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By from Coventry

In love with these (12 December 2011)

I have these in 12mm and they are so comfy!
Extremely easy to get in and out, easy to clean, and so comfy I forget I'm wearing them.

Currently deciding what colour to get them in next!

I love them.

By from tamworth

Very good (15 May 2011)

I'm new to stretchers I got the 6mm was alil tricky to get in at first but then It was soo easy, I really prafure these to Spikes, no little bits to loose, nothing sticking into your neck, Its comfy. if you trying to pick between these and the kaos ones I think these show the color better but the others will be easier to out in and out and probs more comfy I'm getting the kaos one next. :) 9.9/10 <3

By Anonymous

Nice (05 May 2011)

Sooo good i use this all the time:D

By Anonymous

pretty and pink (20 March 2011)

I love these tunnels! :O
I bought them quite some time ago, 16mm. Right now I'm at 20mm and I'm really sad that they don't come in that size, since I would buy them again!

By from Nottingham

great for sleepers (27 February 2011)

These are one of my favourite pairs of tunnels. The colour of them is so bright it really stands out and have a really clear hole! (unlike some darker tunnels) So easy to get in and so comfy to sleep in. Id recommend them to anyone!!!


Comfy (05 January 2011)

I got two of these in 8mm's they were a little tricky to get in with them being so small but i find they didn't really irritate my ears while putting them and they're extremely comfy. Plus they look nice against the colour of my skin.

And at this price you can't lose out. I've paid £6-£8 for just one silicone tunnel before out of a local shop so i'm really glad with these :).

By from Dudley

Brilliant. (27 August 2010)

I've always steered clear of silicone tunnels as I thought they looked tacky. Until now. I bought this pink one on a whim, to go with an outfit for a friends party, and now I absolutely love them. Looked great, and it's very comfortable.

By Anonymous

Wow (29 May 2010)

When i bought these i couldnt belive the cour of them thete a very nice hot pink which stands out alot and get alot of nice comments from people about them i like them so much iv bought rest of the colours and there my fav tunnels so far.... And iv got a fair few tunnels.

10/10 from me there the best tunnels in my oppinion.

By Anonymous

Sweet (12 May 2010)

I really enjoyed this tunnel as its really easy to insert and take out. Its not uncomfortable and looks appealing aswell

By Anonymous

Love it (18 April 2010)

Easy to get in, esy to take out, great range of colours...doesn't get much better than that.

By Anonymous

Colour (05 April 2010)

The pink is a lot brighter than shown in the picture but im happy i love hot pink so its all good :) but great price and amazing delivery time :)

By Anonymous

Comfy! (23 March 2010)

I've used these from 6mm - 10mm and find them so comfortable !
Theyre easy to insert and take out.
Nice and cheap too- well worth the money1

By Anonymous

HarleyQ (12 March 2010)

I got these originally in 16mm. They are comfortable but because the silicone is thicker than what is used for the Kaos tunnels, they felt kind of 'solid' in my ears and I didn't really like sleeping with them in. Also they arent as flexible as I would have liked.

They are decent, I just prefer Kaos tunnels.

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (17 February 2010)

Although they do make your stretch look smaller, and i struggled a little getting them in as i'm a first time user, they're amazingly comfortable! really cute, and so light too!! =D for the price, you can't go wrong really!

By Anonymous

looks great (20 January 2010)

Yes they make my stretch look a little smaller, but it looks great and the range of colours mean you can accessories with every outfit.
Comfotable and nicely price

By Anonymous

not too bad my friends (28 October 2009)

I agree with some of the other reviewers here, the size of the lip makes the stretch look smaller, but they are easy to get in, and cheap, so I'm tempted to go up a size just because its so easy.
I'd reccommend this product, it looks great in, and like I said, it was so easy to insert.

By Anonymous

Amazing Tunnel (27 September 2009)

This Tunnel is amazingly comfortable. Fantastic price. I ordered one, came very quickly and its a great colour. Extremely happy. Buy one!!!!

By Anonymous

Great (03 September 2009)

These tunnels are amazing, not only are they really comfy to wear and cute in your ear, they're also great if you want to go up a size without using a taper. Just fold the tunnel and slip it in your ear and voila! Instant stretch. Would definitely reccommend

By Anonymous

Awesome :) (27 August 2009)

They are so comfy. I found they were easy to put in and take out.

I would definetly recommend these. !!

By Anonymous

Love em =) (09 July 2009)

I love these =) They look great and are quite easy to put in. Not as easy as the softer kaos tunnel but it's no trouble =)

By Anonymous

worth it (18 June 2009)

Definetely worth a buy.
I found it a little tricky to get in, but once in it was very comfortable! I also found it a bit tricky to get out.. But I'm a bit heavy handed and impatient!

The colour is epic! Really stands out :)
One problem however.. it does make the stretch look a bit smaller..

But overall great buy, probably better for bigger sizes, as I got it at a 10mm.

By Anonymous

(Y) (27 April 2009)

Goood price and good product!

By Anonymous

Great tunnels! (12 February 2009)

Very easy to put in, and extremely comfortable.

Would recommend for both stretching and wearing after a lobe is stretched, but as they are very flexible they do not hold a stretch well for long periods of time.

I stretched my lobe from a 5mm to a 6mm, then to an 8mm, then to a 10mm using these type of tunnels.

They also look great.

Would recommend this product to anyone!

By Anonymous

Awesome Product (07 February 2009)

This is the best thing to use to stretch your ears with. It is so comfortable and very easy to clean as well.

Totally recommend!!

By Anonymous

fantastic (19 January 2009)

I think I own this product in every colour, I love it so much

It's comfy, it looks great and most importantly its really easy to insert.


By Anonymous

Great tunnels (07 January 2009)

Really comfy and light i forget these are in my ears :) Love the colour too.

By Anonymous

pink (10 December 2008)

I wish bigger sizes were sold on the site, as I'm at 22 and 26mm, I had to buy mine from Afflecks palace in manchester, and I live in wales, But I've had a 19//20mm flesh coloured one before now and it did the job, so much more comfier than any steel or titanium one, you hardly know their in your ears, and they dont weigh your stretch down :)

By Anonymous

wow! (18 November 2008)

this is my second of this same product.. my first i streched from an 6mm to 8mm painless and easy
this time 8mm to 10mm..

hope its just as painless..
its great i advise getting one :)

By Anonymous

Very good.... (11 August 2008)

Easy To insert.
Looks Great.
Comfortable To Sleep in.
And Quick Delivery.

By Anonymous

silicone tunnel (05 August 2008)

i bought this when i was at a 6mm. it was super easy to put in, no fafin about with 'o' rings or screw on backs. :)

i did think that they made my tunnel look smaller than it really was.

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