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By from Dublin Ireland

Great tunnels (30 March 2016)

I bought these silicon flesh tunnels. I was very happy. They are best used On healed stretches and prefer to change them out at night and clean them. They are really easy to put in and feel really comfortable. They look great worn alone or with acrylic white spiral tapers.

By from London

AMAZING (21 July 2012)

i just received mines in a size 12mm and they're amazing, comfortable and soo easy to put in. I recommend these to anyone, I recently sized up painlessly 4 days ago and the plugs went in with ease

By from the big red dragon

Nice!! (18 June 2012)

Every time i go up a few sizes i get a set of these,really easy to get in an out witch makes them good for putting in a few days after youve gone up in size so you dont have to walk around with a big chunk of plastic in your ear for a week or so till there healed enough to put in some really nice ones, but these to all so look really nice.WICKED TUNNELS!!!


Silicon flesh tunnel <3 (19 April 2012)

I actually love theese. So easy to put it no having to deal with fidily screw bit just fold and put in. So much morr comfortable then double flare. I love the look of this even though its just white it does stand out. Have it in 10mm. ++it doent make your strecting look small :) higly reccomden 5/5 stars

By from london

brilliant (09 February 2012)

ordered this because my light blue one which i paid nearly five pound for in camden was sooo comfy this one seems so much bigger and bulkier but i kind of like that.

these plugs are ultimate comfort and such a good price.


Great (15 November 2011)

There is no word to describe how comfy, light and amazing these are, very cheap and very white, in my local piercing shop these are £4.50 each, so under £4 for 2 is an absolute bargain 10/10

By from Nottingham

Easy to use! (08 June 2011)

I used this to stretch from 10mm to 12mm and it went in very easily (obviously folding it into half then half again). Because it is white it looks incredible clean, the only problem is the isde colour of my ear shows up and it looks darker on the inside of the tunnel, allover a genuinly good product, would recommmend to anyone!

By Anonymous

amazing (05 May 2011)

Just as expected:) very comfy:)

By from Bath

Awesome (13 November 2010)

Love these tunnels, so much lighter and more comfortable than metal ones 10/10

By Anonymous

Great! (24 August 2010)

I used a couple of these to stretch from a 10mm to 12mm. I know, i know, you should'nt stretch with silicone but ive done it a few times and have had no problems. Bought a some more in a different colour to go to 14mm aswell ;D

By Anonymous

Awsome Tunnels (21 May 2010)

iv got a 10mm stretch and got these in pink, black, skin and also in white and there the best tunnels iv ever worn there soooo comfy there great i highly recommend these to anyone who wants to have a very very lightweight tunnel and also attractive tunnels they do get alot of comment saying there mad, cool, awsome, lush tunnels etc
10/10 by me :D

im going to be placing an order for the skin eyelets soon so soon as i get them ill get a Product review up on them.

By Anonymous

my review. (14 March 2010)

these are so much nicer to strech with, you can do it alot quicker and with ease and theres alot less pain. i like using these. (: x

By Anonymous

good but thick (13 January 2010)

It's pretty thick silicone but once in, they are pretty comfy lol. I stretched with them and no problem. I got the 25mm silicone flesh tunnels.

By Anonymous

Great buy (04 May 2009)

Yea, these are a really good buy for the price they are :) ordered them and came in a really quick time, and wore them and they are really comfortable, i got 2 of them when i was at 8mm, and they're really easy to put in, and really nice in this colour too :)

By Anonymous

love these (31 March 2009)

these are amazing

-extreamy comfy (especially in bed)
-the sides are a little too big, but it is better because they are alot less likely to fall out

i used to have a 10mm black one

and i used it to stretch my 8mm to a 10mm and it was fine
although it was healed for a while before hand, i wouldn't advise using these to stretch a piercing unless you have really stretchy well healed ears

9/10 =]

By Anonymous

not good to stretch (25 February 2009)

this is great to wear when your ear is already big enough
but its not too good to stretch with it
the silicone is too thick

By Anonymous

wonderful (08 January 2009)

Comfortable, lightweight and easy to put in. Great product.
I would like to say though; if people are intending to stretch with these, I (and many others would agree with me) really wouldn't recommend it. Silicone is meant for healed lobes and stretching with it can cause many problems, such as causing the lobes to tear, bleeding etc.

By Anonymous

excellent (11 December 2008)

excellent easy to put in comfortable to wear and painless to stretch with. great price and good for wearing at school or work as they dont draw to much attention to stretches

By Anonymous

tunnel (24 November 2008)

this tunnel is pretty, easy to clean and nice to strech

By Anonymous

.. (05 November 2008)

i loved this product; I used 10mm to strech my 8mm lobes and they worked perfectly. They're nice to sleep in and easy to remove when they ear needs cleaning. Greatt :D

By Anonymous

Tunnel (13 September 2008)

These are very comfy, look awesome, and are a great price :D

By Anonymous

:D (30 July 2008)

show of your ear nicely and make your holes look even bigger!

By Anonymous

Stretching (12 June 2008)

These are so easy to use, to stretch your ears.

Just fold them up, put them in your ear... and poop it slowly stetches your ear, and doesn't hurt!

By Anonymous

Nice (11 May 2008)

^^^^ I agree

By Anonymous

tunnel (01 May 2008)

this tunnel is like the cavar of tunnels to some they are easy to put in no matter the size and then look dam cool

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