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By Anonymous

AMAZING! (24 May 2012)

I ordered these because were not allowed to wear stretching tapers for school and they are just AWESOME!
Easy enough to get in/out, extemely comfotable to wear, they are so light that you dont remember they are there until you touch/see them!
Highly recomended! xD


Great! (21 May 2011)

Probably the most comfortable tunnels I've ever had. They're really nice to wear and the colour is much more vibrant that what the picture shows.

By Anonymous

wow (06 March 2011)

By far the best tunnel i've ever owned, really easy to put in, no messing about trying to skrew the back on like the plastic ones, and they spring straight back into shape! Bought this in a 6mm but it makes the hole look like an 8mm one, deffo buying this in the other colours :D

By from Suffolk, UK

AWESOME (29 July 2010)

I have brought numerous stretchers and tunnels before but these Kaos Silicone ones are by far the best! They are so cheap and comfortable i completly forget that they are in my ears!
I have both my ears at 16mm and with these in they look like 20mm! Its awesome i especially love how bright and colourful they really are and the looks i get from random people!
I would definatly recommend these to anyone who wants comfort, a great range of colours and styles and if you don't want to spend alot! :D

By Anonymous

WOW! (16 July 2010)

This product is STUNNING!! :O I am a 2.4mm and this makes the hole look 4x it's real size!

This picture does not do the colour justice, it is SO VIVID and it really stands out against your skin! WOW!!

I also ordered the clear eyelet, they are both amazingly COMFY!

Only downside is the flares, they are difficult to get in, so I just cut one flare off. And ignore those internet myths about KAOS Eyelets loosing their strength after cutting a flare, it is a load of cods wallop! There as good as new!

Speedy delivery and highly recommended!!

By Anonymous

8mm (11 July 2010)

FANTASTIC. Ive had to change my tunnels so many times because of cleaning, school, irritation, and all sorts of reasons. These tunnels are the best and I only take them out to clean them :) So comfy, really lightweight, i forget i have them in. They make my stretches look loads bigger and they add a bit of colour to my ears :) Highly recommended and i plan on using them for all my stretches :)

By Anonymous

Super comfy (01 July 2010)

Love these eyelets, not only are they super easy to take in and out but they are also really comfy to wear! x

By Anonymous

Awesome! (23 June 2010)

I got these and put them in right away. They are very comfortable and look great! I highly recommend them and plan on getting more colors.

By Anonymous

lush colour (23 June 2010)

i ordered one of theres earlier this week and i got it wednesday morning (next day delivery) and omg its lush the colour onit is soooo bright and sexy looking i love it its really nice and comfy to wear aswell i forget i got it in until i see it in a mirror and see the brightness onit

very good product

By Anonymous

great gift for a friend (04 March 2010)

i bought this to give to my friend and she loved it! the pink colour really suits her and it makes the hole a lot bigger! A+

By Anonymous

LOVE!! (28 February 2010)

absolutely love this eyelet. so comfy to wear, almost forget ive got it in!! really low profile and makes stretch look huge! sadly ive gone up another size and am yet to buy a bigger one but will definatly get round to it asap!! easy to put in, easy to take out, easy to wear - its fantastic!!!

By Anonymous

its ace!! (17 December 2009)

omg! when i got this threw my door i wo like wow! this is sooo squishy :)
when its in your ear it feels soo comfortable its really worth buying :)

By Anonymous

I shall call him squishy (29 October 2009)

I was so excited when I got this this morning! Was a little fiddly to get in (I got a 4mm) but I used some bio oil and that really helped.
I think it looks really great, I was a little worried that the pink colour would just make it look as if my ear were sore but the colour is nice and vivid so I don't think I'll have a problem with that!
Definitely getting these in black and white now.
Oh, and awesome price (:

By Anonymous

Epic! (17 July 2009)

Absolutely LOVE this!
I bought this yesterday after being told that Kaos silicone are a really good material to use! It came today and I've put it in.. Really flippin' easy to put in, and take out!
And makes my stretch look 2 sizes bigger.
Will definetely be getting more of these in different colours!
Also the pink makes it stand out ALOT!
Love love love this!
Definetely recommend it (Y) 10 stars all the way

