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By from england

12mm (23 September 2012)

This product isnt bad its a really nice clean and bright white definatley not a faded white, it was put in however i kept putting the orings on too tight that could just be though speaking of orings i got a black pair which i think are better because it contrasts the white. Awesome totlly reccomend

By from Wales

Awesome plug (26 March 2011)

I had one of these in 10mm now I'm stretching bigger iv bought one in 14mm ready and it's one of my fav plugs to wear and it's really comfy

By Anonymous

Lovely (16 November 2010)

These plugs are really comfy to wear and white jewellery really stands out under dark hair!

By from Grand Prairie, Tx

good plugs (17 October 2010)

So far ive got these in 7mm and 9mm and theyre great plugs- they slip right in. faster delivery this time, really great. but i do recomend buying at least an extra pair of O-rings. and they look AWESOME in white!

By Anonymous from hunwick

Amazing (22 September 2010)

I have bought this product twice now, once in 6mm and the second time in 7mm. I actually used it to stretch up to a 7mm and it was great. Defo recommend.

By Anonymous

Superb Product. (30 June 2010)

One of the few items I found on the net that you can get in 7mm. This is the first plug I have bought (I normally have tunnels) and they look awesome.

By Anonymous

Flesh plug (23 June 2010)

I bought one of these because it is one of the few that are in a 9mm and I'm so glad that I did because they are so comfy and they look great. I will definatly buy another one in a 10mm as they are so easy to get in

By Anonymous

awsome (02 March 2010)

got these in 12, 15, 16, 20, 22 and 30mm, now Im heading for 40mm so I just bought them in 40mm! They're worth all my money, I really recommand them to anybody! They're cheap and awsome looking!

By Anonymous

Amazing! (29 July 2009)

I have a pair of these and there awesome!
They feel so comfy and i forget that i'm wearing them, i think they look the nuts too.
Defo buy these you won't be disapointed.
And what great value and excellent service such speedy delievery.

By Anonymous

:D (19 May 2009)

i've bought 3 pairs of these now. they're so comfy and don't irritate my ears at all:)

By Anonymous

i love these (13 February 2009)

i have one of these in 18mm with 2 black 'o' rings and it looks great, and is comfy, and dont need cleaning as often as some other plugs

i will but one in a 16mm for my other ear soon

these are one of my favorite plugs/ tunnels in joint 1st with "Single Flared Eyelets"


By Anonymous

These plugs.. (03 February 2009)

These plugs are wonderful. They are very light, and very long. It took a week to get here (in the US) and I will def be ordering from here again! I wish they carried the middle sizes here!

By Anonymous

yay plugs (10 December 2008)

i remember when bjs used to do these in larger sizes upto 51mm i think? i used to allways use these plugs they are awsome if you have slightly thicker lobes, i used to wear mine without o rings and they never slipped out, i would deff invest in more of these if bjs went over 32mm :)

well worth the money.

By Anonymous

love it (21 November 2008)

simple, cool, cheep one of the best pair i own

By Anonymous

PMMA Flesh Plug (31 July 2008)

Great product
had no problem putting it in, and the o-rings stayed on even while sleeping.
Was a little uncomfortable wearing it while sleeping but apart from that its fine.

By Anonymous

Amazing (23 July 2008)

Got a pair of these and of the blue one and first of all they are very comfortable but they also look great and moreover you get all the attention when there is black light aroung

By Anonymous

i like this (06 July 2008)

This is an amazing product, very comfortable

By Anonymous

Flesh Plug white (06 July 2008)

The black ones are better and but these make your ear smell a bit and the hoops keep sliding off.

By Anonymous

Really cool (25 June 2008)

Bought 2 of these at 7mm to stretch my cartilage up cheaply!

They serve the purpose well and are nice and long soo there is alot of space for swelling etc!

The clear o-rings that are provided are really cool but... these plugs with black o-rings look amazing!

I now wear these in my conches

Great buy... and will be purchasing more!

By Anonymous

10/10 (14 June 2008)

I bought these as I was in need of some inexpensive plugs whilst I'm stretching my ears up to my intended size.
But when I got them I loved them, I like them best worn with black o-rings, but the clears one are also cool and they're very comfortable. I'll be buying these in a larger size when I get my lobes up to my desired size.
Super fast delivery as always.

By Anonymous

wow (04 June 2008)

Theese are probably the most comfy plugs ever, they make my ears seem bigger + you get alot attention with theese babies :) def a must have.

By Anonymous

cool (18 May 2008)

got one of these in a 7mm for a change from the black ones i've had up til now, and they look quite cool and a little different. they look ace with either the clear or black o-rings :)

By Anonymous

fantastic (04 March 2008)

had these for some time and they always looked great no matter what the day was, although had to order black o-rings to go with them as i didnt like the look of the clear silicone o-rings, other than that they were great

By Anonymous

10/10 (10 February 2008)

these things look so cool no matter what size your stretch is!! And it came with loads of o rings

By Anonymous

Awesome (05 February 2008)

With the clear o rings these look ace. The are easy to clean and get in and they look really awesome. Would highly recommend these. They've got a matt finish too which looks properly awesome

By Anonymous

really good (04 February 2008)

used these for guages 2.4, 3.2, 4 and 10mm
look fantastic and really stand out white against the lobe.

best plugs i have ever bought!

By Anonymous

Excellent (03 February 2008)

Really really comfortable to wear, and so easy to get in.
Makes stretches look much bigger I find, and stand out much better while not being too 'in your face'.
Look best with black o rings I think but the clear ones look pretty cool too.

By Anonymous

7mm plug (23 December 2007)

i have one of these at 7mm and it looks super cute, and feels great too! the only thing i would say to be aware of is that the colour of the o-rings is a bit mix and match, i've ended up with 1 clear and 3 black, but it's not a problem to me as i only plan on wearing this for 2 weeks until my next stretch.

By Anonymous

A great purchase! (09 December 2007)

I got one of these when i stretched my conch upto 6mm and its one of the best pieces I have ever worn in my piercing. It went in very easily and stress free.

Also mine came with 2 black and 2 clear o-rings, giving me a choice of which to wear. I dont know if they all come with both, but it was a nice suprise to get both :)

If your after a nice, easy and comfy plug, definately give these a try!

By Anonymous

Gotta love 'em! (19 November 2007)

I have these in 18mm now and i love them i feel they look better than the black ones and recommend them to anyone who wants cheap great looking plugs!

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