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So vibrant! (29 April 2012)

I bought these in Magenta, Plume and Royal Blue. I have naturally blonde hair and they came out nice and vibrant; they blend really well too. Annoyingly the colour fades more than I thought it would after one wash but I'm thinking it's just my hair type as most people say it lasts really well on their hair. It doesn't take long to touch it up before the weekend or a night out so it's not too bad! They're a bargain too and as I'm only doing the ends of my hair I'm getting my money's worth!

By Anonymous

Great on dark hair (15 December 2011)

I bought the Magenta colour as I've been wanting a pink tint on my hair for ages...but the only tints I could find that were semi permanent on the highstreet were either purple or red. This dye gave me the perfect dark, rich pink colour ive been wanting and came out really well conidering I have very dark brown hair :) The dying process got very messy though lol Just wish it didn't wash out as quick!

By Anonymous from England

Excellent! (08 August 2011)

I used the tropical green on bleached orangey, yellowy hair and it worked great! I was a little worried that the little bottle wouldn't be enough for my hair as it's about an inch past my shoulders but I needn't have worried! I had loads to spare! The dye went a really long way and left a great colour which is very bright and vibrant. I will definitely be using this dye from now on!


<3 (07 July 2011)

I brought this in magenta two weeks ago and it's amazing :D
I've washed my hair 9 times since I've dyed it, and it hasn't faded one bit. I put it on orange-yellowy hair (bleached) then left it on for just under 2 hours, and it worked great. It glows under UV light, which is great cause I didn't expect it to. I've had loads of compliments from people, even random strangers too. Only advice is buy two bottles if your hair is longer than shoulder length, as mine almost ran out (my hair is just past my shoulders).

By from Netherlands

I take back my words (27 September 2010)

As you see, I posted a review already, posted under this one. I said it was too bad it's a one-time-use, but I take my words back!
I tried to use it more than just once, and because of a cap underneath the upper cap, that's sealing the bottle. So the second time I tried to dye my hair, the result was just as good as the first time, the third time I used the dye, exactly the same! So I'm totally happy with the fact that it's possible to use the dye more than once! ;D
This time I'm going to try Coral Blue, I'm very curious to the result and hope it'll look nice on me! Again I'll post a pic. when I've got it in.
Thanks for this hair-dye for a reasonable price, I've become a huge fan and recommend it to friends and everyone I know, because it's doing what it tells; it gives bright, shiny, beautiful colors! <3 I'd give it twelve stars if I could!

By Anonymous

too bad it's a one-time-use (26 June 2010)

I've got short hair dyed black, but my pony/front locks is Magenta right now, but I've only used half a bottle, so it's too bad you can't use it twice =/
But oh, I LOVE the color!
I'm buying magenta again now, but when summer's over, I'm going to dye it Royal Blue maybe! ;D
Really, I recommend this to everyone!

By Anonymous

Ace! (06 June 2010)

Used the royal blue on my friend's bleached dreadlocks, it's the best you can get! I even like it more than manic panic :D
A really vibrant and eye-catching blue, I never found one this good. Thanks bjs!

By Anonymous

stargazer white (04 June 2010)

i used it on bleached/pr lightend hair and it worked realy well
it looked a bit gray at first but then when i washed it the grayness went and it turned pure white so i am going to keep using this product and im going to try the tropicaal green next or may just go white aagain
i recomend it as it conditions the hair and lightens alot

By Anonymous

Bright (17 May 2010)

This colour is soo bright and smells nice, well to me :), only advice would be to lighten hair if your hair is dark and i love the shade it goes when its fading :) x

By Anonymous

It's a great product. (12 April 2010)

I've used this product several times. I absolutely adore it. It lasts a good while, but never how long you'd like it to. When I use this product on my dark hair, it give a rich and vibrant color. I've seen it on lighter hair colors, and it still gives a beautiful color. I would recommend this product to any one who wants a good professional-looking dye job.

By Anonymous

love this (14 February 2010)

I've used almost every colour of this and mixed my own colour and it covers my hair well everytime, it stains less than other hair dies yet doesnt last as long as i would like it to, keeps its colour for about a month with my hair, but apart from that it is my favourite hair dye to use :)

By Anonymous

Tropical Green (10 February 2010)

I've used this dye a few times over bleached hair. It gave my hair a gorgeous turquoise/teal colour which lasted for almost 8 weeks (without re-application and allowing for slight fade) I had to re-dye my hair black to cover it up before I went back to school; I was expecting it to have washed out by then! The colour is lovely and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny, well worth the small price tag :)

By Anonymous

nice stuff (03 January 2010)

I have tried every color of this dye. Here's what I have to say:
Lasts about 3 weeks looking nice if you wash your hair day yes day no. Fades nicely. Blues and greens fade beutifully but fast. Reds and pinks last longer but fade to a yellower tone, with the pink turning a nice salmon pink and the reds turning a light orange. The black fades fast. I prefer permanent black dye for black. Very bright on bleached hair. some colours look good on un-bleached hair, like eggplant, all sorts of purples, pinks turn dark but preety, black and blue black don't need bleach (tho the blue goes greeny after a while, but that happens with hair that's not bleached enough too). This dye smells nice and leaves your hair really soft. I aplly it after bleaching and it leaves my hair like new. I allways leave it longer than specified though. All in all I love this dye, and at the price, I definatly recommend it with top score.

