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By Anonymous

perfect (26 June 2010)

awesome product! looks really good!!!
real easy in and out and sits comfortablly

By Anonymous

Perfect! (04 June 2010)

Fits so comfortably.. people notice the silhouette every now and again and always compliment the look of it. Perfect.. love it :)

By Anonymous

Really Pleased (02 May 2010)

Bought one of these some time ago, despite only having 6mm stretches these are very cute, people notice the flashes of light through them and want a closer look! nice and secure - even slept in these :)

By Anonymous

Awesome (13 February 2010)

Easy to put in, easy to take out, hold in very very well doesnt fall out even if you lightly catch it it stays in. Great when light reflects through it and awesome!

By Anonymous

:) (02 January 2009)

A really nice product, the flare on this is quite wide which means they're almost impossible to lose due to them falling out etc.

MAde sure you lube up your ear when you put them in though, it can be a squeeze because of the large flare on them!

By Anonymous

Amazing! (21 September 2008)

The star in this plug is actually smaller than it looks in the picture which is a good thing because i thaught the silhouette was going to black allthe light from coming through. As it turns out it's perfect and the silhouette looks amazing when the light shines through. perfect flaring aswell this plug stays put!

By Anonymous

star plug (04 August 2008)

i bought this in a size 10 and it looks sweet!!! :)

i had vitually no problems gettin it in.

the picture does the real thing no justice, it looks a million times better when its in. and the price is great.

By Anonymous

Great (11 July 2008)

I originally bought this in 10mm when i first started to stretch and love it. I am now stretched to 16mm and love it that much I've bought a new one in 16mm!!!

Really great at staying in considering they're only slightly flared. And they look fantastic too, great when the light shines though!

By Anonymous

Cool (03 July 2008)

Really like these plugs, they go in easy and are pretty secure and stand up to holding well to fast movement, only issue i had...and it was an oversight on my part was the image size, the image on screen is slighly bigger than the 8mm of real life but other than that they were great :)

By Anonymous

another satisfied customer (19 June 2008)

I got my new plug last week and i love it!
no-one has said anything about it which, considering i work in an animal home is a good thing. it's quite discreet in my opinion but i do love pushing my lobe out just to let the light shine through the plug.
i couldn't believe it was so cheap and i personally found it easy to get in and it only slipped out once when i was cleaning my second lobe piercing, other than that its secure. i'm gonna order another one in 6mm, probably of the same design. and why stop there? i've had my eyes on the checkered ones as well...

well priced, goood for the value, easy to get in, no hassle. and i'm up for getting another one so i'm a satisfied customer!

By Anonymous

wicked look (08 May 2008)

WOW!! this looks hot, i wasnt sure when i purchased em but they looks so ace. totally different too not seem things like these before, the clearness works really well with the silhouete.

By Anonymous

awesome (02 April 2008)

got myself these in 16mm :) until the search option for external diameter i was always getting plugs too big because of the flare but these babies fit like a dream!!

By Anonymous

Smart design. (28 January 2008)

Got these in 12mm. They look great. If you want a plug which has a cool design and also lets enough light through to show off the stretch, then these babies are for you.

By Anonymous

eeeek (07 January 2008)

Just got me one in 14mm!
I love it already, the flares are great not too big that it hurts to get and and not small enough to fall out while i sleep, think I shall now be buying the checker one.

By Anonymous

nice (21 March 2007)

i just got mine and they are pretty cool but they are hard to get in as either end is actualy bigger than your hole! and if your a wimp like me it hurts!!

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