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By from Dublin

Great tunnels (30 March 2016)

I bought these silicon flesh tunnels. I was very happy. They are best used On healed stretches and prefer to change them out at night and clean them. They are really easy to put in and feel really comfortable. They look great worn alone or with acrylic black spiral tapers.

By from Ireland

Good (20 April 2012)

I bought these to test the quality comparison between these and the Kaos silicone tunnels.

I have to say, these aren't the same quality as the Kaos range, so you do get what you pay for, but they are still pretty good for the money you pay.

I find silicone tunnels really good for stretching and they are comfortable to wear.

I bought a pair of these in black in 16mm and a pair in white in 14mm, the white ones had a rather large, thin flare on them, so I'm pretty disappointed with them, but the black ones are pretty good quality.


By from Aberdeen, Scotland

perfect for stretching (02 February 2012)

bought these to stretch from a 12mm to 14mm and they went straight in no pain nothing!!! so will def b moving up to 16mm pretty soon and hope they just pop in as easy as 12mm to 14mm did.

By from Norway

Lightweight and easy to put in! (10 December 2011)

I bougt these in 8mm/0g.These are super comfortabe! I almost forgot I had them in because they're so lightweight! They were also easy to put in, which is a huge plus. I reccomend these for people who's looking for cheap and comfortable tunnels.

By Anonymous

Super comfy! (24 July 2011)

This are my favourite stretchers by far, comfortable even when sleeping, easy to clean, simple but good looking with almost any clothes, carefree. Love them!

By Anonymous

Great! (09 July 2011)

I always buy these tunnels, I noticed that the 18mm is a lot thicker silicone and harder to fold. But does the job perfectly, easy to clean, and great price.

By from Andover

Good budget plug (11 February 2011)

these are great for when your in between sizes or for a fresh stretch, the silicone is thick so can make your stretch look smaller than other plugs but they are really comfortable and unlike other budget silicone eyelets the front and back flares are small and chunky not the usual big skinny ones

By from Brighton

COmfy but can make a streatch look small (22 December 2010)

I found these very comfortable to wear, I got a 6mm and an 8mm, The 6 I found both harder to place in, and that it made the streatch look much smaller than it was. I'm assuming this is due to the thickness of the silicon. However the 8mm is much better. Brilliant product, just wouldnt use for smaller streaches. Also much cheaper than i've found anywhere else

By from The Netherlands

Amazing! ;D (22 December 2010)

I juist LOVE it! Easy to get in, and another big plus for me, I can put another ball closure ring through it, that's not able with the acrylic ones (I'm on 4/5mm now-
So, I wouldn't know ONE reason why you shouldn't buy it! ;D


Good buy (07 December 2010)

these are really comfy and easy to put in

By from Bath

Awesome (13 November 2010)

Truly great product, easy to put in and take out, easy to clean, all around a exelent item

By Anonymous

amazing (03 November 2010)

These are brialliant, it no longer is pain to stretch my ears in the last three months i have gone up 6 sizes be it going up 1mm at a time, but with these its no longer time consuming and i never get the stingy ache i always got with stretching. :)

By from Hertfordshire.

Wonderful! (22 October 2010)

I got these at 10mm and i looove them.
Theyre perfect. Cheap but really wonderful quailty.
Very speedy delivery aswell.
I also got a nice catalogue with them!
Im so so so pleased!
Thanks millions body jewlery shop!

By from UK

Good value but chuky (24 August 2010)

Really good value but i found theyare a bit chunky and for a small strech (6mm) its can be hard to fit, Got an 8mm aswell and that one seems alot better

By Anonymous

Value (25 May 2010)

Really good value and comfortable

By Anonymous

great value for money (26 April 2010)

these are great, £2 each is an amazing price for how comfy they are. these are recommended

By Anonymous

really good (03 March 2010)

these are really good value for money bought some from a local tattooists and got ripped off so bought some from here they are really comfortable kinda feels like u ain't wearing any

By Anonymous

Great product! (25 February 2010)

These flesh plugs are great value for money! They really are. I really needed some jewellery for my 8mm ear, but didn't have much money left in my account so I had to buy these. I was expecting something of awful quality and was pleasantly suprised with my jewellery. I would deffinatley buy again!

By Anonymous

love it (17 February 2010)

it's amazing, i got it for my 8mm ear lobe and it so comfortable.
i thought it would be really difficult to put in because it's double flared, and although it took a while to get in it was pain free.
it's so light i keep forgetting i have it in and it hasn't fallen out when i'm asleep.

By Anonymous

Silicone Tunnel (09 February 2010)

got this in 4mm for my second lobe hole, i thought it was gunna be really hard to get in, but i just pushed and it went in with no pain atall! :D
i cant even feel it there, probably because its a small size, but its certainly lighter than other i have, its like i have my lobe back again :P its very comfy to wear, its the only jewellery i shall wear in my lobe from now on :P the whole is very small though, probably just cause its a 4mm

By Anonymous

stretch (05 February 2010)

i used these stretching my ear from 14 to 16 and it was fine, no pain but a big gain

By Anonymous

My lord! (20 December 2009)

This product is brilliant. Simple to put in, comfortable to wear. My stretched piercing is staying much cleaner with with tunnel in than with any other tunnels i have used. Simply brilliant

By Anonymous

silicone tunnel (18 December 2009)

Really easy to get in and extreamly comfortable to wear and look very good

By Anonymous

Excellent! (10 December 2009)

Really comfortable to wear, got them back when i was like at 10mm, but gonna get some new ones at 25mm now that im bigger :)

By Anonymous

black silicone flesh tunnel (04 December 2009)

Excellent buy! goes with absolutely everything,really comfy and easy to clean,what more could you ask for at this price !

By Anonymous

silicone tunnels : ) (20 November 2009)

great value products that do a great job.. have bought a few sizes now, always come in great qaulity, easy to wear and availible in lots of colours : )

By Anonymous

:D (02 November 2009)

Didn't even need to strech the hole first i put a 10mm tunnel in an 8mm hole and it fits perfectly and didnt hurt one bit!

Highly recommended


By Anonymous

Great black Tunnel (27 September 2009)

I ordered this and the pink one, its very comfortable, easy to put in and just all round great!
Buy this is you havent already!!

By Anonymous

very good. (28 July 2009)

I bought this in an 8mm, it was very easy to put in. it is light and you almost forget that its in your ear, another plus side it is very cheap. basically its all good points and no bad!!

By Anonymous


these tunnels are great if you have to work and are very comfortable too. easy to sleep with them in as they don't catch onto anything. cheap but quality product

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