By Anonymous

fantastic (06 June 2009)

i have been searching for a good bright hairdye for years and finally found it! my hair has never taken to any dye very well particularly since having my baby boy for some reason. i have spent fortunes on dyes including permament ones only to end up with my same old boring brown hair. even after bleaching my hair and using dyes it just washes out as soon as my hair is wet until i tried stargazers magenta. it has now been 3 weeks and only slightly faded after washing my hair every day. i love this and am buying more colours now to try out. just be careful though as it already states on the instructions this stuff seriouisly stains so i would recommend doing your hair a day or two before a night out to give yourself time to wash off your skin. also it doesnt work on dark hair, you MUST lighten it first.

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (09 May 2009)

So i got a bottle of this great stuff in African green, i was hoping it'd do the entirety of my hair bright green, which it didn't, instead it picked up my natural highlights and a bit where my hair had faded to a very light pink (from a previous colour, from a different company) and turned that shocking green, and turned the rest of my hair a dark forest-y green, which looks fantastic! i've had several compliments about how fantastic the colour is

Was a bit worried as i got some on my forehead & was preparing for some incredible hulk jokes, but it washed off with warm water & soap

If your wanting the brightest results i suggest bleaching your hair first unless your naturally a very light brunette or blonde

But for such a cheap simple little bottle its great, left my hair in great condition & doesn't smell gross like alot of other brands of bright dye. I'll definitely be trying other colours, blue & pink next i think :D

By Anonymous

Stargazer hair dye (11 January 2009)

Be careful in the process of dying your hair because the dye really stains.
We turned my friend's bathtub blue in the process of dying my hair.
I got black and it didn't turn out quite as I hoped and it faded really quickly but it's still looks good.

By Anonymous

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye (13 December 2008)

These are excellent if u want bright colours that u can't buy in an average shop. I got the hot red and it looks fantastic

By Anonymous

Stargazer hair dye (27 November 2008)

I have used many of these colours and they are all absolutly fantastic. The Magenta has to be my favorite!! Now i can order them from here its even more fantastic.

By Anonymous

BRILLIANT (14 November 2008)


By Anonymous

awsome colors XD (13 September 2008)

I have tried pink, coral blue and blueblack.

Pink was awsome!

Blueblack was just black. But it probablt would have turned out better if i had blonde hair before i put it in.

Coral blue is my faveorite. But it is not as light as you would expect. Actually it is very dark blue. Even if you bleach your hair white first. But very cool. And it lightens up after a few washes and looks even better untill it fades out to bluegreen. (that is if you let it fade too that color without coloring it again) :P

I was walking with my boyfriend when this guy ran out of this hairsaloon to ask me what color i used because he had never seen so great blue color. That was about one week after dying it.

Highly reccomend it.
The only bad thing is that the color stains. ALOT. So watch out when you put it in your hair. And dont sleep with white sheets and pillows :P

By Anonymous

waw! (26 August 2008)

i've used this for a ouple of months now and love it! people talk to me in the street now cuz i have fantastic pink hair! lol! only problem i have with it is the post man! he knows he cant get the bottle through the door so he just leaves it hanging outside the letter box. idiot!

x o x o

By Anonymous

bright colours =] =] =] (12 August 2008)

Ive used this before (red,Blue) and it comes outp perfect every time =]

By Anonymous

Pleased! :D (05 August 2008)

Stargazer hair dyes rock! Exept for "Plume", its stains ALOT! In the hair thats awesome, but on the floor.. not so awesome. Thats the only complaint I have.
Great product!

By Anonymous

So Awesome!! (01 August 2008)

I bought this dye in Violet, and I've never gotten better color out of a semi-permanent Dye EVER!!!. The color is so bright and Vibrant, and shows up sooo well on your hair. It doesnt dry out your hair like some dyes do, it stays nice and soft, and barely any color washes out for a long time, or at least it didnt on my hair. It was awesome!

By Anonymous

Great (01 July 2008)

Ive tried so many shades of this product, Its the best for bright hair colours. If you want to go really light/bright and your hairs dark youll need a prelightiner, but even if you dont the colour always turns out nice.

By Anonymous

LUVIN IT!!! (11 June 2008)

I bought the african green dye!
i was expecting a limey green colour (not so good) but wen applied it came out a nice green! i was sooo happy with the outcome n at school i definatly turn heads....even my teachers commrnted on it! AMAZING!

im goin 4 red next!;)

By Anonymous

Amazing non-chemical hair dye! (27 May 2008)

I bought this in rouge first, and needed 2 bottles as my hair is quite thick, but it gave a beautiful deep red colour! I then used a pre-lightener on my hair, and now use the hot red colour - you can be spotted for miles! Gave a lovely reddy-pink colour to my hair and lasted ages, very pleased! :]

By Anonymous

Piiiiiink! (26 May 2008)

I wanted pink hair. I used this product in magenta and shocking pink, and i have amazing pink hair!! Stays well and looks very bright! much better than some other makes that claim vibrant colours, but dont live up. Going to try out Plume and Royal Blue next...cant wait!!

By Anonymous

(y) (29 April 2008)

i bought the purple, magenta &royal blue. each lasted about 3 weeks without fading after washing everyday. they were simple to apply, left my hair in the same condition &were easy to top up after they faded. it lasts long but can be removed by shampooing maybe twice if you want to get rid of it in around a week or so, the colours are really vibrant &well worth the money! :)

By Anonymous

really good (06 February 2008)

i brought the silver, and it lasted about 3 weeks, washing everyday, i love it, i'd swear by it =]

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