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By from Worthing

Great tunnel! (16 March 2011)

Looks great and glows really well under black light!
It's a very good prince highly recommended!

By from PARIS

. (03 December 2010)

12mm. Very good to strech my lobes. Thick enough. Silcone plugs are the best, and the most comfortable!

And only one week to ship (or send?) in France, so it's sooooooo cool! :D

By Anonymous

Perfect! (25 July 2010)

They are very comfy and easy to put in!

By Anonymous

Flexible!! (25 June 2010)

These are the perfect way to stretch your ears without hurting yourself. I can't wait to buy more.

By Anonymous

good when healing (04 March 2010)

i had to stretch very quickly from 1-8 mm and i did this in a week because i cant have tapers at work, this was easy to put in and it didnt hurt at all even after rushing to have 8mm because it is so lightweight!

By Anonymous

Good, good, good! (10 February 2010)

I really love the color, it's truly orange. The tunnel is really lightweight and easy to fit in. I bought it in several colors and I'm really satisfied. The only bad point is that my stretch seems really smaller than it is. It's 6mm but looks like a 4mm.

By Anonymous

Awsome (29 December 2009)

Have these in 6mm and 8mm and are planning on buying 10mm and 12mm because they are that comfortable, easy to get in and look great :D

By Anonymous

Fantastic (01 December 2009)

product (: Very easy to get into the ear, easy to remove for cleaning purposes as well. The Tunnels are extremely lightweight and for me are an awesome choice, the bright colours stand out and look awesome too! If you want an easy, lightweight tunnel, these are the ones to choose (:

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