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By Anonymous

silicone eyelets (30 June 2010)

I've got these in 4mm for my top stretches and 12mm for my bottom ones. These are incredibly comfortable to wear and i really love how they make my 12mm stretches look a lot bigger. The only problem I've had however is that when I sleep with the 12mm ones in they have a tendency to come out and I ended up losing one temporarily. I haven't had this with the smaller gauge however and I would certainly recommend them to anyone. I would add that if you want silicone tunnels to wear under motorbike/riding helmets you may want to go for the thicker tunnels as they do stay in better for these types of activities.

By Anonymous

Excellent product! (29 June 2010)

These are just great! At 25mm it's hard to find something light, but these babies are ideal! they're so comfy, and the silicone stops the hole from smelling! I really really recommend these as an everyday tunnel. Get some flashier steel ones for when you wanna show off though!

By Anonymous

Love 'em (29 June 2010)

I love, love, love these! They're so comfy and easy to put in. Also they don't smell like others can. Definitely my fav :)

By Anonymous

Very good (17 June 2010)

Good quality eyelet, will suit it's purpose well.

By Anonymous

Very comfortable. (12 June 2010)

I've tried out glass ones and titanium ones but these are by far the most comfortable ones I have wore. Also look nice and smart also.

By Anonymous

:3 (03 June 2010)

By far my favourite thing I've bought piercing-wise. I got a couple of sets to wear between stretches, and found them very comfortable and easy to use, especially seeing as I was a total n00b when it came to such things. Also found them helpful when going from 8mm to 10mm, just swapping to the next size up and popping them into shape gave a gentle and easy stretch.

By Anonymous

I love them so. (25 May 2010)

I had these back when I was at 10mm, now I got some more at 13mm and one in 6mm for my upper lobe piercing. Now I love them even more! The 13mm's are beautiful, the holes do look even bigger than I expected xD
I'm sensitive to metals, acrylic as my lobes need to breathe, and these help them a lot. You will not go wrong. And BJS has the quickest delivery I have encountered, I was pleasantly surprised. <3

By Anonymous

Great for stretches (20 May 2010)

These are an all-around brilliant item: I'm quite sensitive to metals, so I usually have to buy titanium jewellery or wear glass, both of which are heavier and more expensive. These are cheap, attractive and extremely comfortable. My lobes (8mm) were getting a bit sore from the pressure of being slept on but once I put in one of these beauts I didn't have that problem anymore. They also don't get cold like glass/metal, so good for winter wear. Definitely going to make sure I have a pair of these for my lobes from now on. :)

By Anonymous

:o (14 May 2010)

I actually had a little trouble getting this in, as i bought a 16 to go in my 14mm. However it was only because it wouldnt pop back out in my ear, which it did with a little help and was painless and i fell in love. Think i'll be buying some of these for my 6mm's soon!!!

By Anonymous

:D (10 May 2010)

im currently trying to stretch my ear further and this tunnel made it really easy. After a week or two of having a taper in i could remove it and keep this in with out having to take it out in my sleep. They are extra comfortable, dont itch or create gunk and make the piercing look bigger because its so skinny

By Anonymous

Easy! (10 May 2010)

Such an easy way to stretch your piercings! Got mine today, 5mm. Had my ears stretched to 4mm previously. Folded the eyelets in two and pushed them through - opened like a charm. No pain!

Looks good, too :)

By Anonymous

Fantastic (02 May 2010)

These are without a doubt an essential! The most comfortable jewellery you could ever hope for, hygenic and "magical" at making more subtle stretches (i have 6mm) look much bigger! Having worn these for over 6 months i couldnt be without them.

By Anonymous

Perfect (30 April 2010)

I got these in 19mm, and they are pretty much awesome! When I got them I thought they wont keep my stretch open, because they are so soft, but they do, and they are super comfortable! Def worth buying!

By Anonymous

Great! (08 April 2010)

Bought a pair of these a while ago in 2g/6mm size. As the other reviews already said, it makes your piercing look quite bigger than it is, i would say a size or two bigger. Very friendly with the ear, very comfy, really easy to get them in, flexible, with that stylish black some of us look for. Excellent buy overall, looking forward on buying these on bigger sizes!

By Anonymous

Love them! (28 March 2010)

I've bought these tunnels in all sizes as I've stretched my ears and they are really comfortable, especially for sleeping in. I have had a bit of an allergic reaction from other materials like surgical steel and buffalo but I have never had a problem with the Kaos Silicone. They look really cool too. 100% recommended!

By Anonymous

sick (05 February 2010)

i have all the kaos range in all the colours and most sizes 8mm all the way to 20mm and there great light and awesome!

By Anonymous

Love it! (03 February 2010)

super easy to get in as they can fold, i put a 13mm one in when my ear was just 10mm and it fit perfectly. also it makes the hole look much bigger than it is. much recommended for all sizes. a little bit expensive but worth it. However not one to wear in front of your parents/ grandparents, very noticable!!


