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Awesome (17 August 2011)

I got one of these when I was at 8mm but couldn't get it in my ear for ages as I found the flare quite big ears must be pretty inelastic. I'd recommend them as they look cool when they're in, I just wouldn't suggest putting them in straight after stretching up. Other than that they look awesome and are great for the price, plus they don't fall out :)

By from Wales

Epic plugs (03 May 2011)

I bought these and loved them there so nice light comfy to wear there just perfect!!
I'll be ordering more in a bigger size in few weeks I love them one of my fav plugs

By Anonymous

: ) Good buy! (17 January 2010)

Really good product for the price, although I think they would look better in bigger sizes!

By Anonymous

So Cool (17 November 2008)

these are so so cool, i would imagine they look better in bigger sizes, i got them in 14mm and when the light shines through them they look wicked, whoever made these is a genius :D

By Anonymous

gr8 (10 October 2007)

realy good buy doesnt come out looks really good.

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