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Flesh Coloured Hider Plug. (26 November 2014)

I bought a 12mm one for my ear as when I was in school they didn't agree with piercings and I used it for job interviews in the past and it Really does the job! It's Perfect, I cannot fault it at all, best one I've come across. Very easy to put in and really comfortable, you could even put a stud earing into it to make it look like a standard pierced ear! I Would Definitely Recommend!

By from Da Hood

As if I never had holes! (08 November 2014)

This product is amazing! I have inch-wide holes that loop close to my neck without plugs, but with these hiders, it looks as though I'd never had my ears pierced. And even though I'm a black man, these hiders do just the job, and people comment on how my ears look so natural and untouched. My mom hates stretched ears and when I had these hiders in she even said that she was glad I never stretched mine.


Best for work (12 January 2014)

These plugs are the best if you work for anywhere that doesnt like stretched ears, I put these in after I had a week off and he came up to me thanking me for closing my holes HAHAHA!!! Plus being Non-Porous it means that whilst its not recommended for new stretches you can put them in whilst healing BUT LOOK AFTER THEM!!!

By from UK

Kaos Hider Plugs (28 August 2013)

Very good quality plugs, paper thin flares which makes it both easier to put in and blends in better with your skin tone. Very comfy, I use them for school to avoid the teachers shouting at me! It hurts a little getting them in and out because I am only at a 2g/6mm and is quite fiddly. The hollow back is a useful feature too. Will buy more as I go up to bigger sizes. Very happy!

By from Mexico

Cool! (23 February 2013)

Very nice product, very comfortable to sleep with and for everyday use, could have been a little more darker though, im a brownskin guy from Mexico, Saludos!

By from Anglesey

cool (29 January 2013)

I've bought several of these over the years. The most recent was the plug for my second stretched lobe at 8mm. Which it worked great for, very comfortable & affordable.

But I blooming wish they went upto a 30mm so I can have them in my main stretches!!

By from Newcastle

Okay. (31 December 2012)

I like these because they hide stretched ears perfectly, and you can wear normal earrings with them, but I bought them originally to hide for work, but I specifically bought them because I'm allergic to latex but I had a allergic reaction to them after a couple of days, but based on the product themselves they are great!

By from Cardiff

LOVE <3 (23 October 2012)

I bought these for prom as wanted to wear normal earring in my ears and they were PERFECT! They hollow so can easily make a hole in to wear normal earrings and great for my job interviews during the summer! xx

By from kent

Awesome! (21 May 2012)

My girlfriend recently bought me one of these in a 6mm and its seriously awesome. this is the first plug ive ever had as im new to stretching, it went in like a dream just put it in like a button on yo coat and bam!! its in. was kind to my ear which wasnt completly healed from the 6mm taper i hadnt long gone up to. these are so light you forget they are in, they make sleeping so much easier as they are so compfy and not so wide they dig into your neck. easy to clean, no foul odours and most importantly they are incredibly hard to spot!!
my mum hated the idea of stretching and always told me to take my tapers out when i got this she thought id taken the tapers out and healed up LOL!!!!
i went for an interview to start a course with a taper in and the interviewer said id have to remove it, got this, started the course and the bloke that interviewed me thanked me for removing all ear jewelry! even i dont notice it sometimes when i look in the mirror.

big fat 10 out of 10 for these will defo get more when i stretch up again!

By from Scotland

Ideal (05 January 2012)

These are by far the best hiders ive found, so comfy , i sleep in them. perfect for work and professional environments. ive got one in almost every size and found that my ear has healed faster between stretching with wearing them, also love the fact i can wear my regular earrings with the hollow backs!


L.O.V.E.!!! (12 October 2011)

I absolutely adore these plugs!
Had a pair at 10mm but went down to an 8mm and just couldn't resist getting some more. Absolutely brilliant for school/work/interviews. I also love that I can still put my normal earings in aswell!

By from london

awesome (24 August 2011)

I just got these in 10mm as I'm in the process of letting my 14mm's close up, and they are great! Very light, and the flare stops them falling out even though my piercing is still a little loose around them. They are the perfect color for people with pale skin, you totally don't notice them! Also the price is good, which is important as i'm going to have to buy a couple more sets in smaller gauges, ;)

By from Mordor

comfy :3 (18 July 2011)

have a 12mm one, they're light and nobody notices you have them in. awesome!

