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By from Belfast

Definitely not for tongues!! (03 October 2013)

Agreeing with a previous review, the pattern wore off after a while. It's also very fiddly to work with and took a while for me to actually screw it on to a barbell (that was before I tried putting the jewelry in!). It's a really pretty pattern though and the ball itself isn't too small but still looks cute.

By Anonymous

not for tongues (19 July 2013)

wore this on my tongue bar but the pattern wore off so quickly. Really pretty though so best just not to wear in the mouth.

By from Tiverton

Cute :) (18 September 2011)

I am wearing these on each end of my scaffolding bar and it looks cute :) and the price is brilliant for the quality that it is :D highly recommended for people that want there piercing noticed.
and i will upload a picture of it for you too see what they look like on a bar. :)

Peace Out, RAWRshazzii

By Anonymous

Awesome XD (17 November 2009)

These are great and look amazing on my labret piercings.

They really stand out and now im getting more zebra stuff to go with it :P

By Anonymous

A winner! (13 November 2009)

really loved this one... it looks brillent & my friends love it!

By Anonymous

zebraaaa (17 July 2009)

Looks brilliant :)
I've bought this for my tragus, it's the biggest ball I've bought so far, but it looks great and doesn't look silly!
Great size, great pattern, fantastic price.
Worth a buy for sure

By Anonymous

Stunning (03 January 2009)

Looks absolutely fantastic on my tongue bar.

Makes any piercing eyecatching and fun.

Definitely worth it for the price.

By Anonymous

PMMA Threaded Zebra Ball (19 July 2008)

Great item, looks fantastic on a labret stud in my earor my lip :) as mentioned in other reviews the pattern doesn't line up but this is easily hidden

By Anonymous

My Balls are Sexy (16 April 2008)

Stick a couple on the end of your favourite bar and hey-presto your piercing is transformed into an amazingly eyecatching, brilliantly beautiful piece of art....
I got one on each end of my loverly scaffold, and I must say, I think she is much happier with these softer and prettier balls. They don't get so hot when I'm drying my hair, or as cold when it's frosty outside either....

All round good stuff I say... Go on PMMA!!

By Anonymous

Fab (08 April 2008)

love it! looks great on my tongue bar and is really eye catching. ive carried on the theme by getting a zebra print plug and belly bar to go with it.

By Anonymous

Eye-catching (17 February 2008)

This is definately an eye-catching ball for any piercing...only issue is that the pattern doesn't match up perfectly on one side but that's fine if you keep that side facing inwards

By Anonymous

Gorgeous! (25 December 2007)

I got this for christmas for my conch and it's really cute. Looks really unique and eye-catching.

By Anonymous

Stripeyness (02 October 2007)

Great price and perfect for jazzing up my conch piercing.

By Anonymous

Love it! (02 October 2007)

Got one of these in a pinna - i have it for everyday use, found it to be very hard wearing & great looking, it gets noticed all the time, looks brilliant in most piercings and definitely stands out!

By Anonymous

Wicked! (09 March 2006)

Love the ball - looks amazing on my tongue!
However the pattern does wear off over time, so I guess it's better for occasional use.
Definitely recommend it though!

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