By Anonymous

What you see is what you get (31 March 2009)

bought a pair of these for a friend, as soon as i recieved them, the colour was amazing, and after my friend wore them, she said that they were really light and made it feel like nothing was in her ears, as some tunnels can be heavy and weigh you down.

will recommend, nice colour, light, easy to use. but wouldnt use them to stretch up like you can with other silicone tunnels


By Anonymous

yay (12 March 2009)

i really like this color of pink but i suggest NOT buying this one for stretching like other silicone ones, its TOO thin to open the hole more : /
just a warning

By Anonymous

:) (15 February 2009)

love these
comfy to keep in
and attract attention :)
makes the stretch look so much bigger

By Anonymous

strech (29 January 2009)

silicon jewel is perfect to strech and that one isnt an exception!

By Anonymous

(Y) (06 January 2009)

i ordered one of these a few months ago and i love it!
they are very thin but full of colour and catch alot of attention to your stretched ear, they also make the hole look quite alot bigger which is a bonus!

it also works very well for stretching your ear as well and is very comfortable when doing so, overall this is a great piece to have and very comfortable!

By Anonymous

best tunnel ever! (22 December 2008)

This is my most favourite tunnel EVER! It's the most comfortable thing I have ever worn in my ear and it looks really cute. It also makes the hole look slightly bigger than it actually is, which is always a bonus! I will be buying some more colours soon. :)

By Anonymous

My favourite jewellery (22 November 2008)

My stretches get alot of attention when I wear these. They're almost transparent but with just a hint of colour, it really emphasises the hole and seems to catch peoples eye. So comfortable too due to their flexibility.

My only gripe is that the wearable area is quite long, and I have a good couple of millimetres poking out at the back of my lobes- I often have to push the front back in a bit as they will not be sitting flush with the surface of my skin as I would like them to be.

By Anonymous

koas silicone skin eyelet - pink (26 October 2008)

im at 22mm now and ive just ordered two of those for my ears

had them at smaller sizes and never had any problems
they are very easy to get in and out, and great to use for stretching aswell

deffinatly recommend these

great colours too x

By Anonymous

Comfortable and practical (07 October 2008)

very comfy easy to inser/remove looks amazing enables me to wear hoop earrings.

By Anonymous

:D (22 July 2008)

i'm on a 10mm stretch and i really wanted something a bit girly, and this was perfect, as soon as the packages came i ripped it open. At first i was like 'wtf' because it looked extremely bad value but as soon as i popped it in, it looked great. Another point is that it makes your stretch look bigger- DEFINATELY recommend. will be getting these for bigger stretches :)

By Anonymous

lovely (03 June 2008)

this products great its well cute and looks mint in your ear

i'd get em again the colours great too :D

By Anonymous

Fantastic (21 May 2008)

These are fantastic, very comfortable to wear and look great. The smaller sizes are a little awkward at first, but I managed eventually to get 3.2mm in my lobes... it just takes a little practice.
I'll be ordering these for my larger stretches also.

By Anonymous

Lovely jubley! (13 May 2008)

These are just fab!

So easy to get in - none of the hassle of rigid flared jewellery, just fold and pop in.This makes it much easier to take out and clean, too.

Comfortable to wear, I've never had one fall out and I wear them nearly all the time. Oh, and they look great. ;-)

By Anonymous

Because it's worth it (08 May 2008)

I brought two of these for my 8mm stretches, at first i wasn't sure whether or not they would go in, but they go in with ease, and are very confortable. They are great to sleep in and do sports in, and they make the stretch stand out.
Never caused any problems, they also limit ear cheese,lol.
Overall great product, well worth buying.

By Anonymous

Great! (25 April 2008)

I love this product! I'm actually wearing it now. I didn't think it would stand out as much as it does. It's really comfy to wear aswel specially when i go to sleep :)

By Anonymous

Love em! (04 March 2008)

I love these I have them in 6mm in pink, black an white! I wear them all the time an always get good comments about them! well maybe apart from the pink one as my mother always thinks my ears bleeding lol

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