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By from Missouri, USA

Wonderful! (12 June 2011)

I knew when I changed my jewelry I never wanted to have anything but bioplast in my labret. This will help me! My piercer had never seen anything like it. :3 It's rather clever and teeny tiny. I, personally, need gloves to have a little bit of help gripping this. But it is amazing. :)

By from the States

Big things come in small packages (31 March 2011)

Probably the best item I've ever purchased. The metal studs are so bath for your teeth, and it gets cumbersome trying to switch out between normal jewelry and retainers for work. This little guy is beyond perfect.

By Anonymous

So small yet so worthwhile :) (07 August 2010)

I love the idea of this. Whoever thought of it is literally a godsend! I bought this after buying a bioplast labret and quickly getting bored of the accessory that came with it. I love how easy it is to change your jewellery, although it is a little small and fiddly. However, I love it nonetheless! :)

By Anonymous

Push-Fit Bioplast Labret Stud Thread Converter (16 February 2010)

Ingenious and essential!

By Anonymous

Wow! (28 November 2009)

This is the smallest but one of the best things I have ever bought. Just discovererd bioplast after having metal labret stud for 10 yrs and this little invention means I can have total gum comfort and wear beautiful jewellry. Thanx to who ever invented it. Thoroughly recommended.

By Anonymous

10/10 (24 September 2009)

Fantastic. Couldnt have wished for better. Simply screw on whatever you want, and push it in :]

By Anonymous

Yay! (21 September 2009)

I love this thing! My bioplast lip stud is really comfy but the ball was too small for my liking so this was a lifesaver! Makes changing it much quicker and easier once youre used to it!

By Anonymous

Fantastic little things! (14 August 2009)

These are amazing little teeny tiny metal wotsits which push into the bioplast labret shafts and then u can screw your existing balls/other threaded jewellery on the end. I wanted to mention they are metal as the pic above is fab at showing the detail on something so tiny but you can't tell what material its made out of (and its not mentioned in the info). I have swapped from my Titanium Labret to a Bioplast wit a converter and my original ti labret's ball and noone has noticed the difference...except me. Didnt realise I was uncomfy - til got this, totally comfy, amazing! Have a spare and will buy more x

By Anonymous

Convient, easy and fast to use. (13 May 2009)

These are brilliant, I've had my first one for about 2 months and am now ordering more off the website, makes it really simple to wear any threaded accessory while still giving you the comfort of bioplast.

By Anonymous

really great (04 March 2009)

such a good idea, sits in securely and now i can put any accessory on my bioplast labret. just wonderful.

By Anonymous

converter (29 July 2008)

this is great changing from retainer to threaded ball after school/sports :) i keep it threaded in one accessory or another so i dont loose it but it makes life so much easier

By Anonymous

Perfect (10 February 2008)

I bought this so I could chage from the bioplast retainer to a coloured ball easily after school and this is perfect. The only issue is that it's really small and fiddly, but as long as you're careful it's brilliant.

By Anonymous

Ingenius little product (13 January 2008)

Clips into a standard bioplast labret, and gives much more scope for personalisation. Balls and other accessories can be used in the same way as with a threaded titanium labret, with the added bonus that your piercing is much kinder to your teeth. Very secure, its as if you're wearing threaded jewellery.

By Anonymous

Love (04 January 2008)

I hate changing my labret everyday because I have work etc.

With this I can just pop it in while leaving my existing bioplast labret in and can change whenever within seconds

Totally recommend

By Anonymous

Great! (19 December 2007)

I agree, I can't wear metal labrets because I chew on them and thats not good for your teeth.

So I like to wear a bioplast labret, however, the studs for them pop out easily if you play with it as much as I do.

I have other piercing and have bought loads of spare jewellery for them.
This product makes use of all my spare jewellery because I can now mix and match balls and I have found its much more secure.

Works out much cheaper in the long run for me! Tottally recommend it!

By Anonymous

thumbs up (01 October 2007)

i would recomend this coz my metal lip stid nocks my teeth so i use a bio stuc instead but i like my balls so this makes its so i can wear the balls a want n have healthy teeth

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