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By Anonymous

BUY! (21 November 2011)

I love these tapers. Used them on many occassions whilst stretching my other ear.
They're so comfortable and so easy to use. Little bit of vaseline and you're away!
And they're so incredibly cheap for what they are. This colour blue is awesome, too. Not too bright but enough to be noticed.

By from London

3.2mm (24 July 2011)

Nice, bright blue.
I bought these to re-stretch my ears since my 8mm stretches closed up.
They've been in for about 3 weeks now. They're fine to sleep in, and I haven't had any problems with them coming out. The length of the straight section is a decent length.
If you want to stretch at a reasonable price with bright colours, the Neon PMMA Stretching Tapers are a good way to go, especially for the smaller stretches.

By Anonymous

:) (04 May 2011)

Have this in a 6, and just bought one in an 8 since ive stretched my ear again, the colour is amazing and there alot shorter than other tapers so they dont stab your neck if you decide to sleep in it. Best taper ive ever owned, and for the price you can't go wrong!

By Anonymous

:) (06 March 2011)

The nicest taper ever! the colour is so much brighter, and its not as long as other tapers, which makes it alot easier to sleep in, going to order it again when i go up another size!

By Anonymous

:-) (18 April 2010)

i was shocked how quickly it was deliverd,
i am realy pleased with my purchase and i am a satisfied customer

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