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By from London

Love them (26 October 2018)

These are the only things I wear in my ears these days. I love them. They're thin and light-weight, they never have a rubbery smell, they're durable and never fall out (for the exception of at night, I just keep them by my bed with coconut oil to put back on in the AM.) They're perfect, couldn't recommend them high enough.

By from Scotland

GOOD (27 September 2015)

Bought two black 4mm Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelets and id say they're comfortable. Problem is, they can be a bit fiddly to insert them in my ear lobes after cleaning my ears. But id recommend them. I would give it 10 stars if they werent so fiddly (like folding them in half just to get them in your ear lobe holes)

By from UK

Perfect (11 February 2015)

These are amazing. I wear nothing else in my ears now apart from these skins. Comfortable as sin. Highly recommended.

By from Canada

I love these (25 January 2014)

I have purchased many pairs of these over the years. My last purchase was a set of 22mm. They are so comfortable to wear and sleep in. I highly suggest these skin eyelets.

Note they are also cheaper here than on Kaos's website.


Ideal for smaller stretches (11 June 2013)

Great for smaller stretches. Especially of you need to remove your plug, I.e: for work and the tunnel shrinks throughout the day as this plug folds unlike others is easy to pop back in.

Does occasionally get pushed out whilst sleeping however but otherwise comfortable and unnoticeable whilst sleeping.
Had mine for about two years before I lost it swimming, anxiously waiting a restock.

By from UK

Affordable, comfortable, and good looking! I love kaos skins!!! (07 August 2012)

I love the way these lo0k. They are my favorite eyelets to wear, and they are very easy to insert.
Go0d quality, super comfortable product.
These are pretty much the only tunnels/plugs I wear, apart from when I'm stretching up. I always have problems with O rings rubbing on my ear and making it red and sore, these I have zero trouble with.
AND no smell, ever.
Would defo recommend.


Great (31 July 2012)

Bought a pair of these in 14mm, super easy to squash and drop in, different to any other silicone tunnels i've tried. Make your size look bigger cause they are so thin but stay in perfectly. Only downside, mine do fall out when i sleep- still well worth every penny though.

By from Canada

Amazing. <3 (26 June 2012)

These are so comfortable and easy to put it. They make your stretching look bigger than it is. You can't tell you're even wearing them. (:


Nice (19 June 2012)

These are so comfortable and they make your stretch look bigger.


Great (02 March 2012)

Love these, they're so comfy and do really make your stretchings look bigger. Fast delivery as always. Ordering more colours now :)


Deadly (10 January 2012)

I previously had the Green Kaos UV silicone eyelets but decided to get these also, as judging from the photos they look similar to blackline tunnels!
When they arrived I put them in and they do look deceivingly like blackline tunnels for a fraction of the price...all my friends have said "you must have spent a fortune on four blackline titanium tunnels" and were shocked when I revealed they are in fact silicone! A fantastic product for the price, very comfortable and easy to use even in sizes down as far as 3.2mm (I wear an 8mm and a 3.2mm in both ears) .


Very good (04 January 2012)

Really good value, so comfortable, make stretchings look way bigger, no smell, my favourite tunnels!

By from Denmark

Simply the best! (11 September 2011)

So petty, simply, and so comfy.
-I never think about my ears anymore, only problem is that i got so used to the silicone skin, that all my other jewellery feels bad now :-D

By from Lincs

Great Tunnels (23 July 2011)

brought these in 12mm and they are so comfy, you do not notice your wearing them they are so light. plus they are easy to get in and they dont make your ears smell and be as gunky as plastic tunnels do. great product. highly recommend

By from north london

good.. (16 June 2011)

i just got this product today, which i was pleased with because i ordered it tuesday night and today's thursday... other jewellery shops i've ordered my tunnels off have taken about 4 days so i was pretty chuffed. Silicone is definitely a much easier choice... i previously have a metal/silver one and taking it off and putting it on hurt a bit, since ive just got this today i can't comment on the smell or anything but it seems to be going well so far and ive had many compliments on it... :D

By from london

easily the best (06 May 2011)

These beat the cheaper silicone tunnels by miles, there easy to put in/take out, easy to clean, comfortable when sleeping/wearing a motorcycle helmet and they make the stretch look a size bigger due the eyelet. would recommend these every time!


awesome (04 May 2011)

Really can't go wrong with Kaos products. Comfy, cheap and they look great, what more could you want!

By from Wales

Really comfy tunnels (03 May 2011)

As title these are the best tunnels I own so comfy thin don't really notice then there just perfect and by far my most favourite tunnels i own!!


By from Barrow -in- Furness

AMAZING (23 March 2011)

I got a 10mm in the post today and i couldn't believe how thin and comfortable it is 10/10 would recommend to anyone with a flesh tunnel !!!!!!

By Anonymous

my personal favourites (20 March 2011)

I've been wearing these eyelets since 5mm, all the way to 16mm. Comfortable, neutral, don't smell much, you can wear it all the time. It's a good buy, definitely! Now at 20mm, I'm really sad they don't come this size...

By from Leeds

Very Comfortable (27 February 2011)

but mine always seem to slip out in the night so I usually change them for when I sleep. Mine are 22mm and they do seem to make the holes look much bigger than that which is quite nice :)

By from Suffolk

V good product (19 February 2011)

Just got my 22mm's yesterday
Very good product, v comfortable , v light weight and look good and they do make the piercing look bigger,

By from Michigan, USA

Awesome (10 February 2011)

I don't know what more I can say about these! Most comfortable eyelets I've ever owned. These are the best under headphones (especially for larger stretches). They mold to your stretch making it look amazing and very impressive.

FOR U.S. ORDERS: No worries about ordering overseas! The shipping was fast! Even better (and less expensive) than some domestic shops I've ordered from. BJS is my #1 place for jewelery!

By from Croatia

WOW (02 February 2011)

Fantastic! Couldn't imagine a better flash tunnel. I got 8mm, 6mm and 4mm and they are irreplaceable!


:) (29 September 2010)

very very beautiful and comfortable

By from Orlando, FL, USA

GREAT (23 September 2010)

I love my new eyelets. I have had silicone plugs for about 5 or 6 years now, but i'd have to say i love the new style WAY better!! thanks for the fast service.. I WILL buy more!!

By from DERBY

silicone eyelets (13 September 2010)

Just got one of these in size 14mm as a tester for the size i want, i will now be going bigger and still purchace more of these.
They do make your stretching appear a lot bigger and are light, the only down side to these is they crumple up and fall out having slept in them whitch is a shame (They do stay in place any other time).


Great skins (26 August 2010)

These are a great skin i have them in 8mm in black and clear and are so easy to get in and out and make the hole look much bigger a must have well recomended

By from Kent

Awesome Skins (06 August 2010)

These are a definate must have. I've never worn silicone before, but I will be wearing these all the time from now on.
So0ooo comfortable and super easy to pop in and out.
My left ear has been really sore from my previous tunnel rubbing when I'm asleep, but I have no probs with these atall.


Great product for a great price! (21 July 2010)

I bought a pair of these silicone eyelets and once I had gotten them, I put them in and I never wear any of my other jewelry! These are soooo comfortable! I would recommend these to anyone with any size gauge.

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