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By Anonymous

Really good (07 August 2012)

This product is really good and discrete and great for school/work, the only problem I found was it was quite hard to get the O-ring onto the labret stud!

By Anonymous

Great if you don't chew it... (10 February 2010)

I had to wear these little babies in my nose and my lip when I was in school. I hated it, I found the one in my nose really uncomfortable and the one in my lip often rubbed my gum. However, once I had gotten used to them, they weren't too bad, but they wore down very quickly. I have a tendency to chew on my lip studs and rings so I quickly destroyed three retainers in succession after chewing on them too much. As far as retainers go though, these are by far the best I've worn, and cause minimal discomfort compared to other types. Not recommended for those with receding gums!

By Anonymous

Best Lip Retainers (01 February 2010)

these are perfect for short term use, the one problem with these is that if you bite the inside they can snap, I recently had a tattoo and bit it off, so off to buy another :)

By Anonymous

absolutely brilliant (29 October 2009)

iv got three of these, they're quality

By Anonymous

Win. (23 September 2009)

I got snakebites before starting college, to then find no facial piercings are allowed due to 'health and safety'. I bought this to hopefully show them that it's alot safer than a metal stud, but it turned out that it's barely even visable so I didn't even need to show them it :) It was easy to put on and is extremely discrete so it's perfect for school/college or work. I was so pleased I even end up telling my friend and he wanted me to order him one aswell! I would definately highly recommend this product, especially for the very low price that it is :D

By Anonymous

AMAZING (23 September 2009)

absolutely brilliant, you cant even tell my ear has been pierced

By Anonymous

Great product. (31 July 2009)

I brought this because like most people need to look neat and tidy for work. It does exactly what it says it does and I find it very comfortable to wear (you forget you have it in).
I would buy more O-rings because they are tiny! They are also easy to chew through so you have to be careful when eating! Would recommend.

By Anonymous

Bioplast (16 May 2009)

The very good selling point of these is the descretion the wearer gets! If you have a crappy job with conservative veiws of tattoos and piercings in the workplace, then this is exactly what you need!!
Save your piercing, it wont heal up while you work with this discret piece of genius!

Might wanna buy 2 or 3 though, easily lost...

By Anonymous

8 stars :D (13 March 2009)

Much better than the other retainers easier to put in and alot less fiddly. They hide the piercing well, most people think i've taken my piercing out !

Definetly worth the money , but you should buy a spare O ring as you can easily loose them.

I use it on my lip piercing and if i yawn or something sometimes the O ring can come off, so the extra ring is a must.

By Anonymous

handy (18 February 2009)

I can't say i'll ever be a fan of retainers but this seemed to do its job. I ended up taking off the o ring though since it was quite noticeable smack in the middle of my face. it stayed in my labret piercing fine without the ring, just had to take it out when i ate or i'd almost swallow it!

By Anonymous

Nearly invisible! (17 January 2009)

I bought one of these for my monroe and another just in case I lose it. The little O-ring that came with it was SO difficult to put on. I spent about half an hour trying and gave up and put in the slightly bigger spare that I bought.

By Anonymous

wow (14 January 2009)

these are like invisible to someone whos not right up close to you its amazing tho they show a lil when your piercing is red or swollen coz like yea obvs it would i recommend buying it i have about three just in case

By Anonymous

TOP man (08 January 2009)

I bought these for work an they are great every one thought that i had taken my lip studs out i only had a couple of problums one was lossing the O rings and two was i broke one wen i stood on it but other than that they are so worth havin to hide from work

By Anonymous

i love these! (29 October 2008)

I have to wear these at work, waitressing! no one even notices that they are there!
Brilliant...if not a little fiddly...

By Anonymous

Fantastic (19 August 2008)

I use these little marvelous things for job interviews and actual jobs, and until this day my boss doesn't even know i have a lip piercing! They're fantastic for the money and fantastic for the workplace!

