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By Anonymous

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye (03 February 2008)

I bought the Magenta, shocking pink, hot red and coral blue!

I think they are great products.. They lasted for ages in my hair, and didnt fade very quickly either.

Well recommended... =]

By Anonymous

Fantastic (17 January 2008)

I loved this product, it gave my hair amazing colour. This is the first semi perminant dye i have found that truly give vibrent colour ...

By Anonymous

quick, easy, and effective (12 January 2008)

in my opinion, i thought this hair dye was great. Amazing stricking colours and was easy to top up the colour when fading.

By Anonymous

Stargazer Semi Permenant Hair Dye (01 January 2008)

I love these dyes as they allow you to achieve bright colours quickly and they do last as long as you make them.
They're great for people like me who change their minds so much about what colour they like their hair, also for people who like to change it often without the damage of all the other chemical treatments which can often leave your hair brittle and damaged; not these, they make your hair lovely and soft.
I often dye mine in the school holidays, if i was mine daily and shampoo it twice, i can get it out in a week, if i wash it every other day once i can make it last around a month.
The kit contains everything you need but i advise you cover surfaces that you don't want to be stained as the dye can easily get on nearby taps and sinks.
The colours are great, the prices are great and the condition of your hair is left great, what more could you ask of a semi-permenant dye?

By Anonymous

Stunning.. (24 December 2007)

These dyes produce amazing shine and vibrance, better than most semi permanent dyes I have used. I started off with pink which lasted for about a month before fading. I have recently switched to purple and once again, wasn't disappointd by its performance. Not as long lasting as the pink but still a beautiful bright colour and it did last 3 weeks.
Overall an amazing product, and for £4 it's even better!

By Anonymous

Great, just the blues could have a tiny bit more longevity. (14 December 2007)

I use these dyes all the time, and have done for a while. The reds and pinks/purples are amazingly vibrant and remain for a good while in the hair.

The blues and greens don't last as long as the reds and pinks but theyre still vibrant when you first do them.

I bleach my hair to use these, so they do work on unbleached hair, but if you want the perfect results, bleach it first.

By Anonymous

Good quality dyes (24 November 2007)

I used these hair dyes for a long time, i've had to give it a rest for awhile...not because of the product but the amount of bleach I used.

I would recommend the shocking pink as the magenta can be a bit dark and more purple and the hot red is amazing you can be seen for miles.

I would not recommend the blues for this brand as they do not last very long even with bleached hair, give an amazing first result but require a lot more upkeep than the pink or the reds.

Its a very good product but more effective if hair is bleached first of all :)

By Anonymous

the best dye (23 November 2007)

i love stargazer dyes
they come with gloves inside the box and there are soo many colours all in different shades
id say that they are a perfect dye if you hvent colourd your hair before and with all the different tones you can make ur colour darker or lighter depending on occasion
the colour i would recomend is flame red
my favourite

By Anonymous

Magenta Stargazer Hair Dye (04 October 2007)

I used the magenta colour to dye my quite dark brown hair. I'm a dying novice but the dye was really easy to apply. It turned my hair a really bright pink/purple colour which i was surprised at because i didn't bleach my hair first and my hair is quite thick. It lasted about a week with washing it everyday. It's a great price and works well.

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