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By Anonymous

Comfy tunnels (29 May 2010)

Iv got set of these in 10mm and they are really really good fork work/school/dinners etc they dont stand out only if you stair and then it just looks like a perfectly round hole, they are mega comfy and easy to insert all in all silicone is the best to wer. By far, these are also under priced they should be at least a £5 each.!!

By Anonymous

Perfect (01 February 2010)

i also bought one of these at a 16 ML and thought it was perfect, i still have it in now for work and they accept this rather than multicoloured ones :)

By Anonymous

awesome (20 January 2009)

A fantastic and comfortable product, excellent value as always!!!!

By Anonymous

Wear Your Stretch Naked ! (28 October 2008)

If you have an earlobe stretch then you need one of these. Your stretch will appear perfectly round in shape with the natural Flesh Colour and supple Silicon of the Tunnel barely visible. Just a hole, in all it's glory.
Brilliant if you are in a hurry, they pop straight in, no faffing about, wear your entire ear naked, even quicker.

And, they are oh so comfortable. A delighful pleasure to wear whilst pottering around at home. Blissful to sleep in and wondrously soothing if your stretch is in any way sore.

I 'hole-heartedly' RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.
You won't be disappionted.

By Anonymous

Gooood. (21 September 2008)

I bought this because I was going on holiday and I didn't want to wear my taper. Also this product is good for if your ears are only stretched to a smaller size so you can wear hoop earings or whatever and it will still look ok.
I think its good value for money aswell.
Plus they are easy to get in.
Its worth buying :).

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