVEN BETTER in my lip than I thought it would.

Overall amazing ring; great buy, EXCEPTIONAL price (I still can't believe I got it for so cheap!), and incredible quality to boot. I've had no problems.

Highly recommended.


Here be dragons! (13 October 2010)

Wow, I love this so much. It looks absolutely fantastic in my rook - Not too flashy but really gets a lot of comments when people notice what it is! The perfect ring for my favorite piercing. A little edgy in an understated elegant way.

By Anonymous

Epic! (16 August 2010)

These are amazing. Bought two for my sankebites and thought they would be too manly. However when they arrived, they looked amazing. I'm very impressed and would recommend these to any woman or man considering buying these.

By Anonymous

xD (26 February 2010)

This looks sooo cool in !!!

but only thing is i bought a really small size and need a new one :(

By Anonymous

wow (07 January 2010)

i love the style of this i think it looks awesome!!

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