By Anonymous

good for work/school (11 August 2008)

i wore these in my lip for school due to the strict dress code and they made them virtually invisible, they are ultra comfortable, and dont irritate gums either.

i generally dont bother with the O ring on the front, ive lost too many already and they made the retainer more obvious, doing this didnt mean it fell out, because the retainer fits snugly in the piercing without falling out!

By Anonymous

easy peasy (03 July 2008)

iv got a few of these now jst incase i lose em as i think they are fantastic
no gum/tooth iritation
but the best bit is how easily you can go from showy lebret stud to secretive labret retainer
you can screw on a ball with the o ring behind it and jst remove the ball as you walk into work/school/interview and vola no 'offensive' jewellery to hav complained about or conviscated

By Anonymous

Amazing (12 June 2008)

Using these for your labret makes it so much more comfortable, and doesn't wear down gums.

It's really useful as you can just screw on a ball from another piercing on top, and it looks normal.

By Anonymous

Hides It Really Good! (19 May 2008)

I used this to hide my helix piercing and it worked great! I had my hair up but no one noticed it at all. It's a lot comfier than metal too. I'd defintely recommend that you get it =D

By Anonymous

Takes some.. (12 May 2008)

..getting used to. Putting on the o-rings that is.. I've lost so many on the floor carpet in the past but I've now learnt to put it in over a dark surface so it can easily be found if it does decide to ping off somewhere. They're very practical and very VERY comfortable to wear. I have two for my lip piercings and they've never given me any trouble. Definitely recommended!

By Anonymous

Discrete (23 March 2008)

After a few months of having my lip pierced I realised I was going to need a way of hiding it, the retainer is easy to put in but getting the o-ring on isn't quite as fun, bit fiddly, once its on though its barely noticeable, most people thought I just wasn't wearing anything in my piercing. I did however manage to break it rather easily. Very good as a temporary solution.

By Anonymous

Discret (02 March 2008)

This item is very discrete and can't be seen unless you point it out to someone.

Although i do think BJS should make a skin coloured one too as it could work better.

By Anonymous

REALLY GOOD! but...... (20 February 2008)

I bought one of these bad boys for an interview for college. I put t in, by the way the O'ring is a bastard, so I put it in and then looked in the mirror and it is like a black stud. Transparent material goes dark with little light, as there is no room for light in your piercing this goes black.

It DID however work. It is not a long term item at all.

I do believe that bodyjewelleryshop should consider making a skin colored one!!!!

By Anonymous

Spanktastic! (15 January 2008)

Very Good & Useful ..
Don't Do The Same Mistake I Did Haha.
Shame I Ate My Retainer .. My Bad Though ..
Unnoticeable .. I Got No Comments From Teachers!

By Anonymous

Pretty Good! (17 December 2007)

I Bought One Of These In 1.6mm For My Lip, The Only Thing Is That The O-Rings Keep Getting Lost

Then It Broke Lol

It Was In My Wallet And Sat On It, My Fault Really,

But Are A Really Good Buy ( :

And Pretty Cheap Too

By Anonymous

good but o-ring a bit to small (04 December 2007)

this is good for hiding your piercing from work who are really strict on piercings apart from it is awkward to put the o-ring on as it is too small but all in all it is a great product to hide your piercings from your boss

By Anonymous

Good (17 November 2007)

This product does make your piercing a lot less obvious and is great for work, but does not completely hide it. Make sure you cut the retainer to the correct size, or the o-ring will slide off easily.
I lost mine down the sink!

By Anonymous

Hide (03 November 2007)

Very good for hiding your piercing, my friend bought one of these for her labret and this retainer really made it almoust invisible!

By Anonymous

retainer a+++ (21 October 2007)

perfect for not wanting people to see i use it for school no teacher even notice and they are realy strict

By Anonymous

perfect! (20 October 2007)

Totally awesome, comfy and nobody noticed!
Would definately recommmend.

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