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By from Basingstoke

Rings pop off easily but still great (14 April 2012)

Had this for a while, I find that the rings pop off easily in my sleep, I don't know if I move about an extreme amount or something.
Apart from that, it's great for when I'm at work or when I first wanted my ear to heal up completely.

By from USA

Perfect! (15 December 2011)

Perfect for stretching, love the material. Difficult to find these without the lip on each end and the price is unbeatable.

By Anonymous

Love these! (16 November 2010)

I have these in a few sizes from whilst I was stretching and they are very comfy and subtle. Have worn these to work and they are very subtle under long hair.

By from Grand Prairie, Texas

Lucky find! (01 October 2010)

So I searched and searched for weeks for plain and cheap 7mm plugs. Luckily I stumbled upon BJS and had these! Came in a week I live in Texas. They look and feel great. I will DEFINATLY be buying most of my body jewlery from here. :D


stand out (22 September 2010)

One of the few plugs you can get in 19mm diameter - look awesome, Very hard to miss! Comfy to wear & cheap. What more could you want?

By Anonymous

Stylish! (08 April 2010)

I bought a pair of these in 1g/9mm. I was a bit concerned about stretching with these, as the plugs themselves are blunt on both sides. Despite of my initial thoughts, they worked excellent and looked excellent: great color, very small weighted, no problems with the o-rings which were holding tight!
Great buy as it comes in those 'between' sizes!

By Anonymous

winners (24 January 2010)

I have these in pretty much every size from 8mm and i'm now 24mm! They're easy to maintain, the o-rings fit perfectly and I'd recommend them to anyone.

By Anonymous

awesome (07 December 2009)

lightweight, very smooth entrance after stretching, used them all the way back when i first started stretching and still using them now at 22mm, and will probably continue doing so.

By Anonymous

Great! (08 August 2009)

These are cheap and look great! They went in pretty smoothly after a stretch, I used them at 5mm and 6mm and will now get them till 9mm. I love 'm :)

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (27 June 2009)

A simple product, but one of my favourites to have in! They sit in my lobe very comfortably and the o-rings hold them in place securely. Occasionally if you're ear rubs against something to o-ring slips off, but it is easily fixed!
They look great, feel great and are dead cheap! You can't go wrong!

By Anonymous

EXACTLY what I needed (21 April 2009)

this item is perfect for going through different sizes before ending at your target size.

mine is 00ga (10mm.) I am at 2ga (6mm) now, and since my lobes are so fat i couldn't taper from 2ga to 0ga in one stretch, so i got some of these babies in 7mm to help get me to 0ga (8mm) and in 9mm to eventually help get from 0ga (8mm) to 00ga (10mm.)

I'm so glad i got these, at at $4.50 each, you can't go wrong!

AND i live in Alaska in the USA and my order got here in only 6 days!!!


By Anonymous

streching (06 April 2009)

if your want to casually strech your ears wearing these in and weight streching is the best way, they go in really easily and sit nicely, you dont even have to wear the 'O' rings and they still sit nicely.

By Anonymous

flesh plug opaque black (19 February 2009)

i ordered this product in a 6mm and then again in a 8mm, because i wanted something quite subtle and easy to hide at school. it's really comfy and looks very good. the O rings that come with it fit the plug perfectly. mine hasn't fallen out once. i am very happy :)

By Anonymous

Amazing :) (27 January 2009)

I got these mainly because the double flared ones i bought for my right ear wouldnt go in.
These are lightweight, cheap and go in straight away!

By Anonymous

brilliant (25 January 2009)

these are the best plugs iv had in ages an for a great price!! I would really recommend them!!!

By Anonymous

The best (11 December 2008)

In my opinion these are the best to stretch with. Only problem is that theyre solid, so theyre pretty heavy and will be abit "floppy" in your ear. But all in all better than a tapier. by far. Stretched from 15 to 30 with a few of these babies!

By Anonymous

awsome plugs (10 December 2008)

i remember when bjs used to do these in larger sizes upto 51mm i think? i used to allways use these plugs they are awsome if you have slightly thicker lobes, i used to wear mine without o rings and they never slipped out, i would deff invest in more of these if bjs went over 32mm :)

well worth the money.

By Anonymous

streching (24 October 2008)

i think these are perfect for streching. becus of the smoothed edge they slide in perfectly but give a small amount of pressure if your not quite streched enough yet. they're brilliant for weight streching as i can now strech about 1 or 2mm a week just from wearing these all day!

By Anonymous

<3 (16 October 2008)

I use this to stretch with. They are so light and have no sharp edges. I sometimes loose the O-rings, but I just use smaller O-rings and it works.

By Anonymous

Very Good, Looks Great (14 October 2008)

I Loved This Plug, I Used These To Go Up Every Odd Number E.g. 3/5/7/9 etc. And Tapers For The Even Numbers

Black With Black O Rings Makes It Look Even Bigger.
In Simple, No Pain, Looks Awesome.

Will Be Buying Many More.

By Anonymous

Wicked, Very Smart (06 September 2008)

Perfect! These black plugs are fantastic. Easy to use, they look great in any piercing and go with everything - mine are at a little 5mm and i think they look pretty smart, not too obtrusive. I can't fault these at all! Buy more O-rings though!

By Anonymous

Look great! (02 September 2008)

The black looks really cool and is a really comfy fit in the ear. Masses of spare o-rings with them mean I'll never run out and will definitely be ordering more in larger sizes in the future!

By Anonymous

pretty much essential (22 August 2008)

what more can you say about these.
easy to put in,
comfy as hell,
and with the o rings i've never had a pair fall out.

By Anonymous

black plug (03 July 2008)

simple but great,
long enough for even my fat ears lol
and comes with its o rings at no extra price

By Anonymous

- (02 July 2008)

These plugs are really cool especially in black, as they look pretty big with the help of the O-rings. Sometimes they tend to irritate my ear because of the O-rings. Some good, but some kinda bad points.

By Anonymous

Lip (25 June 2008)

Bought one of these for my 5mm labret!

Unfortunately i had a change of heart before the product arrived and decided to remove my labret!

But it would of served the purpose very well...

It is nice and long and i got not just 2 o-rings with it... but 7 :)

Now that project lip stretch is back on this will definately be taking pride of place in my lip

By Anonymous

good product (24 June 2008)

i like these plugs, there not too heavy like some that iv had
the lenght on it is good and its easy to clean too. great product!

By Anonymous

Great! (06 June 2008)

I really like these plugs. They are looking very great, the o-ring are ok and the lenght is good! :D

By Anonymous

Good stuff (04 June 2008)

These are probably the best plugs for fresh streches in my opinion, as well of course as old. They are cheap and easy to put in and look bad ass.

By Anonymous

Good value (02 May 2008)

Looks great when it's in and a very good price.
Bit plain... I suppose the clear or white ones would look better, it's still good though.

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