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By from Ireland

Sooo Cute! (01 November 2010)

I love it! he 5mm is small and cute and really easy to screw on!

Pic uploaded! *girl with curly hair* xD

By Anonymous

awesome (19 June 2010)

looks awesome and nice and lightweight so it doesn't weigh you down

By Anonymous

Funky Pink Stars (10 June 2010)

Looks great in my navel piercing, and seems to screw on pretty tight. Adds a nice touch to any 1.6mm jewellery.

By Anonymous

:) (15 April 2010)

Thes are very adorable, and I def recomend buing it... you can use it for your tongue or lip piercing, and it also work forbelly button! There are a lot of cute parrerns too!

By Anonymous

Love it! (10 December 2009)

i really like this product, it looks good on my tongue piercing when i wear it! its one of my favourites! i would recommend this to buy! xx

By Anonymous

Scaffold; 6mm (15 October 2009)

I bought this for my scaffold bar in the 6mm size and was so pleased when it arrived!
Really funky and great price, fits perfectly :)

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (18 August 2009)

Great value for money, and really noticeable.

Also matches the new nose screw I have (which I also bought from BJS) which is fantastic.

By Anonymous

tongue bar. (10 June 2009)

its so cute. it really catches peoples eyes, when you stick your tongue out or they get a glimpse of it, they ask what it is.
i love it. its adorable. i'd get some, if you dont or arent already thinking off getting some.
you can use them for navel piercings too, which looks just as cute.
makes it look more fun going. :)

By Anonymous

Awsome !!! (29 April 2009)

I love this, looks gr8 !!! Adds a bit of fun every time i stick my toung out !!! Love it !!!

By Anonymous

tongue (24 December 2008)

i have this for my tongue
its really noticable
love it

By Anonymous

sweet! (15 November 2008)

u can buy it for lip or belly button

Its really cute

I like it a lot

By Anonymous

love it (06 August 2008)

bought this for my navel piercing, very cute, love it =]

By Anonymous

cute little devil ! (25 May 2008)

bought this for the top of my black bioplast navel bar looks absolutely fabby!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo cute!

By Anonymous

so cute! (12 April 2008)

This little ball is absolutely fantastic, i loved it since the moment i saw it on here and its even better in real life. very versatile as well. =D

By Anonymous

Scene-ery (17 March 2008)

I love the bright colours. It's very scene, which is cool. and i can wear it in any piercing (which is good coz i have a lot!) :)

By Anonymous

Gorgeous! (06 March 2008)

The detail on this is amazing! While it's fairly discreet, people have been complimenting me on it all day. Definately a cute little thing to have around. :)

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