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By Anonymous

purple (08 July 2010)

I really love these, and they shine so bright in sunlight!

By Anonymous

Lovely (15 December 2009)

I bought these ages ago and somehow forgot about them, however, recently I found out I had to attend a rather fancy ball so I went looking through my collection for some rather girls plugs and these fit the bill perfectly!

A little tricky to get in whilst in a smaller size, but they are worth it and very pretty indeed :)

By Anonymous

=] (12 June 2009)

I didn't know what to expect with this product, but when it arrived it looks really feminine. I also love how it sparkles when the sun catches it =] it was worth the wait

By Anonymous

PMMA Ikon flesh plug - Ikon Plug Glitter Purple (11 March 2009)

I bought the 'Ikon Plug Glitter Purple' and they look really cool :)
much more purple than they appear in the picture but the sparkly glitter design gives them a really snazzy original look that you won't get from normal boring plugs, and they can even be pulled off as nice plugs to wear for a party or event. The item is cheap and they look incredible, I'll defiantly be buying more of these in the future.

By Anonymous

me likes (14 May 2007)

i'd have 20 if these designs if i cd but started off with the one, the target n it looks cool as ya like, clear defined design,easy to put in, cant feel it wen ya sleep, bonus!! buy one, its the ying yang for me nxt

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