By Anonymous

Grreat (02 February 2010)

Got these in 13mm, they make my ears look around 15, they're great. The previous review said they don't stand out - don't worry, they do. I have short brown hair and these are very noticeable.

By Anonymous

Disappointing Eyelet (23 January 2010)

I had a pair of these in white and those quickly became my favourite tunnels in the world! Then naturally I brought some of these as well.
However, yeah they do the same thing, light comfy, easly to put in, could make your ears look a size bigger, but the black makes everything really dark especially as they are so thin and flush to the skin. So (as I have dark hair) they disappointingly make my ears less noticeable. And they were dear at £5 each!
No, I don't go for these if I want to show off my ears. The bright white ones are a billion-zillion times better!..

By Anonymous

kaos (22 January 2010)

Really can't get enough of these!
They make your stretch look bigger than it actually is, incredibly comfy and light. You don't even notice it's in! Extremely easy to put in as you just squidge it, and becomes a great little play thing for when you get bored :)

By Anonymous

Skin Eyelet (08 December 2009)

I bought these in 4mm (6 gauge). I struggled to get them in at first but my stretches weren't fully healed. I decided to leave them to heal a bit longer before trying again.

I wasn't optimistic. But I tried again and with a little effort I got them in - I think this will become easier when I get the knack for it.

Now they are in I love them! They are light and comfortable, and make my stretches look bigger. I think will have to get some in pink too!

By Anonymous

love it!! (08 December 2009)

this has got to be my favourite tunnel, it makes my stretch look bigger than it is and i can barely feel it. the only problem ive had with it so far is when i wear it at night and it falls out but its so easy to just stick back in :)

By Anonymous

Comfy (09 November 2009)

The comfiest tunnels I have, I've got clear ones too. Feels like you have nothing in your ears, they don't fall out while you're asleep and they make your stretch look a size bigger.

By Anonymous

Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelet (02 November 2009)

Very comfortable - hardly notice them and they stay in quite well. Also make your guage appear larger because they are very thin.

By Anonymous

Best tunnels on the market? (23 October 2009)

These tunnels are great. Okay so they're a little more expensive than the other silicone ones, but they're worth it...

These are so thin, so much lighter, so much easier to push in and pull out. Because they're so thin they make the stretch look loads bigger than the cheap silicone ones.

They don't smell when you take them out either.

I really cannot recommend a set of tunnels that beat these.

By Anonymous

Magic. (20 October 2009)

I purchased these in 10mm. I wear them everyday, sometimes I won't even bother putting some prettier plugs because they are so great. Very soft, but firm enough! Also makes a great thing to squish around :D
And before, I had a problem with stinky and itchy lobes, but these cleared it all up (:
The only problem is, I don't want to wear anything else now ;/
Must have.

By Anonymous

Lovely (27 September 2009)

As they're silicone, they're so easy to get in, and they look great in and feel comfortable. Def my favourite for stretched lobes.

By Anonymous

It's true! (17 September 2009)

I saw someone in here wrote that these Silicone tunnels would make your stretch look 1-2 sizes bigger than they really are, but I just thought "yeah right". Ordered them anyway though because I needed a pair, and they really LOOK 1 or 2 sizes bigger! ^^ They are really nice :) And really easy to put in

By Anonymous

Really can't get better. (03 September 2009)

Like for real; Kaos silicone tunnels are just incredible!
They don't make your ears smell, they make your stretch look at least a size bigger than they actually are, they're so light you can't even feel them, they make your stretch stand out (especially the pink one I've bought previously), OHHH! And they're sooo mega easy to get in.

10000000 stars!
Absolutely the best thing to buy.

By Anonymous

The best there is ! (22 June 2009)

These eyelets are perfect. I was so fed up with the smell and funk from metal tunnels, when my friend suggested to try out silicone tunnels. I browsed BJS and decided for these eyelets. And was I suprised: they were so easy to insert and felt like I had nothing on my lobes. They never stink or gain any funk, even though I have them on 24/7. I even went for a 5 day hike and had them on all the time without a wash, no smell, no funk, no nothing. Just perfect. After wearing these little babies for 3 weeks I tried on my old metal jewellery and they felt heavy as hell and no good at all.
Only bad thing about these, is that they are so easy to insert, that it's easy to tear your lobes with these. I just received pair of 10mm eyelets and tried them on my 8mm lobes; they went in pretty smoothly. But knowing that they will eventually tear the lobes, I took them off and started taping.
Oh yeah, and one good thing about these bad asses is, that they make your lobes look bigger, as the material is so thin that it enhances the size of the hole :)

I would recommend these to anyone, but especially for those who've had enough with the smelly metal/acrylic jewellery.

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