By from Alabama

Amazing!! (29 June 2011)

At my school piercings are not allowed. The principle new i had my ears stretched to 1" and I had already been suspended twice for wearing earrings. I put these in and said I let them close up and she believed me, having looked very closely at me ears. She could not tell I had anything in!! Very comfortable, easily put in, and gets the job done even for big sizes.

By from Australia

VERY comfy! (16 June 2011)

These are excellent for sleeping in.. I also love that I can wear regular earrings again due to the hollow back. Thanks guys, 10/10! :)

By from Guern

:) (06 June 2011)

I have them in both my 12mm and 5mm and I wear them everyday at my new job. Not one person has noticed I have tunnels. Luckily they also have a hollow back so I can still put my transverse piercings through as well.

By from Wales

Camo (03 May 2011)

These are great to make your stretch less noticeble when you need to.... Highly recommend


By from Cheshire

Awesome! (22 April 2011)

These are great, it took my uncle two days to notice them, and he had seen my ears stretched before. My grandparents never noticed them, luckily...

By from the States

What plugs? (31 March 2011)

You might say I'm on the pale side, so I was worried that these would be too dark and be obvious. They blend right in though! Unless somebody is right next to you staring at your lobes, nobody will notice them.

By from Worthing

Amazing! (16 March 2011)

Perfect for job interviews, school, work and meetings!
Always wear it for formal events!


Great plug! (20 December 2010)

Works very well! Great for school/college, work or any other occasion where you would need to cover up a stretch.

By Anonymous

What Hole? (19 December 2010)

Ive tried various retainers but none even come close as to how fantastic these are.
For anyone who sometimes has to special occasion & wants to wear regular sized hole earrings these are fantastic. I often poke whole through with the earring & wear them. The pin hole isn't visible after so i also wear them to work, so they get a double use.

By Anonymous from London, UK

cumpulsory buy! (11 November 2010)

These plugs are an amazing buy.. I'm only 5mm but nevertheless the visibility, or rather lack of should I say is awesome. My boss was moaning about my tapers and he didn't even notice that I had the plugs in. They're very comfortable to wear and so discreet.

By from new eltham uk

awesome (22 September 2010)

this item is awesome i bought it for a job interview and i got the job so they obviously didn't realise it which has held me back in the past its awesome from a far it looks like you have no piercing at all just a normal ear it only doesn't work if the persons right in front of your face

By from Singapore

help (15 August 2010)

i've 24mm on both side , does this works on my lobes? as what you've written there "they make even big lobes look more discrete" , i need some ear plugs / silcon too cover up my lobes for job , school , work :( any kind soul/ admin can help me with this. thankyou

By Anonymous

very useful (22 July 2010)

this is quite possibly the most useful thing ive ever bought from this site! working as a waiter means I have to cover up my stretching and it still manages to hide my stretch very well even at 10mm which i think is very amazing

By Anonymous

Hidden!! (16 July 2010)

These look amazing! I am not sure how they look on larger ear strechings but on smaller ones, they are barley visible! It is great for me and my acting/school! It blends in with my skin tone amazingly!

I had to cut off the back flare though as I could not get it in with the back flare. :/

Still, AMAZING! You deffo must get if it needs to be hidden from school/work :) Amazing I am so pleased I got one! (also on those days where you dont really want to wear fancy plugs like lazy days or whatever these are perfect!!)

By Anonymous

=] (16 June 2010)

I bought this to wear at work, and my manager never noticed it ;D

By Anonymous

not invisible but pretty good (05 June 2010)

As a few have said before, this isn't totally invisible, but if you're not looking for it, you won't spot it straight away. Mine is 4mm. It was a little on the long side but I cut mine down slightly because then I can use a regular stud earring in it, and the scroll-back of the stud holds it in place. (Though probably wouldn't be able to use this method on the larger sizes). Almost as good as a regular piercing :)

By Anonymous

camo (02 June 2010)

iv got one of these and there awsome for making your stretched ear a little more noticeable which is good when your in school/work/dinner or even when you got a new interview for a new job they always come in handy deffo a 10/10

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