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By from UK

Kaos Earskin (19 August 2015)

I am extremely pleased with this item,
It's the first tunnel I've fell in love with instantly. Due to the material being so thin it makes your ear look more stretched than it really is!
It goes in so simple and easy compared to other silicone tunnels.
It looks great and I love how it isn't wide so that it fits almost snug on my ear, whereas every other tunnel is wide to fit every width of ears which means I usually have excess tunnel at the back due to me liking the snug look.
Amazing eyelet!! 10/10


They are awesome! (05 August 2011)

These skin eyelets are great, i had stretched up to a 8mm(0g) and left it in for two days, i ordered this and it went in no pain, nothing!
And it makes the hole look a lot bigger!

Best thing i have bought from body jewellery shop!

By from ireland

Very nice (16 June 2011)

I have had my ears at 25mm for about 3 months now and always wore metal eyelets.
But these are really amazing, they are so light and you can barely feel them in your ears.

The only thing I would say is the wearable on them is actually quite small which suits me as my ears arent as fleshy as some other peoples but if you are at 1" and you have fleshy lobes these might not be for you.

By from Manchester

Kaos eyelets FTW. (14 April 2011)

Having been stretching & shrinking my lobes for over 7 years now & these silicone beauties are the most comfortable, flattering & great value ear-wear that I have come across. As well as being super easy to insert & sleep in, they really accentuate the gauge; thus making even 5mm look rather impressive. I recommend to all :D

By from UK

Perfect (11 December 2010)

having had my ears stretched for at least 5 years now (48mm at largest) I have tried many different materials and styles and have to say these are by far the best, easy to take out and put in, good for your ears (provided you don't have an allergy) and even in the larger sizes you don't notice it's there at all. I have them in a variety of colours and the white one's is my favourite because of how bright it is and it really stands out, definitely worth the £5. sleeping on them is fine, so's wearing helmets. they make your hole look much bigger too because of how thin they are, a 25mm one of these looks like a 30mm acrylic one

By Anonymous

Awsome tunnels (25 September 2010)

I got these in 12mm and I love them! Easy to put in, easy to take out. They're very light and very comfortable wearing, and whilst sleeping as well.

I highly recommend these.

By Anonymous

Excellent! (19 July 2010)

Got these the other week and they are so comfy, it also makes the hole look so much bigger, will be buying some more soon in bigger sizes! Body Jewellery shop never fails! :)

By Anonymous

brilliant product (23 June 2010)

i got this silicon eyelet 2 days ago and tbh its the best one outta all my plugs/tunnels its shockingly thin but thats the best part about it, its sooo comfy you forget your wearing anything and i ordered a clear one aswell with that in it just looks like a hole no sign of the tunnel until you really stare at it,

best tunnels ever made i will be ordering more colours, i highly recommend these

10/10 from me

By Anonymous

fantastic!!!!! (17 June 2010)

These are extremely comfy and really light you forget you're wearing them!
They look great and really easy to get in and out, I don't want to put anything else in my ears apart from some different colours!!!!!!!! Worth every penny.

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (17 June 2010)

These look great, and are so comfy to wear. Love them!

By Anonymous

Comfortable! (10 March 2010)

Fantastic product, it's so comfortable! I thought since it's so flexible it would let my stretch shrink a little bit, but I tested with my old taper after a month or two and there was no shrinking at all! Easy to get in and out and they really open up your stretch, too. I'm buying more in different colors!

By Anonymous

Kaos (13 February 2010)

Have these in black too, 10mm. They do indeed make the streetch appear bigger and are very comfortable. Very easy to clean, put in and get back out as well.

By Anonymous

Super comfy (09 December 2009)

These eyelets are super comfortable, as many before me have commented.. And many others have commented that their stretched piercing looks a size bigger - they might from a certain angle. But mine have a tendency to allow my piercing to shrink a bit in the middle - unfortunately.

But super comfy and perfect if you have to wear earmuffs and such working with heavy machinery.

By Anonymous

Comfortable (23 November 2009)

The best plugs I've ever owned were silicone. And now I can buy them in white. I'm so happy with them. They're very comforatable and I like them very much. You won't be disappointed when you get them.

By Anonymous

I <3 These Eyelets (21 November 2009)

I got these in 16mm and these are great! I have nothing bad to say about them.

The silicone is so thin it is like elastic paper.

And, yeah, they do make you stretchers look bigger.


By Anonymous

Hmmmmm (04 October 2009)

yeah they are okay, they do make your hole look a size bigger, but i prefer my steel single flared eyelets. still nice though, if you wanna relax your ear since they are so lightweight

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (26 June 2009)

I have them at 6mm and they look at least a size bigger. I wear them all the time and i'm going to get more in different colours. Nothing bad to say about them.

By Anonymous

Hardcore (29 May 2009)

These 10 mm eyelets are just super cool,way better than steel tunnels.Being from INDIA its tough to get tunnels in variety here considering it just a new trend here.I was so surprised when i actually received them in just 10 days.What quality man!!!! Just ripped them from the envelope and placed them straight in my ears.Took a walk this evening and i could see every1 heads turn.This pair is for keeps for sure....peace!!!

By Anonymous

sexy (12 April 2009)

very cost effective and convenient way to stretch up a size, and look amazing too, you can physically play with your hole, on the move now without people giving you dirty looks.

By Anonymous

Comfort & Style (26 February 2009)

These are amazing , I have them in 10mm. Unlike my Jeweled eyelets which fall out every night these never do .

They're weightless so easy to put in and take out, they don't smell at all, and make the holes look much much bigger

and at a bargin price of 5£ each who can complain

only thing is i keep leaving them in when i dye my hair so they have brownish marks on them so need some new ones!

By Anonymous

NICE!! (24 February 2009)

Ok, i just orderd these in 13mm i ve had them in every stretch that ive had so far n i love them! Because they are kaos and not some other cheap silicone :D
Really nice jewellry and no ear cheese at all!!

By Anonymous

man i love this (15 February 2009)

cheap, comfy and flexible
what more cudya ask for ?

By Anonymous

more colours please! (06 February 2009)

so comfy and easy to use/wear. also look really good in ear making the stretch look bigger.

By Anonymous

cheap (03 February 2009)

got this in 22mm cheap and comfy

By Anonymous

:] (23 December 2008)

really cheap and comfy to wear, great for streched ears

By Anonymous

:) (06 November 2008)

Bought these in 4mm for my septum and its the most comfy thing I've worn in my septum.

By Anonymous

Great Product! (03 November 2008)

I'm using these to stretch from 6mm to 8mm.
It's taking a little longer than I'd like but they're really comfortable to wear and easy to put in.

By Anonymous

awesome (01 October 2008)

I got these in 8mm and I love them! They're really eye-catching and make your streches look bigger. I wouldnt sleep in them as they slip out easily but when I am wearing them it's like wearing nothing at all. Also they dont cost too much.

By Anonymous

* (07 September 2008)

Such an easy product to wear. Y don't they do them in different colours?!?!?! I'm gona start a petition !!!!

By Anonymous

AMAZING (08 August 2008)

These eyelets are so soft and easy to insert once they are in they look great and you cant tell thel are there!!

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