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By Anonymous

checked plug (21 September 2008)

i bought the star plug before an thought it looked hot so i bought this one. the checked one didnt disapoint either. i have alot of people comment on it

plus its cheap as chips :) x

By Anonymous

Great (05 April 2008)

Really like these, look great. Plus with the design being inside i know it wont wear away

By Anonymous

matching (02 April 2008)

i love these!! they match my bag lol oh and also the balls for my surface piercing!

By Anonymous

Rad (02 April 2008)

These things are so rad, you can really see the checkers in them. definitely a must have for anyone with stretched ear lobs.

By Anonymous

Love these. (08 February 2008)

They're great. And they match my shoes.

Easy to get in aswell, as the flares aren't too big.

By Anonymous

OOOOOOO I love these! (10 October 2007)

as soon as I was able to swich my basic plugs for somethink funkier, these were my choice, nad God was I pleased.

they really glow and stand out a mile as the description said.
plus! they looks sooooo adorable!

the flrares are easy ones too - I recommend!

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