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By from Poland

I love them (07 August 2019)

Never had better tunnels in my life. The colour is perfect bright red, they look awesome and fit like a glove. So comfortable! Would recommend to anyone.

By from Dublin

Orange/Red (02 April 2012)

The colour on these is a bit more orange than I would have hoped, but they're fantastic other than that. I got these in 8mm and fit perfect, and go in easy, even with the flare.

By Anonymous

Great Product (29 June 2010)

These feel very snug in your ear and are easy to get in once you get the hang of it. If you are a fan of silicone then I would highly suggest Kaos tunnels!

By Anonymous

Great (21 May 2010)

Really easy to put in. I thought it would be uncomfortable because of the flare.

But it is awesome.

And cheap.

By Anonymous

silicone ftw (25 July 2009)

My ears have always been really sensitive to metal, so I usually wear acrylic and silicone, and these are super, really light, amazing colour, and they react well to your skin. What I would suggest is to keep your ears moisturised and clean the tunnels everyday to keep them and your ears in good condition =P

By Anonymous

AMAZING (09 July 2009)

I love these =) So easy to put in. Went from 14mm to 16mm with these and it was so easy =) Love em =)

By Anonymous

Very good (20 June 2009)

Very easy and comfortable to put in and you barely feel it in your ear when you are out and about.

I'd give a 10/10

By Anonymous

Great! (28 December 2008)

These are nice and squidgy so they're really comfortable. Also great for sport or if you just want to restretch your ears a bit!
They stand out and don't look bad either! ;)

By Anonymous

great product (22 October 2008)

these are great, I actually used then to stretch from a 4 to a 2 with no problems, the only thing i must say is that they dry out my ear, kinda weird, but other than that they are comfy and easy to maintain. just lube your ear now and then and you'll be fine.

By Anonymous

Nice (09 October 2008)

These look amazing in although personally i find they dry my ear too much and had to moisturise my ear a few times a day with these.

By Anonymous

the most comfortable tunnle i own (: (03 August 2008)

also bought this in 6mm ages ago, light durable and if your worried about your jewllery getting pulls or ripped out these are perfect the wont damage your ear!!

By Anonymous

love 'em (16 July 2008)

You can't fault Kaos silicone tunnels, they're great value for money, easy to get in, lightweight and really comfy.
I love this shade of red, nice and vibrant.

By Anonymous

Stretching (12 June 2008)

These are so easy to use, to stretch your ears.

Just fold them up, put them in your ear... and poop it slowly stetches your ear, and doesn't hurt!

By Anonymous

Wicked! (24 May 2008)

Light, comfy, looks great and was cheap..what more do you want?

By Anonymous

=] (06 March 2008)

easy to put in, comfortable to wear [:

By Anonymous

great (22 February 2008)

cant believe how soft these are great for sleeping

By Anonymous

Tunnel (08 February 2008)

These are great for stretching the piercings as they are really easy to get in.

They also look great. This colour really stands out.

By Anonymous

RED (13 January 2008)

they look absolutley great even in the smaller sizes

doesnt hurt getin it in
nice and soft so very comfortable

one of my favourites :]

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