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By from Australia

I got these in 14mm & 16mm (29 October 2012)

I got these after MONTHS of eyeing these off! I am NOT disappointed in the least, they are as gorgeous as they look in the picture. I usually have issues with double flared plugs and tunnels, but this wasn't the case with these babies. They are nicely flared so they stay in your ears, but not so you have to fight with your ears to get them in.
If you're considering these for yourself or a gift for a friend, go for it! You will be happy you did <3

By Anonymous

<3 (20 March 2011)

Ever since I saw these on the site I knew I HAD to buy them, but I wanted to wait till I got to my last size. The moment I stretched to 20mm I bought them, and I'm not disappointed. :D
Comfortable - PMMA plugs tend to make me itch, but these don't - bright, feminine and just simply adorable.

By Anonymous

<3 (19 August 2010)

I love how bright these are, they stand out a mile away. Perfect for when you're feeling cute and girly.

By Anonymous

Cute and comfortable plugs (08 April 2010)

These plugs are a lot more vibrant than the image lets on. I was expecting a subtle pair of baby pink plugs, but that's not what I received! They are very cute, girly plugs though and are very comfortable to wear.

By Anonymous

Beauty! (22 January 2010)

Absolutely love this.
It took me a while to get it in, mind.. But it's my first ever plug. I've been using tunnels for over a year now!
Looks absolutely mint. Stands out, but not in a ''i'm wearing a plug' way. As it's hidden for work and looks like a nice girly ear ring for those wo don't have a clue ;)

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